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  1. Awesome! I will totaly use this as soon Tac-Ls support is done =)
  2. I got the same Problem as darloth when i tried this mod the last time (pretty much just as Linuxgurugamer picked it up), with Vessel losses when i didnt lose a vessel, and "killed" kerbals when i didnt lose a kerbal.I suspect some sort of "incombatibility" here, probably with Kerbal Construction Time, Stage Recovery, or maybe KRASH (registering vessel losses during simulations as actually happened?)? I will give it another go these days and see how it turns out, maybe this problems solved themself with a reinstall.
  3. Ty for the clarification =) i will use this for my next career go and see how it 'feels'
  4. The describet 'problem' gets very itneresting when you thinki about cost efficient designs , like make use of the Reusable stages mod, or spaceplanes. Cover the monthly cost with leftover credits first. apply the budget afterwards (pay nothing at all if the ramaing credits - montly cost >= budget) seems to be the best/most realistic approach in my oppinion, since it encourages to work cost efficient, without making it (to) exploidable.
  5. On a second read and with you mentioning no more science grinding, i would guess it is rather i get a fixed amount of the available science per experiment? MAybe it is just me, and my lack of skills in english reading, but i find it kind of hard to understand exactly what it is your mod does. Maybe yu want to describe it a little more in detail (Just some 'outside' opinion, no offense meant!)
  6. The to steep AoA might be a thing, i wil check for that
  7. Pretty much empty, and i start around 15°-20° and with sas engaged it increases over time, as soon as i start to push the nose down things start to get out of hand, it totaly overreacts on the imput. I think i wll do a complete sweep, and reinstall everything. if this is just happening to me alone, it might aswell be because all this installing/uninstalling/reinstalling of mods over the last weeks might just have broke something
  8. Nope, STock aerodynamics
  9. Hi, i have anoying problem with this mod, (or maybe just my engineering?), The shuttles i build with parts from this mod are terribly unstable, and while i managed to get them into a propper orbit (not tested with payload yet, just empty ones), i totaly lose control during reentry, when i get close to 30km, it usually just starts to tumble wilsly, and i rarely get it back under control, before i reach dense atmosphere (and build up some speed falling down almost vertically before that). What is it i do wrong?
  10. I just started a fresh game and now i see the same behavior you describe. i have no idea what happened before.
  11. I think i found an incompatibility with the research bodies mod: research bodies now adds a observatory building to the space center, when i upgrade this observatory the upgrade is added to the building list, just as expected, once the upgrade is finished, i got "trapped" in some sort of neverending loop, where the message poped up that stated that an upgrade of this building is already ordered, and i got the cost for the upgrade refunded, over and over again, leading not only to a message spam but also to tons of Money, i had to edit my savegame to get rid of the problem. If needed i will try to reproduce this bug and provide the log file tomorow.
  12. I see smome strange numbers in my game, maybe i miss something? i have 4 unassigned Kerbals, and 2 active vessels Vessel Maintenance cost, and unassigned kerbal wages are set to 1000, so i would expect montly cost of 6000 at this point, yet the budegets window states montly cost of 24000. Edit: Setting one of the Satelites as depracted (change its type to scrap) the monthly cost drops to 14000, so monthly budgets calculates 10000 per active vessel, despite the fact that i changed this in the options to 1000
  13. ah, somhow i missed this piece of information, thx
  14. No, its not this old one. Start a new game in the Spacecenter screen: distribute my kct upgrade points enter VAB leave VAB the points are undistributed i have jsut played around with this issue and realised, if i distribute them again after the first three steps, the problem seems to fix itself. BUT, when i start a new save, without restarting KSP before i do so, kct seems to load (or carry over?) some its values from the previous save. -> i started a new game and had 30 upgradepoints, instead of the usual 16, 26 of them where available for distribution, 4 where spend on for research speed. AND in the tech tab all the research projects from my previous game where present. and yes, i deleted the old save before i started the new one + the new one had another name
  15. Hi! i experience a gamebreaking bug using the new (1.2.2) dll It appears as if kct cant save upgrades. Whenever i enter the VAB all upgrades are reset (and earned points by unlocking technodes are lost) Since i use a ton of mods, i cant tell if this is caused by some sort of incompatibility. Save folder: KSP Log: