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  1. Karborundum is on Eeloo. Eeloo is generally about a 4.5 year journey away. But with space-magic, we can lop off 4 years! Also this episode, the obvious happens to that probe we launched at the sun.
  2. In this episode, I fumble mightily with the Ground Construction mod! I also spend a lot of time complaining and pondering the best way forward, because the next big thing is planning the Duna trip! Also, mushrooms?!
  3. We've spent months waiting for this moment, and I've chattered on about it endlessly. Let's finally flip the switch and get the assembly lines rolling!
  4. Before we set up the production lines on the Minmus Shipyards, we'll need a crew! In this episode, I play with Transfer Window Planner, and have just the best time trying to get Exotic Minerals landed safely on Kerbin.
  5. In this episode, we finish the majority of the construction of the Minmus Shipyards! This may mostly just be me finagling storage and rambling, though. In the search of moar profit, we also send out our Commodity Return Vehicle v2!
  6. Finally! I've been hyping up the construction of this base for what feels like forever, and apologizing for delays for twice that long. We get large amount of the building done this time, plus some insight into my planning methods.
  7. In this episode, we send the last bits of hardware flipping and sailing through the low-gravity space around Minmus to their final destinations. This is mostly due to me not planning my rovers very well.
  8. Let's get some hardware installed! In this episode, we land the three core sets of modules for the Minmus Shipyards. I also go off on a wild tangent into Space Ore Trucking Simulator 2017!
  9. I'm back! After a weeks away, I'm raring to go! So let's start building the final piece of our Minmus colonization test platform - the Minmus Shipyard!
  10. Episode 50? What the heck, how did we get here so quick?! Anyways, our career marches on! In this episode, we expand the Mun base we built, deliver enough kerbals to double the crew, and check in on our other flights!
  11. Kind of a weird episode, bear with me! This time, we land our first 12 kolonists on the Mun, then put our new base together from start to finish. Base modules bouncing into space? Check! Critical components rolling downhill? Check! Forgetting materials and needing another launch? Double check!
  12. The colonization of the Mun continues! In this episode, one full mission from start to end, how strange. We launch, transfer, and land the majority of our base modules! I just hope I remembered to pack enough fuel...
  13. My old intro/outtro files were deleted by some doofus (it was me), which provided an excellent excuse to recreate new ones. Now then, time for a Mun base! In this episode, we decide on a landing location, and start shipping out the materials needed to construct our kolonist hab.
  14. Tying up loose ends, landing a bounty of science, and making plans for the future.
  15. Refueling and trajectory planning for our trip to Duna! Also, Bill encounters a design flaw on his return trip!