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  1. I think the a380 has received too much hype for its size...
  2. I haven't updated the wiki yet lol.
  3. There are four, I just haven't added the ice cream station yet (around minmus). I didn't touch it, I just renamed it slightly saying (to dres).
  4. How to fill up the 3 launches rule lol Alright, thanks. Anyone else wants to sign up?
  5. I think the game is kindof fine as it is, just some fixes and tweaks are need to make it 'operate better'. Reminds me of bus wars.
  6. @TwinKerbal, I'll need the save in soon when you're finished. @biomecaman, If you want to participate, you will need to pick a slot and notify me that you are taking it. Then you launch whatever you want into orbit and finish setting it up for everyone to see.
  7. Must've been an interesting concept back in the day. Shame no one ordered for one of these...
  8. Is there an actual difference between the Airbus A380 and the Mcdonnell Douglas MD12? Here is the MD12: And here is the A380: From what I can see, the A380 has a rounder nose than the MD12. Is there something that I've missed or is that it?
  9. Yes, no more than 3 launches unless for a good reason. Save is on page 10 somewhere. Ok sure, is there a certain time you want to participate? @DMSP, what slot do you want to take?
  10. Ok no problem. @TwinKerbal, Your next.
  11. Ice cream station core near Minmus. Go wild.
  12. If you want to see future slots click here:
  13. What about the steel shipping drum that we attach onto rockets? Will it be un-steel-shipping-drum into a real rocket part?
  14. Yes, save is literally 4 posts above. Thats alright, I only need to parachute one more spacecraft onto the base and it will be finished. Yes. We'll see how far it goes by then. Once you are finished with the save, PM it back to me.