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  1. Does Clipping landing gear through a metal plate and somehow achieving thrust count?
  2. I think that is a quad nozzle poodle based on the ACES upper stage engine.
  3. Yeah this. A unified art style has eluded KSP for its entire existence, and every time they've tried they get half way through and then those modelers leave. This new medium landing can looks great though and at least it fits with the roverdude and nova art style though not the porkjet one.
  4. There has already been a massive overhaul, and it is leagues better than the old souposphere we had to fly in.
  5. Wut... KSP is one of the games that boosted my understanding of physics massively. How on earth can someone think it makes you less intelligent?
  6. I have to say i'm not against Squad making expansion packs as long as they are well done and not something that was going to be in the original game. The company is a business and needs money to keep going as it isn't volunteer work. KSP has given me more value for money than any other game and i've never found anything that can compete before or since so i don't feel cheated.
  7. 1.875m parts opens up so much, as in kerbal scale that corresponds to so many rockets. Falcon 9, Atlas V, Soyuz, Shuttle SRBs, and lots more would fit quite nicely there. Hopefully there are some nice 5m tanks for the Saturn V lower stages.
  8. Wait... is that a hint?!?! Hype!!!
  9. That isn't going to happen though as it would just be stupid for squad to do.
  10. The telescope is being added to the main game soon.
  11. There is pretty much nothing that hasn't been done by mods. The good thing about official updates and dlc is that they are pretty much guaranteed to last and be supported as long as the game is. Mods have a habit of just dying regularly.
  12. Ok ksp team i'm really sorry i doubted you were doing anything. Though i wasn't especially vocal about it i'd been wondering for a while if that was it in the way of large ksp updates, and now i have to go and eat my words.
  13. Reddit just had a great naming idea. (no it isn't planet mcplanetface)