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  1. Thanks! For joints, one can also say "articulated joint" maybe there is a specific consistent word for that in chinese I'm also not sure about the "Feline", had the same problem when making a translation into german. I think it may be best to just keep the name "Feline Utility Rover" untranslated, at least its what is done in the other two translation into russian and spanish.
  2. I haven' heard that both mods are not compatible. In facts KPBS has config file to interoperate with SCANsat. Can you post a log about this here? (like said above, a link to the log). I need the KSP.log file from KSP main directory after you started KSP with both mods and it crashes. What happens when you only use SCANsat? @Snark Sorry about that foolish advice, you are totally right
  3. @ASlyGuy So i looked at the your log and i would really recommend to remove all mods and install all of them again from scratch (or even maybe reinstall KPS as a whole) and make sure all the mods are explicidly supporting KSP 1.3.0. There are really A LOT of errors and exceptions. E.g. TAC life support and Kerbal Alarm Clock are spamming the log with errors because of serious errors and there are a whole lot of problems loading some libraries a the beginning. Additionally you seem to have multiple version of some dlls in your installations...e.g. two times the ModuleManager.dll. You only need the one dll for modulemanager. You posted that you have the folders CKAN - master Module Manager ModuleManager-master These folders are not needed. And actually shouldn't be there are all. The last thing is, the PlanetarySurfaceStructures.dll from this mod can't be loaded. It is most likely that multiple of your mods are not compatible with KSP 1.3.0 or you have multiple versions installed that might or might not support 1.3.0. So you'd have to make a complete reinstall of all the mods. This might fix the problem.
  4. That would be really cool! I'm currently not aware of aynone translating FUR into chinese.
  5. Thanks. Can you put the content of the log file into a code tag? Simply edit the post, select the content of the log file and click the "<>" button. This way the post does not take up so much space [EDIT from moderator to remove dangerous advice: Note to users, please don't don't do that. See explanatory post below.]
  6. Hmm, i can't make out any mod that could cause this. Can you try out to send the data then close Ksp and send me the KSP.log file from the KSP installation directory? Maybe it logs an error about that. Will do in the next update
  7. 1. You are totally right. A full height fan looks really weird though. Would air intake that guide the horizon speed into the fan be of any help? Not an expert in aerodynamics either. 2. Right too. This concept was the first valid one to enable Nr. 3. Maybe I find one that is not occluding the fan. 3. Already planned if it can be implemented in a reasonable amount of time.
  8. Feline Utility Rovers is now available in russian: Feline Utility Rovers - [Russian] [Spanish] Still needed: Chinese and Japanese Feline Utility Rovers - 1968 Words - Needs Chinese, Japanese
  9. Update to 0.5.2 Changelog: Download: Note: You have to remove the KSPModFileLocalizer.0.1.0.dll file from your GameData directory before installing this update. Otherwise there might be problem with the translation of KSPedia (douplicate entries). There are no new parts in this release yet. Although already shown in some screenshots, they are not quite readyd for the public yet. But stay tuned
  10. That'l take a loooong time It's just a concept at the moment and i still have to write the whole code for these things to be usable.
  11. @Starwaster Pssht....don't tell anybody
  12. When you want to help translate mods into russian, you can look here: This project is not for mods, but for additional translations of the stock game, where russian is already available.
  13. Well, it seems, that number 3 is the favorite here. One would be able to walk through at least 1, two might be weird with the engines directly underneath. The model for 3 is not final yet and will be a bit longer. 4 would have a self decoupler
  14. Sooo, i'm currently trying to find a good part with thrusters for the Lynx and have 4 options at hand. The problem is, that i'm not completely happy with any of them. So to make it short it is your decision which idea should make it into the mod. Here are the four concepts: So, which one si your favorite? I'd personally go with 1 or 3 but the two other options also have their benefits.