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  1. Thanks, I didn't know where to start so that should help quite a bit!
  2. Hey all, I'm trying to fix a bug I believe stems from smokescreen (I use hotrockets and realplume-stockalike but have taken them out and confirmed smokescreen to be causing the issue) where every engine shows ignited even when they haven't staged (i.e. on the launchpad and beyond) when using certain mod's engines. I play with a pretty heavily modded (part-wise) game, so it doesn't do this with every part, just a handful of mods. So far all of FASA's engines (no surprise, it's not updated for 1.2.2) as well as procedural SRBs (and likely a few other as well that I can't think of at the moment) are doing it (an example of this issue can be found in this thread from a few years ago (seen below). I'm wondering what causes this and how I can possibly fix it. I'm assuming it has to do with the engine fx in the affect part's configs, but I just need to know what the change could be so I can either manually fix it or if it's something I can do via MM patch. Thanks in advance!
  3. So for those that like to play RealFuels-Stockalike (same patch could work for regular real fuels as well, just take out the the "FOR:[]" mod name and multiply the ratios as needed) like me and thought this mod looks amazing and would like to include it, I've created a pretty simple MM patch to make it work with RF. Naturally the output resource has been changed to Liquid Hydrogen. Due to boiloff of RF, I've multiplied the collection ration by 10x (extensive testing may prove this to be too much or too little, it needs to increase despite boiloff). Anyways, thought I'd share it here: Obviously create a .cfg file and paste the code above into it. The ratio may change upon testing. My goal is to have the smallest buzzard part give the ability to prevent boiloff and output LqdHydrogen at about 1/1000 units per second, and increase from there. Maybe even just enough to prevent boil-off at the hottest point you can travel to in stock (orbiting Kerbol), however since afair the boiloff rate is exponential based off temperature, this may take some real tweaking to make it... not overpowered. Anyways, thanks for the great mod! Edit: Just read up a few posts and yes, this is essentially the same as the file added by forum user @Dunrana except this will continually work after updates so long as the conversion module doesn't change. Also, this assumes that you're using Real Fuels. If you'd rather use an MM patch without real fuels (but somehow still have Liquid Hydrogen in your game) simply remove the ":FOR[RealFuels...]" line, add an extra zero to the ratio, and then it will simply collect at the same rate as it would Liquid Fuel. The choice is yours!
  4. Hey linuxgurugamer, I'm having an issue with an MM patch trying to add this ability to every antenna in my modded game (lots of part mods + KSPi). So far I've tried a variety of different configurations, but none have worked. I've even gone to the Module Manager and MM Community Patches threads looking for help, but it seems this should work, so I'm hoping you may have some input. My current MM config is: After I am able to get SelectableDataTransmitter on all my antennas my next task will be to re-use the default antenna settings (like packet size, power, etc.) for each different antenna type, which I'm not sure how to implement at the moment, but I want to get the MM patch working first. Do you happen to have any tips or something I'm missing that is keeping this from working? The weird thing is I haven't been able to find this module in my game period, despite having Contares and a few of the other mods that are already supported by this mod. Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!
  5. Yeah, I figured out the power response curves one after I made that edit I think and forgot to add the brackets here, and the idea for the probe control is I want to be able to launch it without an external antenna, relying on it's internal antenna for range and if it leaves that then at that point it becomes uncontrollable (or if it has a high internal range, when it leaves the horizon), otherwise I'd use the setting you suggested. As far as the ISRU... if that's seriously the only thing that was holding that up I will be annoyed as I went ahead and wrote it into each relevant part >.< but thanks for the help! I wish it was that easy, for the selectabledatatransmitter mod the main module only takes the 2 arguments (defaultAntennaType and reconfigTime). I can do the re-naming in order to keep the default antenna type settings as they were as well as add those two new settings, but if I switch it to a relay for instance it needs all the antenna information again, so I'm not sure how to re-use the default antenna variables for each selectable instance to keep it from being OP, though I know there is a way. OP of that mod has a section for necessary changes to make it work on another antenna that's a little too long to post here, but basically my original MM patch was a copy/paste of his setup and I've changed it as I've experimented with getting it working but hadn't thought about renaming, which at least can preserve the original antennas settings. Thanks for the continued help by the way Edit: Apparently the update I did to my original post didn't stick, but I had figured out the power response curves and probe control issues a couple hours ago, so it's just the ISRU and Selectable Data Transmitter configs that I need to test now that I have the help of Alshain and Jso. Update 2: The part > PART switch made the ISRU for KSPi work, so the last one that needs fixed is the selectable data transmitter. I may go to that forum and get some advice because there is no reason why it shouldn't be working at this point. Thanks again guys!
  6. Hey KSP family, I really need some help with a handful of patches. I am playing a heavily modded game (part wise), but the main mechanic changes I have come with KSP Interstellar. I'll put each patch here and explain what I'm trying to do with them and maybe some of the fine folks here may be able to give me some help to correct the syntax and get these working. It takes about 15 minutes for my game to load, so troubleshooting these is not the easiest, and for most of the patches below I've tried making them work for over a month First patch (for the Selectable Data Transmitter mod), I'm trying to add the selectability module to every antenna I have in the game, however even if I were to get this working I'd rather not make every antenna OP, I'd like a way to keep the default antenna settings (packet size, etc.) transfer between direct > relay or vice-versa. : Does not work yet, going to get help from mod authors thread and report answer here. Next, I'm trying to give the ability to the KSPi ISRUs to generate basic stock resources like the stock ISRU so I don't need multiple for one mission. This isn't as important as I could always just edit the part files as a worst case, but I much prefer a MM patch: [FIXED] Here I'm trying to give probes the ability to act as control points to take away the need for antennas in order to control them (doesn't make sense to me, they are basically computers anyways with internal antennas anyway). I'm not sure if this would do it or which module is necessary for this to work so I added the three that seemed most likely, so this one could probably be trimmed to a singular MODULE addition, but none of these get added with my config: [FIXED] Finally, trying to add the graduated power responses found from the KW configs to all non SRB engines in the game (the "HAS[~useEngineResponseTime[]]" came from help in the community MM thread, as a way of not over-writing the configurations of the KW engines): [FIXED] I figured adding all in one post would be better than creating 4 different posts, so I'm not expecting fixes for all of them at once, but if anyone has some helpful info on how I could get these to work I'd appreciate it! Update 1: Fixed up the post to make it easier to browse by and updated the fixed configurations and the others to potentially fixed until I have tested them to verify Update 2: Every MM patch fixed except the SelectableDataTransmitter one.
  7. Well I'll give it a test and report back shortly.I have another script that's given me hell for awhile now so I may head over to that thread after I test this out if that issue still needs fixing, but regardless of the outcome, I appreciate you taking the time to help. Edit: Unfortunately this did not seem to work. Now I have 4 MM patches I need working and am starting to run out of ideas. I thought no operator means an insert, yet that doesn't work for most of my patches, and even adding :FINAL does nothing. Either the MM patches don't work or they are being overwritten by other MM patches and I have no idea how to make an MM patch load last besides :FINAL. Onto the main MM thread.
  8. Ahhh, I still have ways to go in the more intricacies of the power of Module Manager, but this should help with a few other MM patches I can't get working which have similar setups. Thanks for your help man, and for the hour plus of debugging this would have taken me before I inevitably would have come here asking for the answer anyway haha
  9. I wanted a way of filtering out the KW engines completely, so that's why there was no True/False set for useEngineResponseTime, I don't want this config file editing the engine response times set by the KW patch. So wouldn't the [False] allow it to overwrite any occurrence where it reads true?
  10. Hey everyone, I had a question, I use KWRocketry in my install and it allows you to add graduated power responses to their engines, so naturally I want to add it to all of my liquid engines. I unfortunately do not know how the ratio works out in acceleration or deceleration time (in other words why most of the configs that come with KW are 1.3+ for acceleration except for one of the largest engines which has it around 0.3 for acceleration and what the basepoint is for "instant" power response, so I'm using 1.3/1.5 for everything). I've been doing a lot of troubleshooting with MM configs I've been working with that will not work and starting the game takes about 15 minutes so I thought I'd ask here before I spend too much time with it if this config should work: @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleEnginesFX],@PROPELLANT[!SolidFuel],@ModuleEnginesFX[!useEngineResponseTime]]:FINAL @MODULE[ModuleEnginesFX] { useEngineResponseTime = True engineAccelerationSpeed = 1.3 engineDecelerationSpeed = 1.5 } basically want it to all engines that don't use solid fuel, and not override the existing kw rocketry configs (hence the !solidfuel and !useengineresponsetime). I use a plethora of other mods, so I always use the ":FINAL" tag to make sure it gets added last but this hasn't worked in a few cases I'm still working on. Any help/advice is more than welcome! Thanks
  11. Hey KSP fam, I was wondering if there was an add-on out there that allows one to search for parts while in the R&D center in order to find out which node they are in (like in the VAB/SPH)? I know it's always possible to open up the part.cfg file and check out the TechRequired (though sometimes it's re-arranged due to the various tech tree mods switching up node locations), but I just wanted to find out if an add-on like this existed. I play with a pretty heavily modded (mostly part mods too) game, so it's difficult sometimes to find out where to invest my science points because I want to unlock a certain part without going over each node (sometimes they are re-arranged via MM patches too so they aren't always obvious). Anyways if it exists I'd appreciate a link, tried searching a handful of combinations of terms in google to find something like this but came up empty. If it doesn't exist, well, then there's an idea for an add-on Thanks!
  12. That's friggin awesome! When it flew overhead was there any major lag drop like you would see if you tried to dock with something that large? Either way I'm excited for this weekend when I'll have time to play around with this.
  13. Now I'm wondering. I don't play with aircrafts too much, I really love building space stations and stations on other planets. I play with a lot of RO mods like real chutes and real fuels and the like and was wondering whether a) this plugin will allow me to see a station going over the KSC if it's at like 100kM with a lot of lights (also, if it's a larger station if that would cause more lag, even if I'm on the launch pad and b) if either the MM patch (which I had no idea those settings had been added) or the plugin would work better for large-part crafts, stations, etc. I figure at some point I'd have to disable the plugin or change the MM patch so I can get close enough before the lag kicks in, but think being able to see satellites going by (maybe) overhead (also use distant object enhancements) would be pretty awesome. I just re-read what I typed and don't know how to word it better, I hope you understand what I'm trying to ask
  14. So for some reason the parts from this pack (I believe they are all constrained to the US-Rockets pack) on 1.2.2 load up with some missing textures for me. Not even all of them, just parts: i.e. LR-79 Rocket Engine is textured, but the LR-79 vernier rocket engines show up all white, similarly the S-3 vernier engine texture doesn't load, and Aerobee 100/150/300 but not the Aerobee sounding rocket motor. I've looked through the configs to see if there was something missing, but found nothing that should have caused a loss of some textures (screenshot provided below). I've had missing textures in the past from the RN soviet rocket engines, but this is the first occurance in 1.2.2 for me with any part pack (and I'm using a lot of mods). Maybe someone here may have an answer/fix? So the aerobee sr booster at the top is meant to be all white as well (this is a legitimate question, no sarcasm)? *Edit* Looked up a few versions of the old Aerobee SR's and (it's hard to get a HQ picture) it does look to be pretty white. Some showed a gold-like tint towards the top, some with designs down the side, but I assume the texture is based off the straight-white version. Sorry if I thought the usual white-textures were a bug, even though an all-white texture usually means the .dds didn't get loaded properly. You could have just said "This is as designed/intended like the answer I had received", at which point I would say "thanks, I didn't know that it was on purpose" and be on my way, but to insinuate I am purposely posting "bogus bug reports", especially when I asked for an answer or a fix, makes it seem like I'm trying to sabotage this mod is a stretch. I have come across bugs on other mods and after debugging for a day or two and finding that the issue is caused from something that the mod itself doesn't cause, but a compatibility bug or something similar, I always state and report back what I've found out. Just be kind in your responses. I didn't feel I was attacking your mod when I posted, I legitimately thought I had missing textures. Anyways, thanks, I'll check out the parts on the pad next time I boot it up. Also, there is a bug (legitimate) with connecting parts of this mod to nodes where if moving a part (usually the root) around and placing pieces back onto the root they become stuck to your mouse and can be place near-ish to the part they were originally attached to, but red-greyed out. It's fixed if the part is saved and re-loaded, but the offset (because it's about impossible to line the greyed portion out dead center of a node) is still there, however you can then take off the offset parts and re-attach to the node and it works as usual. Happened to me about 3 times while building my first sounding rocket with the Aerobee probe part as the root. Thanks for the answer, I didn't see the grey when checking out the parts.
  15. So for some reason the parts from this pack (I believe they are all constrained to the US-Rockets pack) on 1.2.2 load up with some missing textures for me. Not even all of them, just parts: i.e. LR-79 Rocket Engine is textured, but the LR-79 vernier rocket engines show up all white, similarly the S-3 vernier engine texture doesn't load, and Aerobee 100/150/300 but not the Aerobee sounding rocket motor. I've looked through the configs to see if there was something missing, but found nothing that should have caused a loss of some textures (screenshot provided below). I've had missing textures in the past from the RN soviet rocket engines, but this is the first occurrence in 1.2.2 for me with any part pack (and I'm using a lot of mods). I thought about the reflection MM config causing some issue, but the parts there (as far as I know) render fine. This is in x64 by the way, with no launch commands. Maybe someone here may have an answer/fix? I love the parts of this mod, but I'm a stickler for great looking rockets, and missing textures always drive me nuts. I can attempt to open in opengl mode to see if it fixes the issue, but I don't know if this will break any of my other mods (I have tried -forced3d11 because I was testing a ReShade config at the time, but have opened it without any ReShade/launch commands and the problem persists). Thanks in advance! *Edit* This doesn't seem to affect the later game parts like the Titan, as far as I can tell it is contained to parts of the \Thor \Scout and \Aerobee subfolders and some parts therein.