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  1. Episode 50? What the heck, how did we get here so quick?! Anyways, our career marches on! In this episode, we expand the Mun base we built, deliver enough kerbals to double the crew, and check in on our other flights!
  2. Kind of a weird episode, bear with me! This time, we land our first 12 kolonists on the Mun, then put our new base together from start to finish. Base modules bouncing into space? Check! Critical components rolling downhill? Check! Forgetting materials and needing another launch? Double check!
  3. The colonization of the Mun continues! In this episode, one full mission from start to end, how strange. We launch, transfer, and land the majority of our base modules! I just hope I remembered to pack enough fuel...
  4. My old intro/outtro files were deleted by some doofus (it was me), which provided an excellent excuse to recreate new ones. Now then, time for a Mun base! In this episode, we decide on a landing location, and start shipping out the materials needed to construct our kolonist hab.
  5. Tying up loose ends, landing a bounty of science, and making plans for the future.
  6. Refueling and trajectory planning for our trip to Duna! Also, Bill encounters a design flaw on his return trip!
  7. Let's assemble our mission to Duna! In this episode, docking and refueling in preparation for the trip.
  8. Looks like Kolonist shows up twice in the Astronaut Complex Hiring menu:
  9. Neat. I've been struggling with funds and doing contracts I'm not psyched about, but the idea of a kolonist/tourist hub sounds pretty fun as a way just to earn cash. If you're not trying to do the whole resource chain, agroponics is a pretty low-maintenance thing to set up.
  10. That sort of suggests there a maximum rate for Kolony Bonus accrual - is that the case? If so, could you ballpark what that maximum is?
  11. In this episode, the answer to life, the universe, and everything! Or just a lot of me chattering about supplies production. Also, we send a new crew out towards Minmus to join the Duna Expedition!
  12. Let's land some drills! In this episode, we spend all of our time maneuvering heavy drilling rigs down to the surface of Minmus, and talk about how we're going to move up to advanced manufacturing.
  13. In this episode, we learn that pointing engines through your center of mass is important! Also, we start setting up a mission to Duna!
  14. Another three launches back-to-back, but this time our destination is Duna. We have determined that our best course of action is to send a flags-and-footprints mission of 6 kerbals out to Duna to scout out the landscape ahead of the colonization effort, so we are making the best use we can of this planetary conjunction!
  15. In this episode, we have a busy time setting up the new hardware at Minty Station, and tie up some loose ends with three rapid-fire launches. Also, our first probe arrives in orbit around Duna!