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  1. It's another of those stupid internet forum phenomenons, like how a thread is over when someone mentions Hitler.
  2. I'd have thought the stock Mk3 ramp/door part would have been good for this but perhaps Mk3 is too big?
  3. Craft file if anyone wants it: ship SSTO 6.craft?dl=0 My challenge is: Fly a manned ship of your own design from LKO to the surface of the Mun and back to LKO powered only by ion engines.
  4. 'Ere, 'ang onto me gin, I'm goin' in.
  5. I suggest asking yourself: What is the minimum number of Kerbals I want to take to Duna and back? Then, what is the lowest payload mass to achieve that? Of course, that's only if you are looking at doing this efficiently or want to have a good chance to succeed. If you are doing this as a self-imposed challenge of getting a Mk3 SSTO to Duna and back then don't mind me and carry on.
  6. Fundamentally the problem with your craft is that you have thrown moar boosters and fuel at it until you hope it works. The first mistake is the choice of cockpit/capsule. Everything balloons from there.
  7. Umm, a couple of cheaty things going on there. First you got to Kerbin orbit in a very dubious way. Then your return to Kerbin was pretty odd in that even the solar panels didn't break up during re-entry and you landed the Kerbal with his backpack. As you didn't say cheats weren't allowed and used them yourself then I guess it would be OK to HyperEdit a Kerbal to the Mun and back for an entry of 0.09t?
  8. Something like this can go stupid-miles-per-hour on Minmus... Adjust the angle of the ion engine more vertically for additional stability or more horizontal for speed.
  9. To take your point further: You can just hit alt-F12 and give yourself a load of science. Is there any more point to doing that? If there is an OP way of doing something, there is no point to doing it in a single-player game unless that just happens to be a personal choice, otherwise just don't do it. Obviously an argument for something being OP in an MMO is different.
  10. True - but only if you do use warp, which is a tad pointless as you are just "cheating" yourself.
  11. The idea behind how science from a lab works now is that it is something you set up and then have a small drip-feed of science from over time. It is not designed to max out the tech tree in a couple of minutes, as that would make further exploration pointless, the lab would be way over-powered.
  12. I based my comments on flying your craft on Duna. You want about 1750-1800 dV to make Duna orbit, depending on how efficient your lift is and the starting altitude. A launch TWR of about 1.3-2.0 should work OK. I did see you have a kind-of hidden stage in there. Using it meant dumping the science experiments so I wasn't sure if it was supposed to be used to reach orbit. It did have a problem in that the small tanks were too close to the engine and they became stuck to the engine, preventing proper separation of the spent stage.
  13. The TWR looks OK at 1.88 so it gets off the surface of Duna OK. I'd say the problems are down to all the junk you are carting about. There's radiator panels, science experiments, RCS tanks and jets, air brakes, solar panels, docking ports, extra capsule, etc all contributing mass and drag. If you dumped most of that either entirely or before lifting off Duna then you'd almost certainly make orbit. ... Now look what happened... I'll have to go and fetch the poor little green idiots. <sigh> .... Yay, rescue finally arrived!
  14. Could you post a picture?
  15. This kind of thing works well...