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  1. Similar day on the west coast:
  2. They used it...
  3. "Whatcha gonna send to space in that huge rocket?" "Stuff." "What kinda stuff?" "Space stuff."
  4. My 11 YO son put it well. "No camera on it, and they don't land, so not interesting." (then he left the room after seeing the animation for a few seconds).
  5. No idea, my French relatives moved to what is now Canada in 1605.
  6. NSF says 15 past the hour. Count resumes.
  7. Clock green at T-7m
  8. Hold until 10 after the hour.
  9. A pic I took at Amboseli, Kenya with Kilimanjaro in the background. Mzima Springs, in Tsavo:
  10. http://www.arianespace.com/mission/ariane-flight-va238/
  11. Assuming the ASDS never rolls at all.
  12. Wow, complete brain fart on my part. I was thinking it was already July, lol.
  13. The CRS missions are interspersed, so those are spaced into the future. CRS-12 is now mid August, then OATK in mid sept, then Progress very close after that in Sept, then CRS-13 in Nov, and the Japanese in Feb along with Progress, then back to SX CRS-14, etc. If you look at ISS resupplies it's a good reality check for anyone saying that Mars is not hard. 6 people require on the order of 8 resupply flights a year, plus whatever also comes up in the crew ship. On top of that, the majority of astronaut work hours are spent keeping station running. I have read that increasing the number of astronauts to 7 would double the science done (hence 1 astronaut FTE right now is science, the other 5 are maintenance). I roughly added it up for 2016, and it's about 4 tonnes per astronaut per year of cargo.
  14. CRS-12 is set for August 10 as I see it now, though that has slipped from NET 1 Aug.
  15. Yeah, I read that thread on NSF, but I suppose Boca Chica is a possibility.