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  1. Separated please!! Is terrible to see the whole capsule heating up!
  2. Yup, I once attended an interesting tech conference at ATK some years ago (constellation Ares I, yes I'm old), and among other things, they gave a lecture about how they shape solids internals and grain density to alter thrust curves. Kerbalwise, you can either alter fuel amounts or regulate thrust, I'm sure@Jso knows a lot more. Anyway, the Athena/Carrack performed amazingly well! 4 T to Geo (or Keo)
  3. More MOK
  4. Interlude 2 Matagorda, Texas (no! isn't KSC, I'm pretty sure) December 12, 1994 Carrack heavy sails away Notes: Central core throttle is at 80% No idea if that is correct or all 5 core were meant to stage at the same time
  5. Dear @Beale, I went ahead and made a re-color of the TKS, everything went fine but ... when zooming out some parts of the texture turns black, do you know why? I'm going: DDS --> TGA --> Photoshop -->TGA --> DDS For mipmap generation I'm using "bilinear" Example: Thanks!! Edit: Got it!! but I guess it need a darker shade of green
  6. Pls Pls!! Green TKS for my ETS series!!
  7. not in this one, the core clearly goes from one dimension to another, like 2.5 to 1.875 (perfectly reproduced with scaled Tantares parts): There's no way to have both the core and the boosters at the same height maintaining proportions (2.5 core with 1.875 boosters), with existing parts. EDIT: My best shot with existing Tantares @Beale parts, I'll try with a repaint but while I can make the boosters align with the core, engine bases won't match.
  8. cause it's a prototype Nice idea, let's see:
  9. Tantares 2.0 + Tantares 1.0 + elbow grease and lots of tweaking, I'll give you more details soon. For now: Two years before ...... Interlude 1 Baikonur, Kazakhstan February 24, 1987 Vulkan Peace Notes: No RD-150s, I'm not happy with my attempts to recreate them, so 4 chamber zenith engines for now. Yeah those are humongous solar wings, but they are proportional like in Nixonhead's orthogonal. No red on booster cones or fairing, I don't know, they look better for me this way No radiators beneath solar wings, there aren't any and if I add them they couldn't rotate with the wings.
  10. nope, just big, patience
  11. Ready to spread some Vulkan panic!
  12. My dear @Beale, I want to re-paint the TKS green, Can I please have the textures in PSD format? (I'm still working on the black soyuz!) Big thanks!
  13. Europa 42u with Minotaur - prototype
  14. yup! I can see them, on smaller modules they are not necessary, I was going to add them anyway but I want to keep part count low. Because the rest of the assembly is pretty much the same I've already made, I want to skip a little forward (completing them first off course) to the first flight of the Minotaur; so far all I've found was some pencil sketches for the Europa 42u,is that all that exists? I'm going to make a prototype from Tantares parts. In the meantime time to travel 2 years back in time and watch some Vulkan action ...... Edit: nevermind! that sketch is enough