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  1. I like it, looking forward to it, thanks.
  2. Most of the stuff is beyond my understanding, but it's good to learn some stuff and sadly there aren't many other tutorials. Speaking of not working ..... the following works like a charm until line 85~86 where it just ends the programm for no reason (between step 4 and 5, the last thing it does is printing "set step to 5.") I pushed it in my repo too: the script is verry basic, simple, unadvanced but it works (even the staging) only the harsh exit after step 4 is beyond my understanding so any hint would be nice Lol that was a stupid one.... nothing to see here unless you want to play "let's find the hillarious stupid misstake".
  3. Hi, first of all thank you for taking this great mod over. I got that hold/bank issue too. I'm only using this mod, x-science and KER, so basically pretty clean. Also the old mod was toggelable via the tab-key, this was nice too. Thank you for maintaining all those mods.
  4. Thanks alot! I also found this neat Kerbal Space Programming - Episode 2 - kOS in Action! - YouTube playlist. In combination with the repo ksprogramming/episodes at master · gisikw/ksprogramming · GitHub a noob like me can really learn some stuff. I'm not the "I watch a yt series" -guy, but this guy has some sort of educational let's play with ~50 episodes where he really explains this mod in depth and he has all the scripts and .craft files in his repo for the public. does anybody know how to find a specific comment of me in a thread? I'm sure I was a few steps further then I am right now and posted my script here somewhere, but all I find is the last post from ElWanderer where he mentioned me. thanks for all the help and happy coding
  5. Thanks alot. Now I fully understand that part, and that was important for my learning process. For the variables: I started with a messy "do this, then that, followed by this" -script and now I'm trying to rework it step by step with stuff I learned. So in the future I might get rid of fixed numbers, but for now I'm fine with that. And besides this script isn't an attempt for an universal "to orbit" -script, it's origin was to fire two tourists to orbit. I love this mod an the learning curve it provides^^ @Kartoffelkuchen : I use copy x from 0. etc but in my understanding the programm tells me that this method won't be there for ever, so I wanted to test the method it suggest - without success.
  6. Please leave the level 1 runway as it is. The bumpyness is a feature not a problem.
  7. I usually set the factor for sciencegain in the options a bit lower. The intention for this mod was to make it less tedious to collect all the science. I don't want to fly my plane 3 times to the exact same spot just do get 0.X science. Do it once and be done for good, was my motto. And yes, it works with 1.2.2, confirmed it on spacedock so ckan should list it as compatible now. I looked in this a while ago since I like that idea too, but it would require more than a simple .cfg to make it happen. And since I'm no coder it's beyond my horizon.
  8. Hi I got a stupid noob question: since "copy x from 0." is depreciated I'd like to use the "copypath("0:/x","")" -stuff but if I enter it, it doesn't work :/. What am I doing wrong? And a second question I'd love to have a little explenation on: else if SCHRITT = 2 { until SHIP:APOAPSIS >= 50000 { set V1 to max(5,90*(1-SHIP:APOAPSIS/50000)). lock STEERING to HEADING (90,V1). wait 0.2. } lock STEERING to HEADING (90,0). set SCHRITT to 3. } this is my gravity turn, I got it from a tutorial, tweaked it, tested it and it works. BUT I don't get what the "max" and the "5" do after "set V1 to ...). I started with a simple step by step to orbit script wich I now work on enhancing and making better with functions and loops and since I'm learning I really want to understand. The fact that it works is nice but doesn't help me understand the stuff I'm doing. thanks for the mod and thanks for any help in advance
  9. Reminds me of my mod wich is called "science - Full Reward!" and yields 100% science the first time.
  10. Did you change anything about the mod?
  11. So thats it for today. The transmitter thing comes along but it needs some math to work as I wanted it (2 highvalue experiments per container) and since its almost 1:30 I quit for now and maybe check back on sunday. But overall it looks promising and I think it will work. Here is the progress so far: Categorize Experiments: Create ScientifficStuff as a Resource: Add ScientifficStuff to ScienceBox as a resource (80 Units) And make ModuleDataTransmitter require ScientifficStuff instead of EC. (Wich does not work right now and I have no clue why!!!!!!!) The Large_Crewed_Lab will get a generator, the xmitDataScalar will be set to 1 globaly and then the math steps in: some tinkering with the costs and packagesizes to make 1 Unit of data cost 1 unit of ScientifficStuff to transmitt. And thats about it! Cheers
  12. Okay someone please help me with this! When I apply this patch: @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleDataTransmitter]] { @ModuleDataTransmitter { %requiredResource = ScientifficStuff } } It applies it, but the transmitters stil use EC, the description didn't change either. However when I apply the whole transmitter module to a random part via patch and just change the resource after I copy pasted it into my config, it works. I just don't see what I'm doing wrong. Thanks
  13. So the resource thing worked so far:
  14. the "cheap" ones are 5, the "high value" ones are 50 and the "exeptionel" one is 100 So you can do 20 normal experiments, 2 high and 1 exeptionel with one container. I guess i'll set it to 10,40,80 and the container at 80 as well, that sounds fair! edit: duhhhhhhh I get what you mean ..... stupid me, I'll correct that later^^
  15. Here is what my idea looks like, a ScienceContainer will contain "stuff" worth 100 Points //Cheap experiments - 5 Points @EXPERIMENT_DEFINITION[*]:HAS[#id[crewReport]] { @baseValue = 5 } @EXPERIMENT_DEFINITION[*]:HAS[#id[evaReport]] { @baseValue = 5 } @EXPERIMENT_DEFINITION[*]:HAS[#id[temperatureScan]] { @baseValue = 5 } @EXPERIMENT_DEFINITION[*]:HAS[#id[barometerScan]] { @baseValue = 5 } @EXPERIMENT_DEFINITION[*]:HAS[#id[seismicScan]] { @baseValue = 5 } @EXPERIMENT_DEFINITION[*]:HAS[#id[gravityScan]] { @baseValue = 5 } @EXPERIMENT_DEFINITION[*]:HAS[#id[atmosphereAnalysis]] { @baseValue = 5 } //Valuable experiments - 50 Points @EXPERIMENT_DEFINITION[*]:HAS[#id[mysteryGoo]] { @baseValue = 5 } @EXPERIMENT_DEFINITION[*]:HAS[#id[surfaceSample]] { @baseValue = 5 } @EXPERIMENT_DEFINITION[*]:HAS[#id[mobileMaterialsLab]] { @baseValue = 5 } //Exeptionel experiments - 100 Points @EXPERIMENT_DEFINITION[*]:HAS[#id[asteroidSample]] { @baseValue = 5 }