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  1. Just imagine if ol' Whack'd had access to the even lighter and more questionable empty .75m liquid fuel tank when he was starting out. 'Best mass per unit length of any part, once you drain the fuel.
  2. I'm sure the results get more interesting once something goes over 299.8 million c.
  3. Kerbal Spider Program? Some kind of deck-building game wherein kerbals must use various abilities to free the space centre's various buildings of an eight-legged menace?
  4. For anyone taking quite a while on stock or near-stock, you may wanna have a looksee at your network connections. One of the first posts I made on this forum was regarding my loading times being crazy, taking seconds on end to load simple things like flag textures -- turns out Unity likes to do the dumb thing of checking network connections first when locating assets, and if you have an inactive connection, like an unused VPN or Hamachi or something, it'll wait around for an annoyingly long timeout, for each and every asset. Killing Hamachi's network connection took my old load time from over 10 minutes to around 2 or so? It might be worth the while of some posting here to check on that, as it's a bug deep in Unity that I know wasn't fixed during the 1.1 community beta, and I'm pretty sure KSP's not moved to a newer version or mentioned including a patch to fix it of yet.
  5. That ship... Have you been playing some CoaDE?
  6. Kerbal Mech Program Online?
  7. If you ever happen to derp with @NecroBones's Burger mod, 'sounds like you've got yer kerb.
  8. Kerbal Ingress Program? I guess the gravioli detector's picked up weird sources of an exotic substance at monoliths and other anomally sites.
  9. Hey, no worries. That monster was pretty much a proof of concept made with the lightest parts I could get away with without making part count go insane. Amusingly, the silly thing would most likely work better in newer versions, since I ran into those fuel-flow shenanigans which kept me from optimizing the staging as much as I'd like, that were fixed in the version after the one I was working in.
  10. Aw, the ~53hr burn not-quite-brachistochrone design didn't wind up working out?
  11. Nicely put, @HebaruSan, you beat me to it! I was going to say that, as you zip upward and away from Kerbin, drifting eastward with that initial 174m/s component, something strange happens with the concept of "down". As you drift in the direction formerly known as East, Kerbin starts to become less below you and more behind you, the "surface-east" and "up" vectors intermingling more and more the further you go, with gravity increasingly sapping that inital surface kick as they do so.
  12. Not a lot of practice recovering things, but if it's got nukes or ions aboard, I generally make it nice and re-usable -- dockable fuel pods so tankage can be tailored to the mission, plus a small integrated tank for in-system manuevres. A given transfer stage should able to take on a new mission by docking with a two-part mission package consisting of a forward payload section (kerbs, supplies, science whatever's going somewhere) and an aft fuel module.
  13. Redacted eh? Sounds like an ol' seadog's feeling a mite salty. For my part, I'd heard of it (and Orbiter) in xkcd, the xkcd forums, and a few other places around the internet for a year or two back in 2013, but avoided like the plague as I was trying finish an engineering degree and knew a dangerous timesink when I saw one. Later, in the summer of 2013, I came across a number of painfully silly KSP videos from Scott Manley, SWDennis, and Danny, and started rampaging through Scott's entire youtube history of KSP videos. Interstellar Quest had me completely hooked, so I broke down and bought .18 in the Steam summer sale, and have been attmpting to balance playing it and a couple of other things ever since.
  14. HeeHEHEHE, I smell grave dirt. ABORT: Kill main engines, separate crewed modules, fire (escape system | sufficiently-rated lander/upper-stage engine) Action group 0: Dump escape system, pop chutes Hit landing gear if present
  15. I had a nice 2-kerbal Eve lander, with all the delta-v needed for the climb out of Eve's grip, and a little extra TWR, just in case. It even turned out to be a perfectly capable Duna mission vessel in its first test flight. After landing on Eve, I learned two things: @Whackjob's heavy landing leg design lacks the modular girder to 1.25m adapter parts I put on the ends for a reason (very weak joint) A nice solid 1.8 TWR on Kerbin is around .95 or on Eve. ...I'd had KER set to Kerbin instead of Eve at design-time. Mission post-mortem indicated uprating two of the first-stage skippers to mainsails would've made it viable. A rescue craft was in design, but the whole timeline got shunted to Project Bring'em Home by the release of 1.0.