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  1. The supplied KSP.logs do not show any evidence of mods, but you are correct that this seems to be a common cause of crashes or loading freezes where mods have not been updated. The documentation isn't exactly clear when it comes to Linux and these commandline switches. -force-gfx-st is specifically mentioned as a workaround for Phenom processors in Turbo mode, whereas -force-gfx-direct does not. Both do force single threaded rendering as you point out, but poor performance will result. The purpose in its use is to isolate any potential conflicts, and should not be considered a long term solution. Any of the -force-* options should be used with care and are there for debugging purposes, or where it is absolutely necessary due to hardware limitations. @monstah is correct in that KSP.log does not give all of the information that we need, and Player.log will give far more indication of what is going on. It is suspicious that they are not being written.
  2. Hi @Arugela What is your existing system open files limit? # ulimit -a The standard is 1024 and your increase seems to be excessive for normal operation. Your logs do not indicate which distribution you are using >OS: Linux 4.11 unknown 64bit Could you let us know by running uname? # uname -a Player.log should be created in your "Home/.config/unity3d/" and "Home/unity3d/Squad/Kerbal Space Program/" folders unless specifically suppressed. You say these are not present? Is the prefs file missing too? Could you go to your KSP installation folder and open a terminal. Run the following to establish that a new folder "Home/unity3d/SQUAD/" is created if it's not already? It should also create a Player.log file there. Posting all Player.log files may help us to identify the problem. # ./Launcher.x86_64 Would you also mind trying to start KSP with the following switch from a terminal in the KSP installation folder to see if it helps with your Phenom processor? # ./KSP.x86_64 -force-gfx-st
  3. We have identified the problem and a fix is currently being tested.
  4. There may still be small visual gaps which are unavoidable (think of it as grass growing between the paved sections), but there should not be bumps. If bumps are still present, then please report this on the tracker. The facility levels will need to be identified preferably with a savegame attached.
  5. Hmm, that's an interesting one. We supply 3 presets that can be selected from the setting menu. We don't directly support custom presets and manual edits are at your own risk. However, this may have worked in the past and the new preset appeared, but with localization, it seems that only 3 presets are expected. Adjustments of the individual "Planet" detail on the settings page wanders into feature territory, so not really a bug. Please do report this on the tracker as feedback so we can take a look. Outline exactly what you are trying to do, and provide an example. In the meantime I can offer two suggestions: Edit one of the existing presets to your liking - Select this preset from the settings panel Place your custom preset at the end of the preset list - Select the last preset from the settings panel and ignore the "New Text" label
  6. The screenshot indicates version 1.2.2 @The Moose In Your House Please do take advantage of our update, and if problems continue, then please also follow the reporting guidelines I linked. I was referring to your GPU drivers and control panel, but do not know what they might be. Logs will help us identify if the game is broken, and information about your system which may be relevant to your problem.
  7. Hi @White-Gandalf Welcome to the forums, and more importantly,the world of KSP. Since your post we have released the full 1.3 version. Please do try this instead. Depending on where you obtained KSP, the launcher may not be necessary, and the executable can be run directly or via the shortcut that is generated. Please let us know your system specifics and distribution (KSP store, GOG, etc) to enable us to help you further? The game logs help us in identifying problems immensely. Here is a guide to where to find the information we require.
  8. For the colored screens, it really depends on your system. You don't say which distribution you have, so I can't guess where the game is installed. Please follow the advice given on the bug reporting thread linked below to find the files we would need to help you further. The jagged orbit lines may be something else entirely, but let's concentrate on the other graphical problems first? We have just released a new version which may resolve the problems you are encountering already. Please do update the game and report back.
  9. We don't have a native 3D mode for sure. I'm a bit confused about where this happens. Main menu and other scenes except the loading screens? Please can you supply your logs, and also check your graphics driver/control panel settings. It looks like anaglyph 3d has been globally, or game specific enabled.
  10. Hi @Silverwood and @brian4951welcome to the forums. Persistence is another name for the saved data. This normally resides in memory during a game, and copies of that data are written to the .sfs save file. Loading a save file writes that data back into memory so that you can continue where you left off. This particular bug is caused by the data that is still in memory not being updated when the training save is loaded. The level of the buildings affects the options that are available to the player. The workaround is as the others say - Either restart the game and go straight to the training session, or load another save that has fully upgraded buildings before going to the training sessions. This bug has been reported and has been fixed in the Pre-Release version as part of our feature addition and maintenance program.
  11. We have resolved the problem and the new build of 1758 is now available on the store together with patched language files for all platforms.
  12. Hi @Blackpuma I have moved your post to the correct subforum. Please could try the latest build available from the store? If the problem persists, then please could you find your log as outlined here and upload it to a suitable file sharing portal so we can take a look into the nature of the problem?
  13. Hi @kolmansverre I have marked your self found answer as the solution. On MacOS Sierra, the security settings are more strict, and gatekeeper is blocking access to the files. By moving and then replacing these files, the filesystem now sees these as safe and does not quarantine them. This should no longer be an issue in KSP 1.2.9 on Sierra, but alas this workaround is still necessary on 1.2.2
  14. Thanks for raising this @Numerlor it has now been fixed.
  15. We have resolved the problem and the new build of 1730 is now available on the store together with patched language files for all platforms.