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  1. if you want automatic discharge/recharge I expect you could rig something with kOS no?
  2. Quite happy with my first successful effort at an SSTO space plane able to build 3.75m form factor space stations. And I quite liked this screenshot, so I thought I'd share it.
  3. Yes, "The server at is taking too long to respond." Looks like a problem with Githubs file hosting. Not exclusive to this repository.
  4. Speaking of permanent bases that are built rather than landed, does it seem like it might be possible to adapt the Asteroid Recycling Technologies technique of excavation (being tracked on an attached, in this case landed, part) landed on a body? It seems like it might be a viable means to expand bases without a proportionate increase in part count. It might be a nice function to attach to your buildings.
  5. Got a bit of an odd problem in that I have a base which has landed nearby (<150m) two vessels with the 4500 unit cylindrical containers filled with machinery. The base itself has 2000 machinery in one of the modules. Having my single engineer go outside and perform maintenance on a module causes the 2000 machinery belonging to the base to shuffle to the appropriate module, but it takes it from other base modules rather than the landed containers nearby. I've had a few searches to see if their is some common error I am missing. I could directly attach the landers using KAS, but I'd prefer not to have to. Here's a picture, if that helps elucidate my description: The machinery is in the two identical landers with solar panels. The large structure in the foreground is where I want it to go. One's in front of the vessel with ISMs in the top right, so it's hard to see. Apologies if I'm being dense.
  6. There is a CLS config linked back on page 40.