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  1. Congrats! Thanks for the amazing mod. Recoloring of the capsules which would allow for EFT-1 black Orion and green Soyuz would be awesome!
  2. 0.25" to go after another hour or so of polishing.
  3. Only about 0.5" to go until the entire mirror is polished.
  4. DSG has already been around for a while. It, SLS, and Orion are all useless pork projects created by and for the benefit of congressmen and senators, but at least NASA will be going somewhere besides LEO with humans, albeit not landing or really doing much of anything worthwhile.
  5. The scrapped MPLM Donatello is going to be used as a prototype for one of the DSG modules! https://www.space.com/37598-donatello-deep-space-habitat-prototype.html Makes me pretty sure that Rafaello is going to be used for the real one.
  6. The f/8 mirror is completely polished except for the last 1" at the edge. I will finish it today or tomorrow.
  7. One guy imaged it and said it was somewhere between mag 5-7, so the sail hasn't deployed. We don't know if it hasn't deployed yet on purpose or if it simply failed.
  8. I'm using the fused silica blank for a Gregorian. I will post updates when that gets started. The scope should be around f/30 or so - no need for a Barlow for planetary imaging! EDIT: A Nasmyth is pretty much impossible due to baffling problems. Oh well.
  9. Just got back from Stellafane with a couple items. There were no 10" blanks to be found but I did get TWO 6" blanks. One is fused silica and the other is a pregenerated f/5 Pyrex blank.
  10. I don't have a drill press. I leave for Stellafane this afternoon! Can't wait to buy some blanks.
  11. Unless it's superheated by being close to a star, in which case it can balloon to around 2-2.5 Jupiter radii.
  12. But aren't the shuttles a much bigger target for MMOD than the capsules?
  13. But one of the big certification issues with D2, Starliner, and flying Orion with the ICPS is micrometeoroid protection, despite the fact that micrometeoroids have never even come CLOSE to LOC or LOM.
  14. Which are of course, insane. If NASA would loosen up on the safety ratings I think D2 and maybe Starliner would be flying by now.
  15. *sniffle*