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  1. As in a very quick way to get to the last used saved file....? Yes Please.
  2. LOL 3 & 10 are already proven not true by mods. 1, 2, 4, 8 & 11 are technical but solvable. 5,6 & 7 can't be solved without getting better friends. Still not expecting it to happen at this stage.
  3. This feels like it would be a better node for most burns compared to the current system. Maybe more teachable/discoverable in terms of mechanics as well. Could it use the rotation widget used for building craft?
  4. Timewarp option 4 could be workable for a space race. - various zones or spheres of influence have a fixed warp that is higher where space is emptier. Player can slow down from warp back to normal time but only for a fixed period after which the server forces them back to warp + syncing warp to catch up with the timeline of the sphere. That way no one can get "physically" in front of the another player unless they fly faster.
  5. To me most of the not making sense comes down to "warp might create paradox". To which I'd say Paradox might would be good for the game. Even as a single player. Everything happens over such a vast time and distance scales that being able to run a mission out under its own timeline would be useful. Play it till the point the paradox is going to matter then snap back to the start and let the server deal with slowly integrating that future into the cannon as the base timeline catches up. Planning by the seat your pants. If you or another player invalidates your future timeline then well just think of the replay value. Or the server has an air traffic controller that stops it happening. I would pay $15 dollar to run a career game as multi-actor.
  6. At University we had Building Science lecturer who talked about the power of sound. Like how sound can be loud enough to kill. One of the examples he gave was jet engine mechanics if they had to work on a running engine it was so loud they could only work for a couple of minutes before throwing up. Unconvinced I asked my boss at the times father who was an old Qantas Mechanic. Apparently, even the larger propellor engines had enough low bass rumble to make the mechanics physically ill if they had to work on them running. Given how close the default camera is to the back of planes in KSP realistic sound just doesn't seem like a good goal.
  7. Ummm... not sure intense nausea to the point of throwing up is going to be a good selling point for the game even if completely realistic.
  8. K&K kolonization? Google can't find it, brings up MKS which is USI which in my mind should be considered basically stock anyway.
  9. How do you know there isn't? Have you flown thru?
  10. Tribute to PorkJet?
  11. If 0.625 had a fuller range of engines generally I wouldn't need tweak scale.
  12. Could one vessel be considered as multiple chunks of vessel that have collided? Like a train, the engine can be moving for seconds before the end car starts to roll. I wonder why the physics engine couldn't do the same with a staged rocket and still have a convincing game worthy simulation. Considering a physics frame is a such a short amount of time if it took a few frames for a change in the forces to propagate through the entire collection. Would it matter if the top of the rocket was providing feedback forces based on thrust from the bottom of rocket 100ms ago?
  13. Surely micro transactions only work on flashly content like poker machines and candy crush that plays on people with addictive personalities? (To fair they also work when used as a pay what you think it's worth system.) Seems like it would be an incredibly bad way to leverage an asset like Kerbals. All you'll do is trash the brand which isn't exactly a good thing to do for investment return. I'm even at high warp Kerbals is not exactly action-packed (this is a compliment, not a negative). As much as I'd like to see KSP overhauled into KSP2.0. I'd think there is a better return taking Kerbalness to other games that can take the builder/experimenter mechanic to broader or different audiences.
  14. I think it would need an iPad/Tablet building app then take your creations to friends house for the showdown. Could be serious fun add AR and alcohol for max fun.
  15. Yes, I don't think it's hard to find inspiration based on humans and our media. Just look at all the missions based on recent movies. My own personal quest is based on a story that popular in the Architectural Press a few months ago about hanging a building off an asteroid. Spoiler Alert: It's not working so far.