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  1. Wait is this system finally making it into the game? Or just keeping it up to date for mods to use?
  2. Don't actually agree with landing it on its side as it would need a much larger heat shield, and so more weight. With the ITS it is probably needed due to the way mass scales faster than surface area, but for somthing smaller a nose or tail first approach and landing would be more efficient.
  3. SpaceX is currently working on the fairing reuse part. Though not sure if it would work with my idea as chutes don't scale well and a fairing for a 9 raptor vehicle would be much larger than the falcon 9 fairing.
  4. I'd say go with something like SpaceX has but scaled up. 9 Raptor engines on a single core would be a bit more liftoff thrust than the Falcon Heavy but with higher efficiency. Second stage would be an ITS mini powered by a single Raptor Vacuum. First stage lands like a normal Falcon 9 second stage (might need a bigger boat). Second stage has the heat shield on its nose and reenters that way to protect the delicate engine nozzle. A set of superdraco engines also pointing forward allows it to land on its nose. Could probably put like 30 tons into orbit fully reusable.
  5. A 1.875m SRB would be ideal. Would fit the current shuttle and SLS parts perfectly.
  6. I have to say i'm coming to the same conclusion. I love the lego parts but if they are too much of a pain to bring them all up to a consistent standard then i think procedural would be the way to go. Fuel tanks, wings, engines, SRBs and more could work with only a few high quality textures to choose from and would be a lot easier for the devs.
  7. I reckon the best way of doing it will be to add the heatshield onto the front and have a few superdracos pointing forwards. The stage lands on its nose. Would avoid the problem of the main engine facing re-entry.
  8. Shush. You'll give elon ideas.
  9. I believe technically we could with a world wide effort, trillions upon trillions of dollars, and funding space like the current US military. So no it won't ever happen.
  10. I think Novas parts looked fine when the whole game was simple and cartoony like that. It worked as its own style. However having half the parts looking high definition, sleek, and realistic, while the other half look like they are from a cartoon, that just doesn't work.
  11. If squad does update some of the needed old parts for making history (aka the 2.5m command pod as the apollo command module), will only people with the expansion get the new graphics for the old parts?
  12. ITS is apparently going to be landing in the launch clamps therefore not needing landing legs... Yeah i think that's crazy too.
  13. I was thinking the same but single stick 9 Raptors, with a single Raptor vacuum second stage. Pretty much an upscaled Falcon 9. Looking at the numbers puts it at a similar liftoff thrust to the Falcon Heavy, but more efficient and with a much better second stage.
  14. Dragon 2 has other things as well such as life support and a pressure vessel for the squishy humans. Should be much lighter than that.
  15. This is going to take a big chunk off payload capacity. Maybe they have decided a fully reusable Falcon Heavy is cheaper than a partially reusable Falcon 9?