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  1. I'll probably be looking at this soon (not for at least another couple weeks). No idea when 1.3 is officially released, but if it comes out before I get to this I'll likely skip the 1.2 update. The difficulty is based on two things - the gravity of the current body at sea level (relative to the home body) and 1/10th of the splashed science multiplier. The multiplier the affects stuff like fish weight and speed. Current depth of water also affects the fish size/type which impacts the difficulty. So those are the rough factors to know how difficult fishing will be on a given planet in the Interstellar mod.
  2. I'd probably want to see a comment from @TriggerAu or @JPLRepo there - I suspect that any new strings they create moving forward won't have the autoLoc prefix. Also note, the # isn't part of the prefix - I think that's the identifier that tell the ConfigNode loading system that this is a localisation tag.
  3. Good stuff! Just one thing to add - if memory serves the autoloc_XXXXXX format was due to the fact that all those strings were pulled from KSP via a script with no real context of what it was pulling. There is no restriction on the format of the string identifier so I'd suggest something like: <mod_identifier>[_<sub_identfier>]_<string_identifier> Examples: scansat_settings_HelpAnomalies cc_param_reachState_title The only thing that matter is that the are globally unique - hence putting the mod name/identifier in there to prevent any clashes.
  4. It won't do that in 1.3 - it needed to have sensible English before we could translate it to something else.
  5. I love this style of dev article! They are a ton of work to put together, but definitely worthwhile. You should probably cross-post to the daily Kerbal (and reddit?), I suspect most forum goers don't notice the articles on the sidebar.
  6. Neat, I missed this contract pack when it was released in November! I've added a link in the big list of contract packs.
  7. @eddiew - Raised #57 to make that notification a little less confusion. As to the contract not appearing, it's been an intermittent issue in the past. Let me know if you're able to reproduce, as I thought that was all squared away now. @Merkov - There's a flag that was added on the planets in 1.2 that allow them to specify if they are a rocky planet (CelestialBody.hasSurface). I assume it's supported by Kopernicus by now so it might be that @The White Guardian need to set something in the config files for those particular planets. I've already got #55 raised to look into this for RSS - either way I assume it's going to be the same root issue. Also, raised #58 to fix the issue with the moons in the Duna/Eve programs. @Zhetaan - That should no longer apply (that issue was the reason the flag got added in stock). Either way, hopefully it'll get sorted out through #55.
  8. A recompile of the DLL portion, fixing compile issues (if any) and re-testing the Jool sequence. The last one is the one that takes time. I needed some time away from KSP. Going to be spending some time catching up on threads and raising things in GitHub this weekend. Once I've got all that sorted I'll have a better pictures of where the Anomaly Surveyor 1.2 updates fits in priority-wise. I don't want to commit to anything until I'm back into the full swing of things.
  9. If someone can raise a GitHub issue against Contract Configurator it would help me out greatly. Also what exactly is a "slot available for experiment"? I assume it's some sort of placeholder experiment that I should simply disallow?
  10. @Syntax - Ah yes, I forgot that in stock KSP it now draws the markers for non-career games. Just snipped some code, should be good now. New release here! Waypoint Manager 2.6.2 Removed code for drawing waypoint markers when not in career mode - as of KSP 1.2 stock draws those markers (thanks Syntax).
  11. @vicdoctor - The .version file looks fine, but I did forget to compile the updated version number into the .dll. Where does it show 2.6.0? EDIT: I recompiled and updated the zip (under the old release). Let me know if that fixes it.
  12. @doktorstick - I've changed that for the next Contract Configurator release.
  13. Apologies to everyone for the delay in getting back to things on the thread, I'm slowly catching up on everything. @SmashBrown - Yup, should work with any/all contract packs, as far as I know. @voicey99 - Raised #54. @Verloren - Probes count. @rohanguard1 - Raised #55. If I had to take a guess, RSS needs to be changed to set the hasSurface flag that was introduced in KSP 1.2.0. Only a guess though. @Galileo - Not sure if this is still an issue (might have better luck on the MM thread, but I'd say you need to delete all the strategia nodes before galileo runs and then add yours after that. My wild guess is: -STRATEGY_LEVEL_EXPAND,*:BEFORE[Galileo] {} -STRATEGY_BODY_EXPAND,*:BEFORE[Galileo] {} STRATEGY_LEVEL_EXPAND:FOR[Galileo] { ... } Let me know if you need anything on my end to better support disabling the strategies (or any other hooks, etc.). @MailletC - Good idea, worth looking into (but not until I've caught up on bugs). Raised #56.
  14. That was a localisation thing. The contract back-stories were often barely understandable in English - translating the system and trying to implement grammar rules of multiple languages would've been a bad idea. The new system is much simpler and much more coherent (which will make your mod obsolete, @DuoDex).
  15. It broke with the 1.2 changes to allow stock to use custom icons. I've fixed it for the next release. It also used to be that the ones from contract packs would be added automatically, I've added support for that to happen, but it needs a change in Contract Configurator too (so you'll see it happen when both WPM and CC have their next releases). Seed is the random seed used in determining the color of the waypoint. Navigationid is a stock thing and has to do with the persistent setting of the navigation waypoint. That's the fun of moving working code into the stock system. Looks like there's no duplicate checking. I've added it for the next release. @msromike - No idea. I'm going to be releasing a new version shortly. If that doesn't fix it, then please provide a KSP.log file and I'll take a look (may be a bit, I'm catching up on a very big backlog right now). --- Back in the saddle, time for a new release! Download here! Waypoint Manager 2.6.1 Remove hack for custom waypoint icons (no longer needed in KSP 1.2). Move custom waypoints file into PluginData directory. Added back duplicate checking for custom waypoints (thanks Syntax). Fixed custom waypoint icons not showing up (thanks Syntax).