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  1. ETS Artemis Test I
  2. your Titan H design is pure genius! can you please share more details? Thanks!!
  3. This is not dead, more missions coming soon! I'm assembling hardware for Artermis lunar missions, and while building the Artemis/block V + Saturn stack, I've found that combination a little (well, more than a little) impractical, I know @e of pi gave us an excellent technical explanation but there are many things that doesn't feel right, like the complicated and heavy fairing, docking an already docked (CSM+Artemis) craft with the Pegasus US trough an adapter attached to the engines etc etc. I know that's the canon way but may be I'll try with the a constellation model approach, launching the Pegasus + Artemis stack, then the Apollo CSM BV, dock them and then TLI. oh! and sadly I'm not going to use the NOS altair ascent stage showed in the screenshots below, it was abandoned long ago, and though it kinda works using and attached airlock it haves convex colliders issues (256 faces error) so it lags the game to a crawl, I guess I'll replace it with either the Alcor or Bobcat's Altair AS (kudos to @BobCat wherever he is, your parts still works!) If some one knows a more cannon like replacement please let me know.
  4. Coming soon to ETS the Missions Pegasus sends Artemis 1 on it's way to the moon
  5. ok ... chill out, Just asked because the dream chaser doesn't fit the 1.875 core. But OK, you're never in good mood, so I better go back to lurking mode
  6. That's weird, even progress have dual, and there's no old version using black thermal blankets. In other news, @hrabanwhy 1.875 and not 2.5 Atlas V (Globus) core? just curious.
  7. used to be dual on the TMA, is it single on the MS?
  8. X64 1.3 here, Contares only, loads perfect
  9. July 2022 Moon Orbit International Deep Space Gateway (IDSG) Initial operations Parts from: @Nertea@Beale@Shadowmage@cxg2827
  10. ooookeyy, deliver them then!