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  1. Overall it's pretty good. I think it's a hard job that Roverdude was given, considering how many styles were already in play. Also, it's asking a lot to expect Roverdude copy Pork Jet's style. Here's my feedback: Less is more. Take out the large bolts on the orange and gray endcap panels. Too noisy. Also, messes up scale. Remove the conduit cables and box. Leave it up to the imagination. Add more dirt and scratches to increase visual interest and increase the experience of scale. The quad adapter cones have too much distortion with the vertical striping. I think just go for a solid color, at least at the top where the distortion is worse. Like I said, it's good already. These changes are minor but I think it would really tighten up the texturing to add that final 5% of finish.
  2. Needed a break to stave off burnout. Updates coming soon...
  3. Seams I read that a little too fast. If you uninstall kerbodyne plus all your ships made with k+ will break. Parts have totally different names. Sorry for the confusion everyone.
  4. yes, I mean, no.
  5. I haven't tried this before, so I have no idea how to do it.
  6. Rough design of 5M habitat inspired by mars direct. Still playing around with the paneling. Not crazy about setting the windows over those reinforced panels. I like the top and bottom caps, the trim and the doors. RCS doesn't feel integrated enough. Needs some more details like handles, ladders, and lights.
  7. Sort of. More like its spiritual successor. With Kerbodyne Plus I tried out several different ideas that I wasn't able to unify into a cohesive whole. Mother on the other hand, does have a unifying idea behind it. Designing large scale motherships.
  8. o_0 EDIT: For those wondering, the seats are supported by metal struts.
  9. I handled it the same way you did. The cone is a separate part. EDIT: Did a quick test to see how things looked in KSP.
  10. Almost done with the interior, now on to the details like the control panel and pistons. Those little blurry black dots are are shadows from ambient occlusion of internal props.
  11. yes, rotation animation is handled in c# using the FixedUpdate loop to execute rotations according to an animation curve. That's how I'm able to add a wind up/down easing to the rotation. I needed to do this so I could accurately control RPM and Gs. Normal animation wouldn't allow for accurate feedback. Also it allows for resource in/ rotation out parameters with ratios (like 1:2 or 1:0.9, etc). I'm in the process of writing this up as a github wiki.
  12. Good question. I intend to use community tech tree for early to late game progression. Most parts will be mid to late game. I plan to intigrate with both Interstellar and Kerbalism as well.
  13. The design for the interior was trickier than I thought, mostly because this is my first time making IVA props and overlay masks. Still haven't textured the main interior space. I also need to add supporting gas struts for the seats, more iva props, and RPM controls for the main console.