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  1. @Alshain I want to contribute these part .cfgs: +PART[airbrake1] { @name = miniairbrake1 @rescaleFactor = 0.5 @TechRequired = stability @entryCost = 5000 @cost = 250 @title = A.I.R.B.R.A.K.E.S (M.I.N.I) @description = After several complaints from our brave pilots that the standard A.I.R.B.R.A.K.E.S were too powerful for smaller craft, the engineers at C7 Aerospace came up with a simple solution. A smaller airbrake. @mass = 0.0125 @MODULE[ModuleAeroSurface] { @deflectionLiftCoeff = 0.1 @ctrlSurfaceArea = 0.25 } } +PART[airbrake1] { @name = largeairbrake1 @rescaleFactor = 1.5 @TechRequired = heavyAerodynamics @entryCost = 15000 @cost = 1000 @title = A.I.R.B.R.A.K.E.S (L.A.R.G.E) @description = After several complaints from our brave pilots that the standard A.I.R.B.R.A.K.E.S were too wimpy for larger craft, the engineers at C7 Aerospace came up with a simple solution. A larger airbrake. @mass = 0.1 @MODULE[ModuleAeroSurface] { @deflectionLiftCoeff = 0.85 @ctrlSurfaceArea = 2.25 } } Unfortunately I do not remember who the original author is, and cannot find the thread that I originally took these from. I updated some syntax for newer versions of MM, and still use these.
  2. @MOARdV Could you make it more clear which option is selected under distant vessel rendering? When you click the "rendered targeted vessel" button the txt on the button changes to "render all unloaded vessels, and the ignore debris option disappears. It isn't clear to me which state the option is in like this.
  3. I seem to be getting fireballs with everything that is destroyed, even things that contain no resources. The blast sizes are scaling though. Don't know what I did, but it looks like it is working now. Thanks again for reviving this awesome mod!
  4. @Alshain I've noticed that you have a modlet pluggin for cabin light electric charge consumption, and also a MM patch here for the same thing. What are the pros/cons of each implementation (how do I decide which to use)?
  5. I believe that kerbal health is causing my game to freeze on load. It happens when it tries to load the cupola. Here is the relevant section of the KSP.log: [LOG 12:34:40.790] PartLoader: Compiling Part 'Squad/Parts/Command/cupola/cupola/cupola' [LOG 12:34:40.825] PartLoader: Part 'Squad/Parts/Command/cupola/cupola/cupola' has no database record. Creating. [LOG 12:34:40.830] DragCubeSystem: Creating drag cubes for part 'cupola' [EXC 12:34:40.856] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object KerbalHealth.Core.get_ModEnabled () KerbalHealth.ModuleKerbalHealth.GetInfo () PartLoader.CompilePartInfo (.AvailablePart newPartInfo, .Part part) PartLoader+<CompileParts>c__Iterator66.MoveNext () UnityEngine.SetupCoroutine.InvokeMoveNext (IEnumerator enumerator, IntPtr returnValueAddress) MM version 2.8.0
  6. Posts like this are just as bad...
  7. @klgraham1013 What thread did that quote come from?
  8. Same for KCT and RT as well, they were the ones that stopped me from starting a 1.2.2 career. I don't even care if we get an RT2 right away, I can finally start a huge career save with all my favourite mods this time; I hope....
  9. They did release modding notes a couple weeks ago, so hopefully the transition shouldn't take too long. Also, since there weren't any major changes to the engine for once, hopefully there aren't too many mods that get broken by this update. I'm feeling glass half full today...
  10. I don't agree that the results would not be useful. You could either just give a slider or entry field in a UI for the user to input the missing values, or simply pick some default values for baseline assessment and comparison. It would be very useful to have any extra info while building (some of us have slower machines with a lot of mods, you end up not wanting to wait around all the time to load the flight scene while you are building), even if it doesn't take into account nearby vessels and their bonuses. If a user really wants to estimate those bonuses, they can make a subassembly out of the craft file of the extra vessel in question, and then just bolt it on the top of the vessel you are working on in VAB for a moment to see the numbers.
  11. I noticed that you used kerbal space agency instead of kerbal space program....could that be the problem?
  12. @Drew Kerman I was following whitecat's mod for a while, but I'm hoping to find something simpler then what that mod was going for, and I don't mind simulating an effect like orbital decay at a higher level of abstraction. I'm not the best at MM, what is that patch supposed to do?
  13. Is it possible to use hyper edit to change the orbital parameters of unloaded vessels (on rails)? Specifically I want to be able to have some sort of small module manager script or something that reduces the SMA of all vessels marked as debris by 1% every kerbin day or something like that, to simulate orbital decay.
  14. It helps if you set your target to the docking port you want to dock with, and your control from here to the docking port you intend to dock with before you begin your approach. Especially if you are docking with something like a station.
  15. I would say just leave all the mods that CTT defines alone, and let CTT handle that for you. CTT does not touch any stock parts for exactly the reason that it can be easily integrated with other tech tree mods. All you have to worry about is stock part placement and balance, and any mod parts you want to add that are not already part of CTT. The other nice thing about CTT is that it has a stock-alike balance, and creates a sort of standard balance for many mods to adhere to, since they all play together.