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  1. you don't even need to do that last time I checked any type of clouds could be tilted at any degrees, even those from equirectangular textures
  2. well, you remove the ocean in the cfg so I guess just don't remove the ocean delete this line: removeOcean = true
  3. As far as I can tell this is not an issue with kopernicus but an issue with the shaders used by kopernicus. If my memory doesn't fail me, I remember thomas saying that he doesn't have the skills required to write a better shader for the rings but he will be happy to consider adding new shaders if better ones are provided by some other developers. And that's how the new shader was added. (After blackrack submitted it)
  4. I got a bit nostalgic about this mod so I decided to update it to KSP 1.3.0 I've updated all the recolor schemes and also added a couple of new ones (Minmus and Eeloo)
  5. it's also terribly outdated >.< I should take some time to update it
  6. Yes this is the only way to get tilted planets, and it only works for 90 degrees tilt. Also, you can't choose LAN of the rings so the orientation of your planet is forced. This trick is what me an eleusis used two years ago to get Urlum to rotate on its side. Eleusis has kinda abandoned his clouds pack now, but iirc my OPMTilt still has the cfgs required to rotate cloud layers on Urlum when EVE is installed
  7. this is easy to check just go to the folder: GameData/GalacticNeighborhood/Configs/ and look for all .cfg that have "AddStar" in their name those are all the stars added by GN the "radius" is stored in the cfg in "solar radii" the definition of "solar radius" in GN can be either the radius of the stock sun or 1/10th the radius of the real life sun
  8. all downloads are available in the github page, I don't remember which version is the last compatible with 1.2.2 so you'll need to dig a bit I always write in the changelog when I update the mod to a newer KSP version
  9. you can click the nyan cat in my sig and send me the files requested there, I'll take a look to see what's going wrong
  10. it used to be compatibile, but I don't know if it still works, I haven't looked at that part of the code in a while
  11. if the patch doesn't find a MODULE that fits this line: @MODULE[ModuleRTAntenna]:HAS[#DishAngle[*]] it will just do nothing
  12. @PART:FINAL { @MODULE[ModuleRTAntenna]:HAS[#DishAngle[*]] { @EnergyCost *= 0.50 } } I would go with this one, it's a bit cleaner and less likely to break on weird parts
  13. you pasted 2 dishes as opposed as 1 omni and 1 dish
  14. GN is defintely a bad choice for testing sunflares since my plugin keeps changing the flares live back and forth between 2 different flares