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  1. Just being able to say crafts that do not use mods X and Y will be good enough for my use case.
  2. Finished a working version of the power plant for my Iota outpost (as show there: ) Resources are shared between the two parts of the base thanks to the Simple Logistics mod.
  3. In my GPP career, I finally finished (I hope so), the assembly of my first Iota outpost habitation and workshop space. This is the first time, I do so much docking on the ground in any of my KSP career. There is a lone nuclear reactor not to far away (~300m) to power the whole thing throughout the long Iota night. The resources are shared via Simple Logistics. The next step is to extand this to a real nuclear power plant and electricity storage facility
  4. Still in my GPP career, Finished adding modules to my Iota outpost to have a functional Simple Construction shipyard. A more complete album of the steps leading to the fully functional outpost is there: The next step is to complete the nuclear power-plant accompanying it located ~300m away and linked via Simple Logistics.
  5. After the long Iota night, with the sunrise, I finally have the opening ceremony for the Iota outpost. And some of the kerbals then departed for their return to Gael
  6. Instead of continuing my mostly stock career, I found me playing more to my heavily modded GPP career. Today I finally assembled my first outpost. The outpost is located on Iota. It was created mainly to complete two contracts (outpost on Iota, and ore extraction from Iota), and to boost research by having a lab on the ground there.
  7. I have something strange happening in my career save, I landed on Iota and Ceti, however now the only exploration contracts I get are for Grannus… This is a big step up going from Gael SOI to Grannus imho. Is it an issue with GPP contracts progression, or is it a KSP bug?
  8. Here it is // Set anomaly detection rate to 100% for high tech probes // Author: slubman @PART[probeStackLarge|probeStackSmall]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleKerbNetAccess]]:FINAL { @MODULE[ModuleKerbNetAccess] { %AnomalyDetection = 1 } }
  9. I want my crewed part to have the lights on by default, and unbound from the light control group. That way, toggling light only work with actual light beams. Below are the MM cfg I created to achieve this: // Command pods have lights on by default, and not bound to ActionGroup // Author: slubman @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleColorChanger]]:FINAL { @MODULE[ModuleColorChanger] { %animState = true %defaultActionGroup = None } } // Cockpits and cabins have lights on by default, and not bound to ActionGroup // Author: slubman @PART[*Cabin*|*Cockpit*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleAnimateGeneric]]:FINAL { @MODULE[ModuleAnimateGeneric] { %animSwitch = false %animTime = 1 %animSpeed = 1 %defaultActionGroup = None } } I also like to have my kerbals have the EVA lights on by default, below is the MM cfg for this: // Kerbal have lights on when starting EVA // Author: slubman @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[KerbalEVA]]:FINAL { @MODULE[KerbalEVA] { %lampOn = true } }
  10. Hello, On the home page there is an option to filter by craft using certain mods. But would it possible to filter by crafts not using a mod too ?
  11. Hello, A brand new installation, where I just downloaded KSP 1.2.2. Started the game once. Installed the newest GPP 1.2.1 and kopernicus 1.2.2-5 I go in the main menu and try to create a new career, but flags appear in double (the GPP ones, and some but not all squads one): If I try to create a new career before installing kopernicus and GPP, no flag in double. Am I doing something wrong here ?
  12. Just before going on vacations, I finally sent the first manned (6 Kerbals) Duna expedtion in my 1.2 career. This expedition is made of 14 ships sent to Duna. Once everybody has arrived, there will be: 1 Crew transfer vehicle 1 Duna space station (half of the 14 ships actually), 1 Duna rover, 1 Duna lander hive (12 small landers), 1 Duna Ore scanning satellite, 1 Duna surface shuttle (crew will have to repack chutes between flights), 1 Ike surface shuttle, 1 Ike Ore scanning satellite, 1 Miner & Ore shuttle to mine on Ike and bring the ore to the Duna space station. Pictures of the main vessels below More details there:
  13. Yes it does work. In fact the issue was on my side, my modifications were not saved on disk. When updating the craft, the details are updated.
  14. When updating a craft, are the details updated ? I updated one of my craft, one of the change was the root part. However on KerbalX the rootpart is still being shown as the one in the previous version.
  15. Once I unblock the MK 1-2 pod, all my missions are based on teams. These teams all have 3 members, and the membership of a team does not change. If a team member is KIA, the rest of the team become inactive and is sent on the Island. So depending of the mission I will send a multiple of 3 kerbals on it.