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  1. Given the semi-successful test flight of Rocket Lab USA's Electron launcher, perhaps someone would be interested in making one for KSP?
  2. Okay, have a problem with this mod... If you're in map view, with trajectories visible, and you stage (either via MechJeb autostaging or by Smart Parts), the game WILL lock up and crash.
  3. Any chance you can post a demilitarized version? I'm curious to see how you made those tilt rotor engines work so well, as I've had nothing but trouble from them.
  4. The diagram is accurate. The third petal is simply not shown, as it would block the view of the engine and/or adaptor.
  5. Perhaps a "hot/cold" system. You use the ZAP to take a reading. Adjust your altitude, take another reading. Previous reading and current reading appear in the right-click box. Bam, you can then do the math to find your target altitude.
  6. Oooh, I like this idea. Will be keeping an eye on this mod...
  7. PLEASE tell me it's not really gonna be called the BREXIT rocket.
  8. There's parts in the pack to make the kits from ore.
  9. Huh. Not only am I not finding antimatter, the ALICE sensor doesn't pick up any helium 3 or deuterium in the atmosphere of Jool, either. Plenty of hydrogen (37.35%), though.
  10. Ah. Well, that certainly clears things up. Will look into that tomorrow.
  11. So, 2x the altitude of the upper fringes of the atmosphere? Huh. Will investigate.
  12. Hmmm... Potential bug with the antimatter collector and detectors. Went to Jool, just above the atmosphere via stock "Set Orbit" cheat, and the ZAP detector came up empty. Same thing with the scoop. Same story with the gas giants of the Outer Planets Mod. Is this normal, or am I missing something?
  13. Fair enough. Safeties disabled. DIVE AWAY!
  14. I modified the config file on the KAS radial winch to allow it to stretch more than a kilometer, and slung a 1.25m ore tank off the end of the cable, and attached it to the bottom of a boat. Motored the boat out a couple of kilometers off the coast and let the cable out at ~1 m/s. Got it down to just shy of 400 meters deep and stuff started exploding due to overpressure at 4 kPa. Do any parts have higher pressure tolerances than 4kPa, or will I have to turn the pressure damage off to drop payloads even deeper than that?