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  1. No need. You've done it for me. You'd need a hell of a lot of fuel for the difference to matter and if you are messing about with those kinda quantities then chances are you are using full LF+O tanks anyway.
  2. I'm fairly sure that there is a customising mod that lets you set your own part groups. Or is it maybe even stock now?
  3. Yea, though I have kinda got over it now. Probably better like it is now for new players though.
  4. Umm, I don't recall the pre-1.2 sorting being that different. You mean what appeared on what tab?
  5. So that I might achieve harmony with the heavens, I'd love to have the order I sort parts by remembered. I always want my parts to be sorted by mass because it is useful. Sort by name (the default) is always pointless and sort by cost pointless to me as I only play science mode or sandbox. I know its only a click away to change the sort but a small nagging pain to have to do it on every return to the VAB/SPH. How hard would it would for Squad to sneak into the settings file the last order I used? Om.
  6. Autostruts are your friend.
  7. The ratio O to LF is 1.2:1.
  8. It's your game, so can call your ships what you like I'd be a tad wary though of saying to the community that it is an SSTO that can go to all bodies. I'd say that the general criteria for that would be something that stays in one piece for the trip. Not that it is not a achievement as it is though, with it being the most practical way to do it (so far).
  9. In Windows 10 (other versions?) you can move apps between screens with WinKey+Shift+arrow keys. Thanks for the interesting stuff about multi-monitors. I have three screens but still tend to only run KSP on one. Using more is fun and does give some great views but with the UI spread out so much I find it hard to keep track of stuff. What would be better for me would be to be able to have the main KSP display uncluttered on only one screen and the UI bits likes messages and MJ windows on another.
  10. I'd recommend flybys of Eve and Duna and their moons, plus you will take in the sun's SOI. Next mission, land on those planets' moons. Finally do Duna. By then you will have fleshed out the tech tree and opened up all the options. PS - Forget docking if it is a pain. There is rarely a need for it. You can either build a craft where the lander can return to Kerbin or else get a lander back to orbit and within 50m or so of a mothership then just EVA over the crew and the science data.
  11. A mod like MechJeb hasn't assumed control?
  12. The only reliable method I've found in the past is as someone else described: Having a docking port on top of the rover and lowering a craft or part of a craft with a docking port onto it.
  13. Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater! You have a pretty good design going there. If you are going to work on minimisation then some important stuff I found is: Reduce the drag and then mass (& dV needed) can be cut drastically. Use the thinnest stacks and the smallest number of them that you can. Use hardpoints rather than decouplers for less drag. Use the fewest engines you can. After 100s of Eve craft designs, I'd say that the optimal last stage is a Terrier and FL-T400. Shave every gram off the payload. Keep the shield small/light if you use one. Use throttle control to maintain prograde and 0° AoA. Don't just go full throttle all the way up. Pro tip: Off-setting parts (like above) does not increase their drag. Drag is set by initial placement (as long as you don't rotate the part).
  14. I'm more of an airbrake-spam type of guy. They are small(ish), lightweight and deployable.
  15. For giggles I just had a go at getting four Kerbals in chairs inside a shield to Eve orbit and came up with something weighing 26t that does it from sea level with ~400dV to spare... Forgive the oddly offset tanks to make it stable on the ground, was just quicker than messing about with landing struts.