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  1. First one i took. It's not that old at 0.19.
  2. Well in some aspects i'm 5 and others i'm 3.
  3. Really hope someone else makes something like KSP. All the evidence points to Take Two having a very poor regard for its fans and money being the only thing they truly care about, even at the cost of the game.
  4. I understand what you are saying, but Squad has not been the perfect ethical game company either. In addition Take Two has some games that are really good. We don't get a yearly Xcom for example and the games themselves are very high quality.
  5. Does this community like anything? I don't think I've ever seen an announcement that ya'll have been happy about.
  6. I think Azimech hit the nail on the head a few pages back. It is the editor that makes KSP really special and the editor that provides endless entertainment in KSP. The ability to just take a few random parts, glue them together how they were never meant to go, and set your creation loose in the universe just gives the game endless replayability that no game has had for or since.
  7. Well I don't know what this will mean for KSP in the longer term but I wish the team the best.
  8. Been waiting for mp for a long time but not convinced it is going to happen. For me being able to play with friends would get me back into the game properly again.
  9. I build for looks. If i wanted i could build a triple layered plate space phallus that was super effective, but it would be ugly as all sin. In addition i need a good amount of fuel tanks as this has to be able to haul payload to Duna. Rear view of the ship.
  10. Almost ready for combat testing...
  11. The Co-122 goes on its first test flight. Main problem it had was intermitent control due to being a probe. Need to give it a proper crew section.
  12. Valve hired developers that left several months ago. The current team is still working on KSP as part of Squad, and not for Valve.
  13. Not sure why people think a public roadmap would have averted any problems. Plans change and i'm sure the ideas when they started KSP and what it actually is are completely different, with features never planned being added while some things were cut. A public roadmap would have caused even more outrage each time something on it was cut.
  14. Well first we have to ask what is the SLS meant to do? We could make the assumption that its main purpose is to give jobs to various lobbyists states, in which case it does its job perfectly. However i'm assuming you're asking more for something designed to be able to throw unmanned probes to the far reaches of the solar system, and carry manned payloads as far as Mars? All for a lot cheaper than the SLS.
  15. For me it isn't that i'm concerned with the art roverdude is currently producing as it is for some. Those parts are some of the best looking ones in ksp and that engine looks better than even porkjets new rocket engines imo. What i'm concerned about is that the old parts done by Nova will be left in that state indefinitely, with only dlc holders getting art updates even to the older parts like the 'new' apollo cockpit. Novas old parts fit just fine in the game back then when everything looked like that, but now look they belong in a completely different game to what KSP has become.