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  1. I would think this would be OK (not a lawyer) but is edging into the gray area - Can't hurt to try and get in touch with Squad and get a reading from them directly. In fact , being paranoid, if I got the OK I would develop the app and run the final product by them to make sure we were still on the same page and there were no misunderstandings as to what the app did. But as I said - I'm a bit paranoid about this kind of stuff.
  2. I had considered doing something similar but never did get around to it - would be very interested to see what you come up with. If you do continue this I think your keep it simple is a good strategy particularly for a first mod - you can always add to it later after you get it working. One possible reason for the lack of replies may be that this is in the Modeling and texturing sub forum - you might get more feedback one forum up in Add-on-Development.
  3. Still 1.2.2 but update "coming soon" according to taniwha and if you have (or make) a patch for it.
  4. I can only suggest you look at the code for some mod that does this - I think a few of the life support mods can kill a Kerbal - like Kerbalism, TAC-Life Support, and possibly USI-Life Support(configurable?).
  5. Here's a tutorial on making cub maps:
  6. I played with this once but it was a while ago so grain of salt. The "jettisonName =" - I think you want the name of the fairing in Unity - not the mu file. You do need the Icon_hidden or (I think) the faring shows up in the thumbnail in the editor and you won't see the engine. Don't know if you've seen this Very helpful for seeing the internal structure in game.
  7. There was one for boats but hasn't been updated License is CC BY-NC-SA so could potentially be adopted (note: Whitecat106 was online about 6 weeks ago so not very active but still around)
  8. There is the L3 point at 180 degrees - Jupiter has some asteroids there - though not sure how long something could be expected to last there. More interesting is the horseshoe orbit - but would need a mod to make planets do that.
  9. I think you'll need Sigma Binary to get Kerbol/Sun going. The rest should be achievable with some text editing of the config files - in the "Orbit" section for each of the planets.
  10. I was going to suggest you post on the SSRSS thread but see you've already done that. It may be the lack of detail - "It's not working" can cover a lot of ground, a description of what's not working would be helpful(Game crashes, clouds not showing up, etc). That said your install looks OK with the exception of the cloud folder. It's installed but not EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements (EVE). Without EVE you won't see the clouds. One other possibility I can think of is if you follow the Kopernicus link to github the first download (1.2.2-7) is a back port for KSP 1.2.2) - I think you want the Kopernicus 1.3.0-1 build - the second one down. Good luck!
  11. If you're using MS Visual Studio 2015 Alt+F7 will get you there. Or under Project | Properties | Application | Target Framework:
  12. Still doesn't work - did you hit the release button (or something along those lines). If memory serves after you upload the mod it requires you to release it to the public - until then only you can see it
  13. If you're using Blender there's a 3D Mesh Toolbox that has an area and volume calculator - select your model and click the button and it returns the value. I think it's included but not enabled by default - I can dig deeper if you want to try it and can't find it.
  14. I know I've popped tires and flipped rovers on these - one in particular near the mountains west of the KSC (Was doing about 20m/s) gave me considerable air time before the remains of the rover hit the ground.
  15. Fourth post from the bottom by Blackheart612 has a link to a (I believe) helmeted Kerbal.