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  1. Just putting this here incase people don't read my elcano threads which - over the years is everything train rather than just elcano - might be useful to others Educational video - How a KTP 44 class works - the 'science' behind the magic awesomeness I finally visualised it today after all these years!
  2. Engineering Sidetrack - How does a "Diesel Electric" Locomotive work in KSP - Explained earlier in this thread a long time a go - a few things have changed yet some remain the same. Today I present the art of the Diesel Electric locomotive, "In Action" and when I say in action this is 4433 - her wheels are a little different to that of current 4432.. a few different values between most of my locomotives preserved between saves ensures that each train isn't just a copy of each one - but has its own quirks, gifts and talents (Or drives like a pig for no apparent reason when it wants too!) I stress it works better on the ground and under resistance of the train - plus extra wheels, thrusters for course correcting with SAS/RCS... BUT! I reveal to you the dark arts in all its glory! - Note: The horn is a LV-1R with sounds added to startup/shutdown These engines generate Monopropellant - Alternator line in the CFG file, they generate just 3 thrust Wheels are set to use Monopropellant - as it also powers the RCS thrusters for course holding & RCS "Sanders" that help push the locomotive into the terrain while climbing hills via SAS Technical explanation isn't mathematical, infact trying to calculate the ballence has always got it wrong horribly - resulting in a locomotive dragging to much to one side or being overpowered unresponsive to throttle (Too much power) theres 2 states of a wheel - running and underpowered/off with a slight delay or ramp between the two later - this means that at full power all wheels are running - at idle none or just one is running.. a locomotive at idle will slowly creep forward.. yet on a slight incline wont be effected - the system is far more evident climbing hills where torque not speed - comes into play - even beyond pure numbers - a fully powered system will still benefit of having 2 engines running providing an oversupply of power (Unique to the mark 7 44 class - Earlier locomotives required 2 engines for full power) Add to this a wheel ramps down its power requirement as it gets closer to the torque cutoff speed - in that a locomotive running at near top speed of 26ms will use less power than one climbing a hill at 10ms... the later requiring full output of the engines - this I only discovered while driving battery powered trams well after this idea was hatched a few years back The whole thing is kept "in gear" but holding the pedal on my steering wheel set flat akin to a locomotive deadman pedal or pushing the aero trim fully forward (Alt W, or X to reset) With the trains wheels aiding in keeping the locomotive straight with better balancing, a near perfect system can be achieved, Powerful, Noisy, Smokey, Moody, Horrible, Explody.. All those wonderful things ive come to expect and love about driving these wonderful deadly machines
  3. That does help a bit, and its a good start thanks Kerbins terrain has changed dramaticly over the years too, only just noticing that myself
  4. Greetings everyone! An unusual request for me.. Does anyone have or know where I can find seafloor topography.maps? Since discovering my land trains dont actually float these days but rather do this.... its opened up alot of possible avenues journey wise.. Downside being is at 12ms at full power and visibility of dry land..just not happening, this always present yet alien landscape is full of unknowns Attempts to drive upto the island airbase have been met by ever increasing shelf like drops that never seem to end but the islands suggest otherwise? Has the modern kerbin seafloor ever been mapped? I know theres an active submarine captain faction out there If you can excuse the railway intrusion to your domain, id love some help
  5. Took poor rescued 4433 swimming to prove a point Recording wise
  6. Drive a Train Underwater
  7. Resumed my Elcano Challenge some days ago - see thread in fanworks Mission reports Many new events - Discovering a 100 ton train doesnt float in the new water physics - but.. runs at 10ms on the bottom quite happily Driving - (on dry land) and getting to 158km from KSC
  8. Another vote for the KAS/KIS way of refueling - I gave up on docking ports a long time ago - they also tempt the kraken You'll need one of them ground pylons and the cement base generally, a few fuel ports but once its set up right, its a very ideal way of refueling - also using a winch with magnet would be a good way of storing a rover
  9. A mornings drive - from the badlands of the loopline - heading over the sea of green tranquility - Heartland was reached - some 140+ KM from KSC - a point where the original 4408 had a video captured of calmly traversing over the terrain at 3/4 throttle while gundam Nicol's piano theme played in the background - the moments where kerbin doesnt seem so alone... it feels like a comfortable home.. familiar terrain of a home town.. somewhere I know so well, theres a certain route that gently rises and falls enough to not worry about brakes or overspeed for extended times.. Only watching the navball keeping a heading of 315.. carving its way between mountains and hills, bare green land with not a tree to be seen... as close to a moment of xen that I feel is possible in a land train, otherwise known as 100 ton rolling machines of death and destruction Nothing exciting to report - nothing exploded - no one died - 10s of kilometres passed by with the occasional thought for trailblazer 4408 and 0.25 KSP, some would say a better time.. alas while not perfect .. I find im making my peace with 1.22+.. everythings still the same in the end With the day slowly approaching afternoon and things to do - on some flat land 4432 was brought to a slow stop - engines shutdown.. a flag planted - Marker 3 Once again assaulted by the gods of incidental music on a playlist im fond of - at the right time this very track made the act of shutting down a locomotive - safe on a save file - one of the more typical conclusions to a days drive KTP Elcano operations has become known for (and none of it is faked - if it wernt so random, it'd be cheesy ) All is well - resuming when I can
  10. A Sub-Trainian indeed And thanks for visiting my thread by the way your buffalo is wonderful rover, it helped me refine the later RTG low speed land trains, a fine machine worthy of many travels and stories itself an eventful drive - what we didnt gain in distance.. we gained in.... atmosphere, attachment.. having resumed regular train operations heading to the previous landmark of 63km with a new refitted 4432 on dry land (?!) the mechanical symphony of detriot diesel engines slowly chugging up and down the RPM scale as terrain demanded, brake applications and meaningless yet glorious horn blasts while battling steep hills again filled the kerbin landscape.. if 4432 is the only living thing on this planet.. she like her sistertrains before her makes damn sure she makes up for it in presence alone with a mix of star trek innerlight theme, mike oldfields flowers of the forest and theme to the visitor Ds9 episode making the littlest things meaningful by default.. things were going well.. steaming towards the 63km flag marker detailed earlier in this thread Suddenly. things changed. Framerate dropped.. checking my computer to find nothing wrong, the problem slowly became evident.. we had entered a physics bubble. judging by the framerate.. there could be only one thing I'd left a train somewhere! each locomotive have their own class number, its more than a number.. its a name.. its a personality.. its the train itself and everything in that instance of what it means to be that number.. 4432 is 4432.. having 2 of them invalidates lore...foundations of KTP operations.. this was uncharted territory.. Throttle was eased back.. coasting towards this target as the metres counted down from 1000.. a cloud of smoke and familar chugging of an idling detriot engine was now possible to hear.. the previous "4432" i'd forgot to revert to hanger, or drive back.. I thought I did for the refit of RTG's yet. the presence of a locomotive infront of me, infact 2 locomotives both 4432, different configurations yet very much similar presented a very real .. problem Out with the C4! leaving the locomotive where she stood wasnt really an option, driving this one back also has its moral objections for similar reasons - yet emotionally attachment in play, so common in this job as a land train driver - taints such decision as simply blowing up the locomotive.. to the credit of KAS/KIS, a more reasonable course of action was taken.. to the benefit and happyness of all 4432 mark 1 - became an unnumbered 44 class - a local workhorse.. the flag was passed from one locomotive to the next.. engines shut down, brakes applied.. made safe and secure, work started on removing her class plates NOW out came the C4!!! But it was only her class plates, and only after both locomotives here moved to a safe distance.. without guilt, waste or sorrow the journey can resume. A locomotive joins the ranks of the KTP reborn as local motive power - to be renumbered 4433 when time permits Before departure - a photo op (Kerbal Rail Photography) was undertaken of the 2 locomotives side by side - a thing of beauty With a final farewell to 4433 and her crew from the cab of 4432 - The journey now resumes - as 4432 steams towards former "bombo outpost" - Last position of 4016 - from there its onwards to the horizon Some people might ask - if im doing the elcano challenge why all the diversions, refits, posts.. why not just do it.. The answer is one of ease - Because trains are about the journey - and its been a great one of them - this very thread tells it all - not just on the surface of kerbin but a journey for me too.. with over a year contained within this thread (I think?) certain events have historical meaning - nothings left behind and the craft themselves grow into the story.. so much more than rovers going to a destination - doing the elcano by train is as much proof of concept of a trains capability as it is the experience of it all.. One that im very proud to be involved in EDIT: 4433 has now found a new home - below the waves
  11. A Day of oddity - Settling down for the night for a long drive - its been bugging me about 4432s lack of water capability - Todays music was the unofficial star citizen soundtrack - which ended up portraying an unusual situation in its unsure but inspiring tones such problems were solved in the past by an elcano iffy-thing of not using boats by simply coupling a "Marine-wagon" to the front of a 40 class - 4432 doesnt have a front coupler, but using Ov class monopropellant engines I could easily turn main generator output into water propulsion jets by simply swtiching off the wheels and revving the engines to active monoprop engines so it was back to the SPH for a while for a bit of a refit.. given the size of these engines are in 1.22 now vs the tiny small Lv-1 size they used to be.. putting them onto the locomotive was unslightly.. like sticking a trombone on the back of a supercar? .. yes very horrible visions there.. dont think it! so the passenger/gaurdsvan got assulted with these ugly things.. it was then time for a test before she got back underway. what happened was.. a colision between KSPs new sub friendly water - untested myself in any serious manner - certainly not after 4408 died off ... and a 100 ton train. the results were.. my first successful reentry ever! waiting for the locomotive to start floating....... waiting..... waiting..... oh.. right 100 ton locomotive vs subable(?) water means.. Subable(?!) Train............. And... 4432 found a solution to crossing water in short.. there land under water and its good enough.. I know every part *does* have a pressure limit - this makes me scared as does looking out the window and seeing water.. all things considered though, the almost slow motion descents of downgrades, the maximum 11ms full power speed.. its a very relaxing if not.... wrong.. wrong way of crossing water.. but 4432 herself.. seems quite happy as do her crew No - this isnt normal at all.. very un-normal.. a train doesnt belong here! Nope again... But no ones screaming with tongues flapping.. so maybe its good but.. happily now back on land.. despite the strange diversion and likely the most un-train thing ever written on this thread in its long history
  12. oh shes beautiful sorry my friend I didnt see your reply.. must have missed an alert.. what was the mission like with the train? any threads to link?
  13. Anywhere youve detailed these wonderful bikes? They look to be the ideal railbike escape pod Quite happy to credit the idea in any screenshot too and link any thread
  14. The other "cheating" is editing configuration files to make KSP do something you want it to.. That leads to the next step of making a copy of a part then editing it for your own purpose That then leads to making dedicated parts you make and thats what we call a mod.. From there your outlook is unlimited The history of KSP itself is full of such things.. Cheating isnt bad..it expands horizons And its brought KSP to where it is now In my KSP, Using stock rockets and planes are cheating.. Flyimg is too easy Using trains is not.. Using a jet engine to move a train is cheating Using a jet engine modified into a diesel generator to drive modified wheels that in turn move a train.. Full of mods and stock modified by myself far beyond the original scope of KSP... None of this for me is cheating using a rocket to fly out of the atmosphere and land somewhere else dropping off a fuel pod.. Grey area Definately cheating is strapping a locomotive to a rocket. Sending it to the frozen poles vs driving there Your game is your own.. Your mind is also your own Make of it what you will If you want to feel guilty for using cheats.. Then you can too But theres also no such thing outside of challenges with specified requirements KSP is a great many things
  15. Pix?