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  1. Great overhaul @Beale! You're getting better and better Just updated my ISS
  2. Looks great!! Can I have it?
  3. Ok! no problemo, I'll make one! (from other parts I mean)
  4. ohh, lazy me, sorry. Are you going to make an adapter for the manned version (Dream Crusher)?
  5. @hrabanwhere can I get those skid landing gear you use on the screenshots? Thanks!
  6. Great! time to work ... Orbit Test
  7. I've found a replacement for the nosecone, if anyone wants directions PM me.
  8. Ready for payload integration!
  9. ohhh and then heat tiles and thermal blankets! Great, thanks a lot
  10. Sorry!! Can we have a beta? (dream crusher) That'll help a lot to be good guys and don't hijack other people threads
  11. Great! I was about to upload another ETS mission using my ugly Europa 42U, but I'll wait then.
  12. yeah, quit booze too and you're not doing it
  13. Ohhh great!! Can't wait! @CobaltWolf Can I put an order for some AJ-60As? I'll pay in beer
  14. pls pls cargo version too! (or at least make the wings separate parts so we can fold them with IF), Thanks!!