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  1. Hola y bienvenido, la guia de Joselillo es muy buena, y si te queda alguna duda por acá siempre puedes preguntar.
  2. Changing the small cubes for regular rectangular girders seems to have fixed it, even if the girders clips the batteries, I need all those solar panels because they barely give me 14 EC/s, and I'm consuming 10.6 EC/s with the relay+probe
  3. hmm cool but I don't think this is what's causing it, I'm beginning to think that is the structural cubes I'm using to hold the photovoltaic panels, as far as I can remember is the only modded part I'm using on this satellite, I'll try changing those and see if it works.
  4. Is the truss structure ont he fairings something to do with the autostruts? what are the interstage nodes?
  5. I'll check this, I need the batteries for a contract that requires 5K EC
  6. as far as I can tell nothing is clipping, the antenna is not sticking out, and the Kraken hits in space once the fairings are gone, how do I get rid of auto struts?
  7. Is there any way to find out why this guy is awakening the Kraken? the last stage goes krazy when I switch focus back to the ship, I've tried adding struts, switching sides, nothing really seem to work.
  8. Excelente, todo aterrizaje del que puedas salir nadando es un buen aterrizaje. Edit: *Amerizaje, se me mezclan los términos.
  9. jajaja bueno esa es la parte divertida de KSP, adicionalmente recuerda que por debajo de 25K en Kerbin dejan de ser turistas, entonces si logras devolverlos a la atmosfera ya ellos abren el paracaidas para devolverse por sus snacks.
  10. huh so that's what's been throttling up my ships!
  11. After doing a little bit more of research I see they are both used (even in English), I still think the translation should keep the apsis versions.
  12. Gah even wikipedia uses both periapside and periapsis, nvm then. This is the main reason I always use the original English language version instead of translations, they usually sound too weird to me.
  13. The term used in Spanish is motor en líneaínea
  14. Something I've been wondering in the Spanish translation is why it was decided to translate periapsis and apoapsis as périapside and apoapside, as far as I know those are the french versions, in Spanish we use Periapsis and Apoapsis as well.
  15. I'm getting an intermittent probes to eve available/not available. I have some probes on my way to the planet but I still haven't got a flyby.