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  1. The mod itself acts like a 3D printer, able to print most any part as long as a KIS container is attached large enough to fit the finished part. It also has a pretty basic IRSU to let you make the required materialkits out of ore in situ. That is really the extent of this mod. More constructive. Beyond that, most modders create mods for their own enjoyment and are then kind enough to share them with the rest of us. Expecting them to write documentation so you are more likely to use the mod is a bit backwards in thinking, especially if documentation isn't something they enjoy doing. And you didn't really seem to have any actual questions, more of just a rant that you don't have documentation. Also there are plenty of videos using this mod that would give a good overview of how it works. Just takes a quick search.
  2. Well one of the probably most complex mods for KSP, @RoverDude's MKS has documentation that is 99.9% community driven and the documentation is quite good.
  3. A vast majority of mod documentation is community driven. With that said, grab the mod, put it in a test KSP install, play around and make a flowchart. I'm sure it would be appreciated by all.
  4. what about the 1.3 version?
  5. need more information to help. How about a screenshot of your gamedata folder to start.
  6. Not that I am aware of. You could peruse through @RoverDude's twitch streams where he uses them.
  7. Meh, 2 clicks in the wiki gets me to the habitation ring that very clearly states the amount of material kits and EC to inflate. [edit] There is also a difference between coming here for questions, and a largely useless, rude, drive by complaint.
  8. can you get a screenshot of your gamedata folder?
  9. That all sounds interesting. Unfortunately it has very little useful information to help you. Things like KSP version, mod versions, screenshot of gamedata folder would probably help.
  10. Same answer as the other thread. @RoverDude takes pull requests.
  11. If you like that mod, you should probably go read up on CLS and see if it is something that's up your alley.
  12. For one it isn't the mods fault, it is a shortcoming in the stock contract system. And the issue the pod validator mod fixes isn't just for MKS. There are other mods and parts packs that have crewed parts without hatches.