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  1. @Galileo I know its not the latest but every other version of eve I got my hands on either didn't work or like the last two releases messes up the planet eve.
  2. I just did notice that I think EVE itself is the problem ... If I look at planet eve with only EVE installed it is a purple ball too... So I guess I'll compliment myself out of this thread an try to find a solution over in the EVE thread. This is gonna be fun searching for "Eve clouds not showing" in the EVE thread Should have checked that before, stupid old me. Well maybe the SVE complete pack I'm downloading right now ill work - might aswell just use that. Edit: Thank you ALL!!! This is the most beautiful thing I saw today! the linked complete pack worked!
  3. Okay I'll check the solutions provided by you guys and if it all fails, I'll provide a fresh log of newest eve + newest scatterer Edit: thnx @plonk I got scatterer from the github link and it indeed is the preview! (<-- @blackrack ) I'm now downloading the pack you mentioned to get scatterer from there (I got a as we call it "bamboo-connection" - so I'll report back when it's done)
  4. No. I use the normal x64 version over steam. No start parameters.
  5. So thanks at all for trying to help, but even when I install SVE and stick 110% to the install instructions it won't work with either settings. Eve just refuses to be beautiful, I'll quit and stay stock
  6. I have it disabled. And @blackrack eve from october + scatterer with disabled integration: same as before (purple ball) eve from october + scatterer without disabeling integration: white ball most recent eve + scattere with disabled integration: purple ball most recent eve + scatterer without disabeling integration: white ball I really don't know what to do I didn'T touch any other settings. thise are the contents of my GameData folder and this are my settings no clouds in menu happens when I exit the game to the menu.
  7. Okay so I'll try to disable the cloud integration and if that doesn't work I'll get the second version in the github and install this. I'll report back, thanks @blackrack up to date eve + scatterer with eve cloud integration disabled didn't work out I can't see the terrain anymore. I'll install eve from october instead and check it...
  8. I have the stock configs installed. And the fix from this post: BUT Im, as mentioned, confused. Because this fix just terminates all my clouds So yeah EVE isn't a white ball anymore, but no clouds at all.
  9. Probably asked before, so sorry in advance. I use the latest eve + latest scattere and I tracked down the cloud-fix (new dlls for eve). Stil my EVE is a white ball with this mod Further: If I use the "fixed" dlls I get 0 clouds. Without them I get clouds and no other issues but the "white ball". Can anybody help? What could you need to help me? Logs, screens etc?! I really love this mod and since my oceans aren't a mess anymore I would love to use it - badly. cheers
  10. I noticed a minor bug I think. I set the snacks per meal to 5 and now the estimated duration for full crew doesn't sync to the new settings. Restart didn't help. You need a log? @Angel-125
  11. I know. I just would love to know if the mod functions if I only use the ThunderAerospace folder and a custom RESOURCE_DEFINITION defining Food, Water, Oxygen, CarbonDioxide, Waste and WasteWater. I'm playing after a long absence and I really want to stay as stock as possible. This is not about trying to be smart this is just me, my ticks and the question above :S I only use KER and xscience at the moment I REALLY want to keep thing simple ...
  12. I wasn't affraid of the performance but I just wondered for what this mod uses CRP exactly. I played with it today but since it was a fresh career I didn't notice any problems. Numbers seem right and everything works fine. In the clip I saw wich presented this mod there were alternate textures (With symbols on them rather then text) are they the old ones or alternate ones?
  13. Gave it a quick look and since its really late game tech I think I'll add it to my new career, it's gonna take a while to reach all that stuff anyways and until then I'll know what I'm doing.
  14. The CRP provides resources vor various mods, there are hundrets of resources in it and I just wondered why I need them. I mean as far as I'm understanding TAC now I can't harvest resources from planets or asteroids. I have only the resources I put on the ship, the waste and finally intake air. No asteroid mining, no groundresources no gases or fuels.
  15. Would I have fun if I just install this alone without reading stuff up? Would it be like the first time I played KSP and didn't know anything?