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  1. totm

    Didn't quite make that, did you?
  2. Maybe some jets? With turbo-fans? F-5E-3 pls...
  3. totm

    Err? Is that one correct? Would be the same exact aircraft
  4. Haha thanks YeoriCookie, I truly appreciate some funk up in my threads. Had a similar case. I made a F22 but a youtuber called me out on copying his. It looked very alike and I'd seen his video on it, but I made
  5. It seems like stock isn't really widely available anymore
  6. I'd very much like to see the mechanism for this thing, downloaded
  7. Maybe add an escape pod or mini docks for more solar panels
  8. https://kerbalx.com/YoeriCookie/craft All 100% stock, for first go I'd reccomend the F-84 or the F9F-6
  9. Upload them to imgur and copy the BBCode, and put that in your thread
  10. Pics make the downloadclicks mate, put some in for us!
  11. T-60?
  12. I like it I prefer my replica over this one (obviously) but still not a bad job.