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  1. Thanks!
  2. Completed rough grinding using the #120 alundum. The mirror is somewhere between f/6 and f/7 (can't tell because there's no sun to measure it with). No large pits on the mirror. Curve extends all the way to the edge. Will post more pictures soon. Tomorrow I will start fine grinding. Here's my grinding stand before I got the wise idea of covering it with trash bags and switching them between grits: It's part of an old cabinet on top of a large bucket and kids' table.
  3. You're welcome. If Kopernicus works and this mod works, OPM works.
  4. Here on Earth, Jupiter's largest moon Ganymede never reaches more than 2" in diameter, but astronomers have been able to visually detect albedo features on the surface with 8" or larger telescopes. While Mercury can get to over 4 times that size, it lacks any high-contrast markings and thus detail is very difficult to see with any telescope, especially without lucky imaging technology. Thus I suspect that Kerbal astronomers by the 1950s would've discovered Moho's basins, Dres' maria, the islands of Laythe (assuming it doesn't have 100% cloud cover like Venus/Titan), and maybe some features on Tylo.
  5. It appears that my measurements before were wrong and that the mirror is actually ~f/6. May not need more #80 after all.
  6. Ordering more #80 and a friend of mine is sending me a Foucault tester. Apparently these kits were made for f/7 or slower mirrors, so it's normal to run out of grit.
  7. I literally ran out of #80 carborundum for rough grinding. So I can't make the curve any deeper. I guess I'll have to order some more....
  8. Tool is not pre-ground, which is annoying. Still at f/7 for some reason. How long will it take for me to get down to f/5?
  9. I have Berry and Texereau. The mirror is around f/7 now - it started as a pregenerated f/8 blank.
  10. Started grinding the mirror. Currently at wet #7.
  11. Just opened up the kit. It's 50 years old. The newspapers protecting it are from 1968. All of the original Edmund items, including a 1" diagonal and 25mm eyepiece lens set, are in there - even the original cardboard collimation tool! Should get started later today.
  12. 1.5 is out. Added Ariane 6 back in.
  13. I've never had luck at seeing much on Mars. The weeks around opposition last year were always cloudy, and the one day it wasn't I accidentially slept until 3 AM, by which time Mars was so low that it just appeared as a shimmery orange ball. I also had only one scope, a 4" Mak, which, excellent as it is optically, never showed more than Syrtis Major and one ice cap. This 6" f/5 travel scope is not optimized for planetary, thanks to the short focal length requiring good short focal length eyepieces for high power, and the lack of tracking. But next year I'll have my 8" SCT for viewing/imaging Mars anyway. Oh, and the kit arrives tomorrow.
  14. I'm beginning a project to make a 6" f/5 Dobsonian telescope. This is a Newtonian reflector on a Dobsonian alt-azimuth mount. I've chosen to grind my own mirror for the telescope. While making my own mirror at this size saves zero money and my beginner skills won't result in a better mirror than a mass-produced on, there is a certain satisfaction in making the mirror myself. In addition, this will serve as practice for a larger mirror, probably a 12" or 14" f/4, which will save me a significant amount compared to buying one. The telescope itself will be a design based on Gary Seronik's 8" Travelscope. I'm going to use wood and parts that I already have to save money (I'm a broke high school student, because I spent all of my money on my other telescopes!), but the final design will be pretty similar. Today I ordered a complete mirror kit; it's a new old stock Edmund Scientific one. I will be posting more detailed updates on the astronomy forum Cloudy Nights (my username is the same except for no underscores) if you really want to read the technical stuff.
  15. So I'm committed now. Just ordered an older 6" mirror kit. Should be fun. I'm going to construct the telescope while I grind the mirror. Will post progress.