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  1. Don't give in to the siren's call of currency. I've played Dwarf Fort. Economy ruins all, and brings a spiral of madness and death.
  2. Me too -- a solid rocket booster just isn't the best tool for that.
  3. 3.9, meeting most but not all of the level 4 criteria. And hot dang but the forum move broke that OP. Necros serve as a grim reminder: smart quotes suck.
  4. Doesn't it hail from further back than that? I think the EVE community got it from some intro text or npc dialogue from one of the Elite games. Not sure if 1, 2, or oolite, though.
  5. True, but that's a 90 min cycle in a very tenuous atmosphere. Drag is extant enough to doom anything up there, but also insanely low, enough that microsats with differential light and dark sides can use radiative pressure from the sun alone to stay up in the face of it. I expect the oscillation'd have a fairly high exponent, which means it'd start out very, very weak, growing less than linearly at first. There's a reasonable chance that the nasty zone of the curve doesn't come up until long after a descent would be terminal anyway. Granted, it's possible I'm not considering the affect of the drag still experienced in the sides of the orbit, and it'd just be a gradually tightening spiral.
  6. Yup. I think you can actually get all the way home from Gilly, and into a nice parking orbit around either moon to await pickup. Though, actually, Minmus may be too light to get a capture unless you get a lucky assist from the Mun...I kinda forget.
  7. I drain it until I unlock RCS, then, since I love using 'N' for trimming overshot burns rather than turning around or providing extra thrust for ion burns at periapsis, it becomes a case of "Sweet! Free RCS tank!"
  8. Alas, poor Eu3lid. I really wanted a nice printing of one of my crafts, but by the time I had both a worthy craft and the money for it, they were no longer doing that.
  9. I get the sense that the're'd be a steadilly worsening oscillation. From a perfectly circular orbit just too low to stay an orbit, you'd immediately develop a periapse opposite your position, falling and kinda wandering in your direction as you go. As you start to fall towards it, the drag begins to affect your apoapse more, and with more effect as you're in thicker atmosphere, and going faster. I'd wager by the time you reach periapse, it's already your periapse, and with each half-cycle, the worsening drag would increase the amplitude of this oscilation until descent became terminal.
  10. Actually, that was @Triop, whom I merely quoted to remark on the smallness of the breadboard, before smaller breadboards (including some sans vcc and ground lines) were posted. Physical mods...tasty.
  11. Can you imagine the pain of stepping on such an explosive caltrop? I so very want this set. 'Stayed up into the wee hours watching some Scottish guy put his together, while answering questions in chat with the aid of my Saturn V operator's manual. That big pipe down the side? It was officially called a "systems tunnel".
  12. That is an adorable little solderless breadboard. I think the one I have from micro-electronics lab is 63 pins long, o'er twice that. 'Didn't know they made 'em that small.
  13. The real question is -- do those detatched textures have colliders that will destroy you (fire missiles and check?) and are the colliders missing from where the patches started, letting you visit the underground ocean? edit - I freaking love how they're throwing such perfect, hilarious shadows.
  14. Just imagine if ol' Whack'd had access to the even lighter and more questionable empty .75m liquid fuel tank when he was starting out. 'Best mass per unit length of any part, once you drain the fuel.
  15. I'm sure the results get more interesting once something goes over 299.8 million c.