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  1. Reminds me of the challenge "Fastest Step"... did a trip to the Mun in 37 minutes for that (pre 1.0 days though)
  2. I don't think I've ever "fallen asleep at the wheel" in KSP, although there has been a few times I've come close after a few drinks on a Saturday evening I have used the cheats menu a few times to complete contracts that have been impossible (or as close to it as makes no odds) such as recovering scrap contracts that turn out to be command seats... apparently its possible to use the grabber on these but I've never managed to get one to stick.
  3. I just want to say a couple of things about the comments made regarding the prospect of Squad releasing DLC for KSP from the perspective of a games developer of some 30 years in the business. 1. Games cost money (often lots of it) to make, as developers need to pay for little things, like groceries, rent, car payments, home loans, etc. etc. etc. 2. If a developer wants to extend development of a game beyond what was originally envisaged and budgeted for, then that money has to generated somehow and income from sales of a game only go so far (most games that are released fail to even cover their original production cost) which leaves developers limited options. The main options open to developers are either the drip, drip of income from "customise your player character" type of DLC (want to see your kerbals in blue suits... pay up a few bucks, decorate your station with coloured lights, that's a few bucks more), or some kind of "pay to play" mechanism requiring players to cough up a regular fee to continue playing, or alternatively get people to pay more directly for for some of the extension of the game, which is the route that Squad has chosen. It's very easy to see huge amount of fantastic work put in by the KSP community on add-ons for the game, but that work isn't paying their bills, they have jobs for that (some of them games development jobs), they aren't relying on an income from that work, but developers, such as those at Squad do rely on being paid for the work that they do on their games. Given that so many of us who play KSP have had a staggering amount of game time out of our original (cheap) purchase, I'm astonished by the amount of complaints from people on this forum about a developer simply trying to fund the future development of a game that we all enjoy. The only alternative to finding more income from the game to fund its continued development, would be to end that development, something I'm sure none of us would want.
  4. Later I made a better version for my wallpapers thread.
  5. This is reminding me to have a crack at some KSP parts. I've been thinking about it for over a year, but never seem to find the time when I have the energy.
  6. Have put in some 2000 hours in the game for my 20 something euros that I paid, so glad to pay a few more for this new content.
  7. The mountains near the abandoned space center look pretty good to me.
  8. I think the challenge you saw was "One With Everything". I did a Mun, Duna and Minmus landing before returning to Kerbin flight for that one. https://imgur.com/a/OPYyQ It was in 1.1 so this isn't an entry. Here's a wallpaper image I made based on a screenshot I took of the vehicle on Duna.
  9. With the mission to Jool completed and its sciency goodness allowing the tech tree to be completed, it was time to wrap things up and bring everyone home, but not before a final landing, this time on Moho. A lander had been in orbit of the sunniest real estate in the system for some time, but was unable to make a landing due to insufficient fuel. To remedy this an unmanned refueling vehicle was sent to Moho... to top up the tanks enough (only just enough as it turned out) to get down to the surface... plant a flag... and grab some final extra science before heading back into orbit to wait for the return home (probably should have detached from the mining rig before liftoff though). Around Duna a contract station was next to start the journey home, but first it detached from its lander... before burning for Kerbin Around Mun the effort to collect everyone together started, fortunately there was a contract fuel storage facility with lots of fuel (no surprise) and plenty of accommodation. This first rendezvoused with the a science lab that had been on the Mun surface for many years. No docking port on the fuel store so crew transfer was done the old fashioned way. Next up was a meeting with an orbital Mun science lab. At Minmus fuel mining base and its lonely engineer left the surface and headed to the science station in orbit. Following this the science section of the station was detached and rendezvoused with the local bus driver. One last contract to complete was the rescue of a kerbal from low Minmus orbit, which started by sending the vehicle that normally transfer fuel between the surface and the station in orbit, to go pick them up and bring them back to the station. With the crew of the various craft from Mun and Minmus moved into two vehicles (Minmus station and Mun fuel store) a vehicle was launched from Kerbin to bring everyone home. This vehicle "The Great return" first met up with the Mun fuel store around Kerbin and transferred off both its crew and fuel... then the same was done after a rendezvous with the Minmus station after it was transferred to Kerbin orbit. After these two vehicles had completed their transfers, the only remaining Kerbals to collect were those heading back from Moho and Duna. First up was the crew of the ship from Moho. Followed by the Duna station. View of the station just before grabbing hold of it and transferring the crew. Everyone now safely on board The Great Return Approaching the KSC. De-orbiting On to the chutes... hmmm... thought I had that balanced to land flatter than that, oh well. Any landing he can walk away from on your hands is a good one. In all 27 kerbals made this rather unconventional landing, bringing this career game to a close.
  10. For another rapid flyby (I forgot about this when I posted before) at 31km/s skimming the surface at a distance of 3.6km.
  11. Just under 91km/s flinging a vehicle close around Kerbol. The fastest I've gone without using the sun for extra speed was 36km/s. This got a Jeb to Eve in 5 days 1 hour, although this was in the old days before serious atmospheric heating, so I just slammed his vehicle into the thick Eve atmosphere at that speed to slow it down.
  12. This isn't a full mission write up, but instead a brief description of some of the more recent events in my 1.2 career game. Tourists to Mun Minmus and Duna A group of five tourists wanted to see the sights of these three bodies, including atmospheric flight over Duna. After filling up their tanks in Minmus orbit, courtesy of the orbital filling station there, the trip went smoothly. Leaving Minmus surface In Duna orbit Return vehicle sent into Kerbin orbit to being them back home for that sweet tourist cash. Getting toasty in the return. Mission to Moho This started out well enough with another vehicle stopping off at Minmus to fill up before heading out into the system. A resource scanning satellite was put into Moho orbit to find a good source of ore to refine. However a miscalculation meant that the manned vehicle only had enough fuel to get into Moho orbit and not to take it down to the surface, so it will remain there until a refueling vessel is sent out to put something in its tanks to allow a descent to the surface. Trip to Dres A mission to everyone's favourite stopping off point, Dres. Oribital insertion Detaching the resource scanner. On the surface at last, after running out of fuel a few metres above the surface, which made for a slightly bumpy landing. The return to Kerbin started out as planned, but there was too little fuel to make the insertion burn into Kerbin orbit and velocity was too high to burn some of it off by passing through the atmosphere, so a tanker vehicle was dispatched from Minmus to catch up with the speeding vehicle and give it sufficient fuel. High speed interception (the Dres vehicle was moving at over 4km/s). Caught up at last with just enough fuel to pass on to the Dres vehicle to allow it to adjust its trajectory for an intercept with Kerbin about 300 days later. Finally the Dress lander made it back into Kerbin orbit, for a later rendezvous with a surface return vehicle. Out to the Moons of Jool A complex mission to the Joolian system with a total of five vehcles (interplanetary transfer, lander, 2x probes and a resource scanning satellite) Like the other missions above, this one started with a stop off at Minmus to top up with fuel, this time from the vehicle used to transfer it from the surface mining base to orbit. Again fuel was to be an issue, but this time on entry to the Joolian system... ... which necessitated a slingshot around Tylo to reduce fuel consumption. One of the crew stretching their legs with a trip around the vehicle on the way to Pol. Another landing site, another resource scanner, this time in Pol orbit. To support the two probes on board a large communications relay was dispatched from Kerbin separately from the Manned vehicle. Touching down on Pol Next up for the crew was Laythe, with the valuable science to be picked up in orbit as well as from a probe to be sent to the surface. Here Verxy is seen resetting the instruments. Dispatching the probe for the surface. Unfortunately the parachutes were not sufficient to slow the probe down for a landing and even with the engine being burned the vehicle hit the water at about 60m/s but fortunately it wasn't a complete loss as science was gathered both in low orbit and in the atmosphere. Having left Laythe for Vall, Verxy reset the science parts again. Vall approaches After a straightforward landing the crew took to the surface for more science and the obligatory flag raising. After considerable time in the system the crew headed home with their pockets full of science. No problems with fuel this time for a returning crew, just had to park the vehicle and wait for a return vehicle to bring them home. But as this vehicle was now coated in tasty science morsels, it was decided to being it back to the surface as well as its crew. Unfortunately the return vehicle didn't have any parachutes, so had to rely on the deceleration given by the inflatable heat shield and then to use the tried and tested method of cross your fingers and waiting for the impact. Back in one piece (well one of the engines fell off), but the head shield took the brunt of the 65km/s "landing" leaving the crew and the science smeared vehicle available for recovery. In other news A pair of comms birds were sent to the inner system to give crystal clear communications in the environs of Moho. We pick up junk for cash... another hunk of space junk retrieved under contract. An asteroid snagged and placed in Kerbin orbit. Another comms bird adding to the great net, this time in orbit of Duna. Last but not least, the Minmus rescue vehicle, which has been going strong as a one kerbal transfer vehicle between Kerbin, Mun and Minmus, since being sent to the great mint gobstopper in the sky, following its use in a rescue contract to Minmus early in this career game.
  13. Further pics from my career game. Valentina's vehicle, fresh from its return from Duna had to rendezvous with an another carrying an engineer, as it had been forgotten that pilot's can't repack parachutes (they'd been used in the landing on Duna). A combination vehicle comprising a contract station, Ike satellite and a reusable Duna lander swings by Ike to drop off the satellite on the way in to Duna. Jeb, who is visiting Duna for the first time, takes the controls of the Duna lander before heading to the surface. After a successful first trip to the surface Jeb heads back into orbit to refuel
  14. And the largest deposits of pistachio ice cream in the system.
  15. For a moment I interpreted "I have sent asteroids to Kerbals." as meaning in the fiery, high velocity, bringer of doom kinda way.