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  1. No, it isn't when that's tantamount to asking about release dates, which it usually is.
  2. No, I didn't; the first link to the SEV has the space version front and centre with a different arrangement of windows.
  3. The Karibou is much much closer to the Lunar Electric Rover which also turns up in NASA's Moonbase Alpha, although because humans are bigger I don't think the LER has the nifty two up, one down seat arrangement the Karibou does.
  4. If you're just fiddling about in the sandbox, I'd Hyperedit your test rig somewhere else.
  5. I know this is a bit "how long is a piece of string" - but other than lacking the atmospheric performance nerf, how does this differ from the USI Orion mod, please?
  6. You might try KSPWheel based landing gear, rather than stock. Perhaps the problem is not FAR-related.
  7. Besides the usual questions, which I daresay someone else will ask, this is easy to check. Remove FAR, does it still happen?
  8. There's a bit of a mess here in that KSP parts don't really have structural properties - they can break apart from each other, but not be squashed or twisted by internal loads in the vessel. So when you TweakScale a girder, do you want an extremely strong and stiff one (cube of linear dimension) or just one that's bigger? With no modelling of the demand, who can tell?
  9. Well done! Of course, your very low water speed would rule this out, but otherwise I think it's best to maximise the sea part of a Kerbin circumnavigation, even if it is slower - because you can just lay in the course, do a bit of calculation as to when you expect to arrive, and leave it to sail itself. That wouldn't qualify as an Elcano circumnavigation.
  10. Overrated? Let's have a race to install RO. Why would I want to improve my skills at a boring repetitive job that a computer can do for me? Computers are good at boring repetitive jobs. I no more want to improve my skills at it than I want to spend my time un-aring and un-tarring Debian packages on the offchance that dpkg suddenly falls down the back of the sofa - and maybe doing all the stuff in the install scripts for those packages by hand, just in case the shell interpreter is gone? Come to think of it, you'd probably prefer I "improve my skills" by writing my own kernel first. It's not without problems; the best way forward is to get the metadata right, to do work once so that a mod always installs correctly, rather than demanding each user do the donkey work themselves (which they will inevitably get wrong, producing the usual constant stream of "unzipped it in the wrong place" and suchlike.)
  11. Core and Tools are installed only as dependencies; there's no need to select them for installation manually. The Exploration Pack, Asteroid Recycling, Freight Transport mods all have descriptive Homepage links in CKAN and are largely independent of MKS. The Kolonisation Class Suits obviously use Kolonisation. USI Life Support is nominally independent but there is a lot of synergy between the two (more recycling parts in Kolonisation, more habitats to live in).
  12. In a FAR world spoilers certainly do provide downforce.
  13. If I were you, I'd start with Minmus. It's really quite small, so you can get a feel for whether you want to embark on a major expedition.
  14. If you make heavy use of mods and you let something auto-update your running copy of KSP, your problem isn't CKAN or the lack thereof; it's that you're letting something auto-update your running copy of KSP.