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  1. For anyone interested: It works because the scanner part will not collide with a part joined to the same craft as itself, but it will collide with parts not attached to the same craft. So, we separate the beams and attached wheels after launch (2 key) and the scanner will then happily collide with the beam and provide some push. Once the stored charge runs down it is unsteerable but it's kinda fun to set it off and see where it takes itself.
  2. If anyone would like to try it and see if they can improve it then here's the craft file: roller 4.craft?dl=0 Hit 2 then 1 to get it going.
  3. I was messing about and made this no-power "thing"... Any ideas on improving it so it works better?
  4. The Duna Dunny. Manned there and back with jets, SRBs and a nuke... Craft file: LF-only return 9.craft?dl=0 Album:
  5. what Badie said. So SRBs are permitted.
  6. Excuse my ignorance on this... What is the process for vetting updates to MJ? Is there one or more persons collating updates and approving them before dev versions are released?
  7. You could improve the efficiency by reducing the number of stacks and using all mk1 parts for them. Fuel-filled wings are also pretty handy.
  8. What's the story behind #715? What is the difference between Classic Ascent Profile and Stock-style Gravity Turn?
  9. What does the payload of this craft do in career mode?
  10. If you use the mod TakeCommandContinued you can put crew into command seats in the VAB. You can also do it during a mission through a fairing with some careful camera angling so you can right-click on the seat. Hard to get out though, unless you blow the fairing. For mk1 stacks, the round intakes have an excellent combination of low drag and low mass. PS - I like the look of your craft but if at all possible I suggest sticking with mk1-sized parts (or smaller). Drag is your enemy on Eve and the thinner the stack the lower the drag.
  11. Umm, how about sticking a big inflatable heatshield on the back and going in cheeks-end first? You'll probably need a shed-load of deployed airbrakes on the front of the craft to keep it pointed retrograde during entry.
  12. I tried yet again recently to complete a career playthrough. Gave up again. It always feels so boring to do those tedious rescue and testing missions and such. I still really enjoy a science playthrough though. I can finish it in a few hours and like to set myself some restrictions, like never landing on another body or not collecting any science on Kerbin.
  13. A one-man craft for Eve to orbit can look like this... A 4-man variant can look like this... Both weigh around 26t. Obviously they need ladders, science experiments, landing stuff, etc but that's all detail.
  14. I'd say that a large part of your craft's huge mass is due to some less-than-optimal decisions about payload. If you just want a manned mission then you can put a one-man craft with no refuelling that is re-orbit capable onto Eve for a fraction of the mass you have now. The take-off mass from Eve can be as low as 25t. Think about a mk1 capsule craft that detaches from an mothership/orbiter/Kerbin-return craft, that lands, dumps everything needed for landing, re-orbits, rendezvous with the orbiter, crew EVAs over, lander is abandoned. If you feel you really must put three crew down then use a mk1 capsule and a 2-man passenger cabin to save several tons of payload and keep the craft mk1-sized. Or even put the crew in command seats inside a fairing to reduce mass further. Every kg of mass that you have to lift from Eve will balloon into many tons of craft earlier on.