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  1. Well, every time I've headed to a precise set of coordinates, it's been off-target by ~200 meters, which on that platform is enough of an error to put me in an unrecoverable spot. It's okay, though, as I learned a lot about how that particular rover design will handle on high-angle slopes. Yes... but there were some issues with accuracy. Again, a CEP of ~200 meters was demonstrated. And you REALLY don't want to wind up on the Pole exactly... You might invite the Kraken to arrive and investigate who's messing with the planetary surface colliders again. It's some weird stuff up there, if you wish to explore it. Be VERY careful.
  2. Well, it got me close enough to the North Station 1 DSN node that I could use MechJeb and manual guidance to get to the dish, as shown here. Same thing with the North Pole of Kerbin. (Don't touch the North Pole, btw. Weird excrements happens.)
  3. Field report time... Pros: -Works really well over short-to-medium ranges on Kerbin -relatively hassle-free -amazing real-time saver Cons: -Doesn't work well on Kerbin on complex routes over long distances -Doesn't recognize Wild Blue Industries fusion reactors as a valid power source All in all, a permanent addition to my installs. Thanks for the awesome mod!
  4. ... Okay, fair point on RSS and RO. I personally don't use them, which is why I suggested a "stock" size.
  5. The landing gear is already available via Kerbal Reusability Expansion, btw. As for scale... I'd suggest aiming for 3.75 meter diameter. That will scale nicely in comparison to other mod packs, and will allow you to make the BE-4 at a 1.25 meter scale. And I'll second Winchester's recommendation for separate parts.
  6. Soooo, Polandball explodes at a certain altitude?
  7. Two major milestones: Found a DSN station and set up a Surface Experiments Package on the nearby ridgeline. Also flagged the DSN station for future use. Later, went to the North Pole of Kerbin: Pro tip: Do not touch the North Pole. Weirdness ensues. Not Kraken-grade weirdness yet, but still... Not going to touch it anymore. Nope. No sir.
  8. That seems like a viable strategy. Either that, or have it have absolutely abysmal specific impulse so that it burns fuel at the proper rate.
  9. Okay, report from the field... Problem persists with OPT. Suspect it may be a conflict between Tweakable Docking Node and Firespitter, which is used to change the fuel load in the docking port part. Back on topic for the thread as a whole: Looking sharp, Wolf. Can't wait to blow 'em up... eeerrr, test them in the field.
  10. That's what we're here for, among other things. DL'ing, installing, and launching now. Expect a report in ~15-20 minutes.
  11. Okay, field report time... Fix is working properly on both BlueDog AND the Mark IV Spaceplane system. it is NOT working on OPT inline docking ports.
  12. Thank you. I'm sure several other mods will benefit from this.
  13. I actually like the transparent. I've seen a lot of mods over the years, but none are quite as visually distinctive as this.
  14. Fantastic little mod, and a fine addition to my collection.
  15. I was running at 100% power, full throttle, and had more than 800kw of radiator capacity.