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  1. We finally arrive! More than a year of game-time and several months of real-time later, the Starlifter Shuttle arrives at Duna, ready to perform landing and geology operations. Also, I forget that inclination is a thing.
  2. This time, several grumpy kerbals sit in a tin can with the kitchen and bedroom still in boxes, because I forgot to unpack them. Oops! Also, we dig up karborundum, and expand the Minmus Shipyard!
  3. Picking up right where we left off, let's try out Roverdude's Alcubierre Drive! in this episode, we get out to Eeloo, swing past Jool to talk about Warp/Gravity maneuvers, and do some repairs to the Far Horizon.
  4. Don't mind my hoarse voice, I'm still recovering a bit from a cold that wiped me out in the middle of this week. But that couldn't keep me away for long! We're back with the MKS Explainer mod to figure out what I'm doing wrong, and also building a Warp-capable vessel!
  5. As the Starlifter Shuttle draws closer and closer to Duna, we spend the mean time testing issues of supply chain management at the Minmus Shipyards. Also we earn a ton of money shipping home supplies!
  6. @voicey99 My geology rating is 209.249%. I didn't realize there was a new release of the Constellation - are you talking about the pre-release that is going on up-thread? I'll definitely check out the explainer though, I'd love to get a better handle on how to improve my supply chain. Edit - I see, the issue I'm noticing is that there are 6 different Refinery bays drawing on a smaller mass of efficiency parts, as opposed to the 2 Material Kit bays drawing on a relatively huge mass of workshops. That explainer really does the trick, thanks for pointing it out!
  7. What parts increase the efficiency of refining of basic materials (Chemicals, Metals, Polymers)? I've got a setup with what I thought was just about everything, including several Ranger parts set to [Smelter] and [Crusher], but my Assembly Plant with several [Workshop]s is scaling dramatically faster than the basic materials can keep up. More specifically, I have a two TIRs with one of each of the basics running at 300% each, while my two-bay Material Kit producing Assembly Plant runs as high as 4800%. Adding MPUs set to [Smelter] or [Crusher] didn't seem to have any effect. Any ideas on what I'm missing?
  8. Welcome to Eeloo! I hear there are tasty rare elements all the way out here? Wait, we forgot what?! Also in this episode, a checkup of our crews on various bases and ships in flight, and a ceremonious finish to the KSC!
  9. Warning: There's a spreadsheet in this episode! This time, we get our GeoRover landed on Duna, and talk through how we chose the landing site.
  10. We've finally got our queue of missions cleared out, so it's pretty much all Duna all the time! In this episode, we discover we've had a lander heading out to Duna this whole time! Also, improvised aerobraking with the Ascent/Descent vehicle!
  11. We've spent a long time playing in the embrace of Kerbin, dropping things on Minmus and the Mun and getting a feel for MKS. Now it's time to really get started on that whole "multiplanetary species" part of the title! In this episode, our communications network arrives at Duna!
  12. In this episode, we wrestle an asteroid into Kerbin orbit! And a bug irritates me so much I swear never to do it again. Also, a neat trajectory demonstration!
  13. Thanks, I appreciate the kind words! And now, the next episode! The asteroid shenanigans continue! In this episode, we try to accelerate production with engineers everywhere - on the shipyard and on an asteroid hurtling towards Kerbin.
  14. Lots of little things in this episode, as we get underway! We begin heavy duty manufacturing at the shipyards, and begin resource utilization at our first asteroid!
  15. In this episode, we find out what happens when you fly a collector probe within a few million kilometers of the sun! (Hint: it's the same thing that happens to everything else.) Also, we take another shot at asteroid resource harvesting!