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  1. I received mine just now. I have uploaded some pictures of the shipment and the products within. If you're still in the process of getting your prize, I suggest you don't open this link to keep it a surprise.
  2. I have the exact same issue. Maybe it's really a glitch with Editor Extensions? EDIT: Yes, removing Editor Extensions Redux fixes it. It's definitely a compatibility issue. EDIT2: I couldn't reproduce the issue with just the two mods installed so this is getting weirder and weirder. EDIT3: Back in my main install the issue is gone. I updated EEX to the newest version. Maybe you're running an outdated version of it as well, @eddiew?
  3. Nertea! Your modelling and texturing skills never cease to amaze me!
  4. fork Nertea's repository. clone or download repository to your PC make code changes and commit them upload / sync make pull request
  5. What actually is the purpose of the capacitors? I have never used them before.
  6. I actually found out that it was my install. I copied the entire Gamedata folder to a fresh 1.2.2 install and the problem was gone. So I have no clue what could even cause it. Somehow the position of all celestial bodies was different from what it was supposed to even though the bodies.ini generated by both installs are identical. I think I originally downloaded it when 1.2pre came out and then patched it to the later versions. I also compared the physics.cfg but they are identical as well.
  7. I think it has something to do with my safe. I just tried to reproduce the bug in a clean KSP install with a brand new sandbox safe and I can't reproduce it.
  8. Afaik, that's exactly what is happening. I can make a detailed bug report on it, but it seems this is a known issue then.
  9. Hello! I toyed around with the Launch window planner today trying to launch into Minmus plane directly. It gave correct time but thw Azimuth was off. I saw Gaiiden mention this bug about two years ago. Is it still around? I ended up 12° off. Exactly twice the inclination of Minmus. So it told me to launch at 84° when it should have been 96°.
  10. I already did that. To paraphrase him, they are working on it. He said they still hadn't got all the items they want to ship.
  11. You were 6th imho. I am sure the give aways are on their way then. Just wanted to make sure I'm not the only one still waiting.
  12. I haven't received anything yet. Anyone who has?
  13. I only count four people in this thread posting pictures of complete collections. Does that mean I am not too late? Here's mine: Unfortunately, I am not quite done with the rover. I'll update the picture once I have done cutting and glueing. EDIT: with rover complete: Merry Christmas!