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  1. Don't know if this would be of any help but I've been tracking mods for some time and have a spreadsheet with links/devs/licenses/KSP version. In Open Office calc format.

    If you're interested it's here


    1. CarnageINC


      Thanks, any help is appreciated.  I'll take a look at it. 

    2. wasml


      If you do decide you can use it I'll be happy to make a first pass to eliminate the updated mods, the restrictive licenses and the mods without links.

    3. CarnageINC


      No, its fine just as it.   The more info the better for what I'm going to do in the near future.

  2. Have you seen Sarbian's DebugStuff Great for figuring out how things are put together in game. Shows how things are related and their names.
  3. Just checked - I'm using Blender 2.76b (nearly two years old!). Looks like your using 2.78 so this is probably due to the version difference.
  4. Under the vertical tabs on the right - in your image the top one is "Transform" followed by "Grease Pencil" and "View" - Further down is a "Shading" tab and in that tab is a "Textured Solid" check box - that should be checked. Past this I usually fumble around until it starts working but what I think I do is setup a material and texture - At the very top right of your screen shot is a row of icons starting with a camera - the last one, a two color sphere, is material and the next one (off screen) is textures. I think I check "UV Project" under material. Under Texture I set type to "image or movie". Somewhere in the area there's an option to set a file name to the file name of you texture.
  5. Texturing is my weakest spot - things come out rather cartoony. I'll play with it some but... don't hold your breath. Hopefully someone with better modeling skills will show up.
  6. I hesitate to say anything but I haven't seen any response to your call for models. I'm not much of a modeler myself but I did create a mass driver model intended for Minmus (not enclosed) made up of a support, a length of rail (one segment can be seen above the assembled unit and a loader (separate model off to the right above assembled unit). The Electro-magnets are encased in protective cover (totally not an attempt to avoid making a wire coil texture!). http://imgur.com/EMZgciP Not sure this meets your low poly count request either - about 2K tris for a segment of rail, though I used box colliders instead of mesh colliders to try and reduce the performance hit. Each segment has 8 colliders around the circumference of the tube. I can make some modifications but be warned progress would be slow.
  7. Bit of a hack but I found (in limited testing) that crawling up the parent body chain until I found a body with a temp over some limit (think I used 2000) seemed to work. Not sure how low some of the extreme low mass stars can go, or how high a hot Jupiter can go, but 2K should be near the lower limit for a star. This of course assumes the mod star has a realistic temperature.
  8. If your using Windows you can use the calculator in "Programmer" mode - I would think the other OS's would have something similar (but maybe not?). If not just google "hex tables" - the first image result has the first column in decimal, the second in hex. Or you could just multiply the first hex digit by 16 and add the second digit ex: 67 hex = (6 x 16) + 7 = 103, 54 hex = (5 x 16) + 4 = 84. As far as the colors go I could easily be wrong but the color definitions I've run across in KSP have been of the RGB or RGBA (A being alpha) where each value is 8 bits giving you a 0 to 255 range. Alpha is often (but not always) transparency where, if memory serves me right, 255 would be opaque and 0 would be completely transparent. Not sure what happens if you use a number larger than 255. You might look at some cloud configs from some other authors and see if they do the same (colors with numbers greater than 255) - in which case I have no idea what the fourth number is. Edit: I don't know what your background is so, if you haven't run across this before RGB is Red Green Blue - so if you want to increase the green you increase the second number, RGBA is Red Green Blue Alpha. Edit2:Just looked at the mod list you mention - I suspect the authors all know far more than I do about Kopernicus SVE/EVE configs so I'm probably missing something here. Edit3: Just a thought - could EVE, SVE and possibly SVT be fighting with each other? Maybe make a stock install and add them one at a time and see where/if things go wrong.
  9. I believe the HTML codes are just a hex RGB so for #306754 you get 30h red = 48, 67h green = 103, 54h blue = 84. So RGBA value would be 48, 103, 84, 255. I'm guessing the 455 in "210,180,170,455" is a typo and should be 255.
  10. Sorry - a bit off topic but - @VikingStormtrooper Have you seen this one?
  11. Just noticed the license on Spacedock is MIT - I'm assuming you've released as GPLv3 as in the OP. And (once again) thanks for keeping another mod alive.
  12. I've seen a few backup mods - might not go quite as far as you want - but the one that came to mind first was: I thought I read somewhere in the thread that it made a backup on every scene switch (you might want to verify that) so while you would lose a bit it wouldn't be a whole day (at least if you switch vessels as often as I do).
  13. Thanks for sharing this. Suggestion - add a "Requires" line in the OP with a link to Chatterer page or download. Would help users find the needed mod and would also clear up any confusion about this being a fork/replacement.
  14. The WhiteGaurdian has a number of tutorials too. Sorry - don't have the links handy.
  15. FYI: The 32 bit Windows and 64 bit windows downloads aren't working for me but the source download is - looks like both the 32 and 64 bit zips are included in the source download under releases so not an issue. Sorry - false alarm - use to seeing the list of files.