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  1. And I'm back, this time having skipped a few steps and accomplished part of milestone 7. Yeah, I'm bad at following my own instructions.... So in order to earn some money, I took a contract to get some Mun Science. The first of the Platypus missions launched with Jeb on board to ensure that we didn't lose a perfectly good rocket. So off he goes. Once he got on the back side of the Mun, where KSC couldn't get in touch with him, Jeb decided to become the first Kerbal to land on Mun. Since this wasn't in the plan, no photos of this historic moment where taken. Thankfully Val was willing to head up and get the proper evidence for future history books. Quick note about the flags I'm using. The flag was created by imgur user prwilliams, and I will be changing through the blue versions as my space program advances. So a special thanks to prwilliams for some wonderful flags. Now with the Mun landed on (way ahead of schedule I might add), KSC is going to be in a mad scramble ensuring their backers that everything is fine and that this is a good thing while only slightly delaying a few scheduled launches. A few communication companies have some very interesting technology that they want to check out, and it might solve the issue of KSC not being able to talk to (and keep an eye on) Jeb at all times. Bob and Bill have managed to hide from management (for now), but they are running out of unlocked closets to duck into. Sorry I'm a little thin on photo's and advancement. Uncle Sam had my attention this past weekend, and between that, the garage sale, and a fair amount of homework, I didn't get a lot of KSP time this week. If fact, I might be a bit spotty over the next couple of weeks as finals role up, but I will have at least one more update before the start of the summer holidays. The main milestone I want to reach by that point is 8, which would see Minmus explored, with maybe our first batch of probes to Duna. Full Gallery - Part 1 - Part 2 and 3 - Platypus Missions
  2. Alright folks, things move quickly in the early game, so this post will cover milestones 2 and 3. So thanks to some creative naming from Zhetaan, our brave kerbals went to space on the brand new Caribou class rockets. The Caribou's went up into polar orbits with either Jeb or Vall, and all the science I had to put on them. They are also ridiculously overpowered, one time getting into orbit without even touching the 3rd stage. Oops...... As you can see, Jeb also earned his first star, and the distinction of being the first Kerbal to land at the north pole. With enough science gathered to unlock solar panels, it was time to put the flat Kerbin argument to rest once and for all, and move on to milestone 3. As such, I'm proud to introduce to you the first in what will be a long and successful probe family. The Bumblebee ScanSat family of probes will ensure that we know where we are going on all the various planets and moons in our system. They are our vanguard, and will often times be the first thing into new and exciting systems. With a beautiful cosmic dance, they will tell us the best locations to visit and how to get to them. Our first Bumblebee is in a polar orbit around Kerbin, and is busy telling us how tall all the mountains are. It took over three days, but we now have maps of Kerbin, and that juicy science from the scans will help pave the way for the rest of the Bumblebees. Now milestone 4 was to send Kerbals to all the various Anomalies around Kerbin, but my Bees arn't quite advanced enough to know that they are there yet, so my Kerbals don't know that they are supposed to go there yet. Oops. Good news is that I can move to milestone 5 for now and come back. Now milestone 5 is to map Mun and Minmus, as well as to set up a coms network for both. That means Kerbin will have to get it's own version first, and Jeb and Val should get some high orbit flights under their helmets. Bob and Bill are silently hoping that they will continue to escape notice from the powers that be. (hahahaha, not happening) Full Gallery - Part 1 - Part 2 and 3
  3. Zhetaan, your suggestions are great. The only ships that get distinct names are ones that I plan on never recovering, like my Explorer Class that will actually do the grand tour. My Kerbin missions will have many rockets that all have the same class name, with numbers attached to the end. However, I don't want all these cool names to go to waste, so 6 of them will go to my lifters, and the rest will fill in for what I need in the Kerbin System. Also, the Platypus is an amazing animal, I love that you included it. 10t - Lemming Mun Missions - Platypus 20t - Marten Minmus Missions - Aurochs 40t - Xerocole Any and all subs will be named after whales, the first one being call the Beluga class 60t - Ibex My SSTO's will be named after seals, starting with Crabeater 80t - Wildcat And finally, my biome missions will be the Caribou class rocket, the anomaly rockets getting distinct names after Santa's reindeer. 100t - Bison
  4. So I figured it's time to start documenting my most ambitious space program yet, and since all of you lovely people will be reading, I'll be a lot more inclined to make progress. So let's get started shall we? So it's obvious from the title that I'm doing a grand tour with the OPM mod installed. I'm doing this in career mode on normal difficulty with regular settings. I have a whole bunch of mods installed (105 at last count) so I won't go into all of them. The highlights? MechJeb, the Near Future family, DeepFreeze, Mark IV, OPT, and Kerbal Atomics. Oh, and OPM, what with it being in the title and all. So what are my actual goals you ask? I have a lot of those too. To keep it simple, I'll just tell you what milestone I'm on and what all it entails. You'll get an update from me once I complete a milestone. Milestone 1 was easy, get to space. Jeb got all of the initial distance and speed records, he was also the first Kerbal to strap himself into a rocket, but Val beat him to the punch for the two big ones, first to space, and first to orbit. Jeb got the first mission because he's Jeb, but he and Val swapped seats every flight, Jeb was just unlucky that his orbital attempt fell 3km short. Now I didn't take any photos of what I called my testing rockets. It's just the first bit's of the game and unlocking the bottom of the tech tree. Instead, I've got prototype designs for y'all to take a gander at. Now those are very much works in progress, the station has already had a major overhaul since I snapped that shot, but they do give you an idea on some of the things I've been working on. So what's next in stage 2? In a nut shell, Kerbin. I'm gonna rip every last bit of science that I can out of Kerbin by dropping into every single biome. My first satellites will go up and begin mapping for stage 3. Stage 4, I'm gonna visit temples, and abandoned launch sites, and every other thing I can find, and my first communication constellation will go up sometime during all of this. After that, I start reaching a little further out and doing what I can to truly unlock the tech tree. So here is what I need from y'all. I have names for things I've already designed (or are currently designing), but I don't have a name for my manned craft that's gonna drop into all these different places on Kerbin. So let the first round of suggestions roll in. I'll go ahead and mention that my probes I've already come up with are named after various bugs, my landers after birds, and just about everything else after people. Oh, and my lifters are named after the Greek alphabet, not that they are anywhere close to finished. I think it'll be fun to see y'alls thoughts. Any rate, thanks for taking the time to read about my attempt at what will likely be the most challenging thing I will ever try to do in KSP.
  5. The guy who just did a google search to find solutions to the same problem does very much appreciate these answers. I now have more things to try. Where am I putting the struts though? On the wheels or everything else?
  6. My first ever SSTO. It flies, it dives, and it lands. I'm super proud of myself for getting it built and learning to fly it, but I have a fair bit of work to do still.
  7. I've decided that I'm gonna give it a shot. This is my first time trying to mod anything however, so I was wondering if you had any recommendations on programs, tutorials and other suggestions that could be helpful. I really want some green and purple tanks, and this is as good an excuse as any to dive into the modding community.
  8. Thanks for the helpful advice guys, I appreciate it. This weekend I'll have time to play around with my mod list and get everything working the way it's supposed to. I deorbited my first construction station so I can avoid conflicts when I reinstall, but it needed to be replaced anyway (not enough docking ports, power generation, storage, everything..... oops...) Looking forward to what I come up with this time.
  9. That doesn't make sense to me, since I've had USI installed for a while, but I figured what the hell, give it a shot. I uninstalled the USI stuff, and low and behold, everything is right where it's supposed to be. No idea what happened, but it works, so I'm happy. Thanks for the advice.
  10. Just updated to the new version. I'm missing parts and ships (can't load because parts are missing). The parts I do have are 4 of the rocketpart hexcans, huge, large, normal and small, as well as the mallet and survey stake.