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  1. I just skipped to the end of this thread; what? Class action litigation?! WHY?
  2. Isn't there inherent instability with a craft starting on the runway simply due to Kerbin's rotation being so... pronounced...? I mean, assuming all things being equal and all balance, drag and aerodynamic factors being perfect, isn't there inherent instability because 1. How Kerbin's rotation programming behaves at a core game level and 2. Nothing actually starts flush and static on the runway ? Or have such things been corrected? I know these were factors in the past.
  3. The two are not mutually exclusive. Talking privileges revoked for 1 day. Go sit in the corner and think about what you just said.
  4. The folks at KSC are so committed to their work that they are completely oblivious to the fact that Kerbal society suffered a catastrophic disaster centuries ago. They won't let anything as trivial as societal collapse distract them FROM SCIENCE!
  5. Interesting. Now I want to go see this. Thanks for the responses!
  6. Before I just go and start a new session and speed time to the max, has anyone documented on what year and day Jool becomes furthest body from Kerbol?
  7. I have no issue with whether I will have to pay for the DLC or not have to, so that point is moot. If I do, I do. That said... And apologies, I just skipped to last page... But did they not say that those with a purchase date by April 2013 will receive it for free? So those people who bought it "5 freaking years ago" won't be paying for the DLC in the first place? Just wondering if this changed or not. Again, I'd pay for it anyway. Thanks in advance.
  8. 1. "You know what? no, Don't make the DLC free after April, it shouldn't be free at all," I am sure Squad has a better grasp on what they can and can not accept as comfortable within their business model. 2. "Squad has put so much effort into each update... I am willing to pay them the fee, of what ever amount." Anecdotal and subjective. Also hyperbolic since "what ever amount" implies you would pay, let's say, 10,000.00 USD. Would you really...? I mean, this is Squad, not AGEOD... 3. "The game is so amazing as it stands," Absolutely! 4. "it can be said that the community shouldn't have pressured squad into a free DLC promise" Referencing my first point, Squad wouldn't do anything their books could not handle. Squad wouldn't be "pressured" in to doing something that would be untenable no matter who or how many wanted it. There's always a bottom line. Furthermore, the precedent of not charging based on a set date was already established. That they remain faithful to this established concept is something to be lauded. I am not meaning to insult you, but please understand, your argument comes off a bit selfish and haughty.
  9. Squad is definitely a model of integrity in an industry where integrity seems to be a relic of another time. Much kudos and much thanks are deserved.
  10. What was the current build during August 2012?
  11. I have never used it. Not because I am against it. Indeed, I have no opinion one way or the other since it wouldn't be right to form one having... never tried it Though I've had KSP for a good while, I play in spurts, so cumulative playing time doesn't come close to my total time having the game (bought it back in late 2012). As such, I'd consider competency level pedestrian. I can get in to Kerbal orbit with little issue, I can get a Career mode to orbit Mun and Minmus, I can land a single Kerbal on both, get them off the surface again and back home, but that's about the extent of it. Being that I am committed to Career mode (love it; it makes me feel I have to work for things), my competency basically ends there. Making a craft that orbits, say Mun, and drops a lander that is expect to return to orbit and dock with it again to come home is not something I have been able to accomplish; indeed even make an attempt (I don't practice docking enough). So in effect I am limited to basic missions in Kerbin's neighborhood. I need to branch out. I can get unmanned basic probes to go in to stellar orbits for fun and basic science (temps, pressure, mystery goo, that sort of thing) but that's not really a feat because all that needs is enough thrust to escape Kerbin's SOI and just let the thing go. I see MechJeb is popular, or seems that way. Should I go with it? Is it "cheating" or no? Has it become one of those optional mods that have become de facto mandatory? I have to confess, I understand if I just keep practicing practicing practicing I can accomplish more without it, but perhaps I'm just too impatient lol. Either way, is MechJeb an easy way out, or is it a smart choice?
  12. Yep that's where it was Thank you Gaarst. What build was current in August 2012? Was it 0.18?
  13. I need to see when I first acquired KSP. It was well before the transition to Steam, but I can not recall exact date. Of course, I can see in my forum profile that I joined these forums in August 2014, though I am sure I acquired an old KSP build well before then directly through Squad (it was early enough that the build I bought entitled me to receiving the Steam version without cost). Where can I find the exact date, if possible? Thank you in advance. EDIT: Nevermind. Found it. August 7 2012.
  14. D'OH! I SEE NOW LOL! I was being dumb. Thank you!
  15. Hello all. I am having a slight issue with a career mode space plane of mine (not really a "space" plane but you know what I mean). When it lands, I can not get it to come to a complete stop. Example; I took off from KSC, and flew to the abandoned airfield off the coast. I landed fine, but despite cutting all throttle, and even unnecessarily manually shutting down the engines and closing the intakes, and even with applying brakes and leaving them turned on, my plane would just roll at about 3 m/s. Constant yawing would bleed it down to under 1 m/s, but no matter what, it will not come to a complete stop. It is early in my career and early in my plane research, so the gear I am using is the starter fixed gear. I have not fiddled with their parameters other than disabling steering for the rear 2 and only have the nose gear steer.