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  1. Go towards 270 bearing and turn your plane to the right so it is in the middle of 270 and 315 from KSC. You will need a plane with tons of fuel and will need to be flying around 5000-11000m to waste as least as possible.
  2. After checking the youtube comments under Hazard-ish's videos, I found many that (summarised) say: "Hazard-ish should go down!" or "Do not watch this faker!" It says a lot about a "small" number of his fans who take his videos as if they were like Elon Musk's plans for spaceflight. This is based on my assumption, don't take my word for it, their character isn't really that strong and after their 'idol' has been exposed, they just give hate towards him and it's just sad to be honest. I'm fully aware that he didn't announce that he had edited the files and whatnot with which he should've commented about that, but don't you think that negativity is too much for one person? He isn't an extremely important figure in society and shouldn't be treated as such. He just has good skills in KSP, both real and trickery...
  3. Rest in peace. I play this game on Roblox where you had to fly a plane to get a reward and I press S then wonder why I can't pull up.
  4. There are some games that aren't completely flight based that have a section where you fly a plane.
  5. To summarise, I load plane, a message pops-up and says "physics easing in progress" or something like that, then goes kaboom or the wing detaches. I have parts connected to the plane that clip through and this issue hasn't happened before as I've been doing this with other planes with no explosive results. Is it just a bug or something?
  6. Kevin? Or do you mean Kerbin? I think the network is slightly OP as the signal can clip though planets which kind-of sucks.
  7. I try to load a plane I had landed which I tested many times with promising results only to see it turn into a nuke and turn my runway into a mess. I doubt the Kraken is helping my kerbals, it just has severe disinterest in them and wants to end them.
  8. Finally landing on Duna after many attempts.
  9. I think it's to be expected when fandoms meet. When this happens you get this kind of stuff. There might also be a Kerbal version of Undertale which wouldn't really surprise me. For example, here is this thread:
  10. By the title, I meant this: In KSP you usually press "S" to go up and "W" to go down And if you've played it for so long and have adapted to its controls, that by playing another game that uses "regular" WASD controls, you use the kerbal controls and immediately go into a dive. Just asking if this has ever happened to you.
  11. If you need to deal with a Deep Space Kraken then send a Deep Space Whale to hunt it. No big squid can survive a whale so why not try it with a Deep Space Whale.
  12. What do you do to chemists when they die? Barium.
  13. Seems like an interesting idea, however I think the runway might need to have an inwards slope like a bowl so it might be easier to control? idk. EDIT: ok I'm stupid enough to not watch the video but it looks practical...
  14. I feel sorry for you... Safe travels, @sal_vager!
  15. It isn't your fault you came in late. However this really isn't a challenge otherwise I would say how fast the community would be able to build a station. Besides I can't really trust anyone to take the torch because it might die and then no one will have the save file to reboot it back up again. If I'm motivated enough I might reboot it but I don't know anymore. I'll think about it late but for now, my job is to complete all the mission tasks and have it ready.