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  1. This is an awesome mod thank you. I'm liking it much better than Precise Node and that's a must have for me. This is great. When I hit keypad 0, it will change increment but only down, and won't cycle. So, if I use it it will start at 100 lets say and then go to 10 but I can't get it back to 100. If I hit keypad 0 a hundred times it will stay at 0.001. Is anyone else having this or is it just me?
  2. You also need the rest of the things Roverdude bundles with this mod. You're missing USI_Tools, community resource, module manager, etc. Those should be in game data separated from the Umbra folder. So you should have more than just the two folders in Gamedata.
  3. I could be reading this wrong but it sounds like this affects individual kerbal a and not really the part. For instance. You have a kerbal in a lander can and leave him somewhere. In X amount of time, if you've toggled, he will commit suicide, quit obeying you, become grumpy, or get pissed and invent teleportation and end up back in KSP. If you send another kerbal to replace him in that same part then she will last X amount of time before she does whatever you toggled. If that lander can has a habitation ring (or any other part with space) attached to it then it will be X+Y time before they get pissed.
  4. I learned by playing the science mode. You can't go bankrupt and you are not overwhelmed with a gazillion parts to try to figure out what they do. As others said, watch Dasvaldez or Manley. Lots of good YouTube content/tutorials out there too. Very fun but difficult game.
  5. I like this idea. I'm with other posters mostly. I'm very against #1, mildly against #2 (I play to keep lots of room so it won't affect me though), and would be happy with #3 but probably won't use it much. Thanks for all you do.
  6. That looked fun to do once. Episode IV quote wins the internet.
  7. Me too. Gotta get that grabber and bring her back. it is annoying though.
  8. I have the latest version and it works fantastic on windows 32.
  9. Are you saying this would be an extension of OKS/MKS like Karbonite + is to normal Karbonite? If so, then my vote is absolutely yes.
  10. Holy moses that trick is amazing. I'm running TAC LS and EL so I think the boxes are longer than your normal run. But for me the longest box is the Assembly Plant. It has 4 lines per MEP output along with the normal "Control From Here" and RT2 SPU lines.
  11. 1. I don't mind consumables if it's say ReplacementParts or something that you already have. I'm pretty close to the resource max for my play interests. When I click on an OKS part the infobar already goes down past my screen and on some I can't see half the box.Too bad we can't move those infoboxes around. With that said, consumables, nor the difference with small vs large drills will add any enjoyment to my play. I'll add more X consumable which will make me take more fuel and that's about it. I guess with the small drill limitation, I'd only drop a rover down on the heavier concentration parts and not bother with exploring outside of that area. 2. Sounds promising I guess, but I am not at the level of play where I do much rovering around. So, hopefully I will still be able to get karbonite without this. I tried the K+ surveying and it just increased this time sink of a game by a magnitude which means I don't use K+ at all yet. 3. What exactly do you mean by "Additional exploration and deep drilling"? I think this would force me to placing a singular base with a couple mobile miners spread out and then using the logistics hub more. Maybe if there was a tier'd system with your drills. If the drill had say 100 Basic Machinery or something then it can drill this much area. After the area is consumed maybe you could "upgrade" it with Advanced Machinery and then Spec Machinery too? Maybe have it set up so a straight vertical drill would not need anything, but if you wanted to increase your area of drill then you need to consume Robotics and Adv Machinery. In order to increase the rate (say sim Frakking) then you need to consume Robotics, Spec Machinery and water.
  12. What Lodestar said. Your reflectron KR-7 Probe should point to "Kerbin" so as to pick up any satellites in that SOI that are within the angle of the cone. The satellites that you have as acting relays should either point to "current Vessel", the Reflectron Probe, or in this case "Kerbol" (sun). The Sun setting isn't very good I don't think as the SOI area is significantly larger than any area the relay probe cones will provide. Personally, I favor setting the Probe vessel focus on Kerbin and 2 of my relays around Kerbin to that probe.
  13. Hello, so my game gets assaulted by the Kraken from time to time. I am pretty sure it's due to memory issues or that I screwed up the install on the latest cool mod. I'm wondering how do you pros deal with recovering to a "last" save to limit having to redo a bunch of things? Here is my situation. I made a big beautiful (to me) Mun station. Every so often it decides to explode in a ball of glory (not neccessarily this station specifically but others too) when I switch to it and then timewarp. I usually am good at quicksaving randomly, but this time I was not. Is there a trick you guys use to avoid "auto-saving" and just reloading the last auto save? I feel I've done it a couple times on accident maybe, as I didn't lose much when I reloaded. This time I have a choice to reload the last auto-save which loads me just after the explosion or something that is several hours prior and 2 rendezvous and dockings later. Not a big deal but still it takes quite some realtime. My current best idea is to only switch ships via Kerbal Alarm Clocks "Jump to Ship" which saves every change. That doesn't seem ideal for say my satellites that I just leave orbiting places for several weeks at a time. So, what do you guys do?
  14. Obviously misread. I thought you lose comms and couldn't get them with your launched vessel. Good luck with your problem.
  15. Hi, Yes, you do not have comms to your sat because the antennas you are placing on them don't have the range needed. For your Mun satellite to function as a repeater it needs the DTS-M1 at least and it must be targeting Kerbin, MIssion Control, or a satellite that is in contact with Mission control. The relay sat has to target your vessel and your vessel needs to also target your sat. Relay satellites will need at least 2 dishes or antennas. One to link to Mission control or somthing that is linked, and then the other to link to your vessel. Your vessel would need a DTS-M1 on it targeting the Mun or your sat around the mun which has contact with Mission Control. This link will only work while your mun sat has line of sight (LOS) with the Mission control. Comm 16's are really only for vessels in orbit to com with each other. I use them to link my 3 geokerbin satellites (I might be using the 32's don't remember) to each other while they focus on other planetary bodies/moons to link the other vessels to KSC via dishes.