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  1. Coo. Mine chugged away across water at about 15 m/s. The upside was for a lot of the water travel I could lay in a heading and come back in so-many hours.
  2. It's not that bizarre. If your framerate is currently limited by your CPU doing physics, more demand on the GPU won't make much difference. Hence it's very plausible that in some situations turning on the lights will have a large impact and in others it will have very little.
  3. That is not normal, no. I suggest you try to reproduce it in a save with no other mods then post a savefile somewhere.
  4. See, you always end up doing it my way. :-) (Kidding aside, I am extremely impressed with and grateful for your efforts on KSPWheel.)
  5. I'm aware of it, but it would kind of defeat the point of doing surface circumnavigations if I was allowed to unfocus the rover and just come back later to be told it's done. Also, if I feel superhuman reflexes are cheating, just possibly I also feel a tool that never makes any driving errors no matter what the terrain (yes, I know it goes around mountains) or absurd the vehicle would also be cheating. You're kind of stretching here; you said "I can't see any reason ever to not set it all the way to the left, honestly, on any system", and I've explained my reason. That I might not have that reason if I used a different mod set on a different computer to run different missions with a different (broken) wheel module doesn't mean I don't have it now.
  6. KSPWheel can be used with non-KF wheels [1] - and it's probably a good idea, since as you say the stock driving physics are so dubious. Regardless, whichever wheel module and wheel I'm using, I don't want driving long distances to take extra real time, and this is a reason not to put the physics delta slider hard left; whichever wheel module _you_ use, I use one that works, so I do regard effectively superhuman reflexes as cheating, so this is a second reason not to do that. [1] and the fragility on KF wheels can be turned off.
  7. Shadowmage's KSPWheel has been working fine for some time now - and terrible physics or no, I still don't want to drive around Kerbin slower than realtime. It's certainly not my experience that "The frame rate is hit about 5 to 10 times as hard as the physics rate is improved" - were that so, with it all the way to the right, I'd have practically have been going for a cup of tea between frames. I imagine that depends significantly on one's computer and ingame situation.
  8. Because, if I understand it correctly, while that will give the best framerate it will also result in KSP time passing at the slowest rate. That might not be desirable either because one feels that the effectively superhuman reflexes this grants are cheating in some circumstances (docking, roving [1], etc) or because whatever you're doing is going to take a lot of KSP time (surface circumnavigations come to mind) and it's undesirable for it to take even more real time. When I was circumnavigating Kerbin I set it all the way to the right; the framerate was low but adequate, but I had to use less physwarp to drive in real time. [1] ... this is about all the rather tenuous USI mod relevance, I fear.
  9. No, they aren't, because some of the water is coming from food.
  10. What a peculiar design. Did you have trouble with the terrain seams that infest 1.2?
  11. https://github.com/BobPalmer/MKS/wiki/Resources describes Recyclables.
  12. A "governor" is also a kind of device. They were first used on early steam engines; here is a typical one. http://files.ozblogistan.com.au/wp-content/uploads/sites/6/2012/05/17115905/opfocus_v12_s6_p1_750.jpeg This is a centrifugal governor (although the word describes the device's purpose, not its method of operation); the central shaft spins with the engine, and as it spins faster the balls move outwards and upwards from centrifugal force overcoming gravity. As they do so, the other end of rocking shaft off to the left moves down restricting the flow of steam to the engine, and it cannot thrash itself to death because as revolutions rise input power falls. The mechanical sense of the word is derived from the word for people who govern, of course.
  13. It'll certainly be a great boon if the APU has "correct" power/weight/fuel-consumption, to at least be able to use a sensibly balanced set of KF parts, so this is very encouraging.
  14. Yes. As discussed ad nauseam, it still wouldn't do very much in that case. Nothing in flight and slightly aid matters in the VAB.
  15. It doesn't because, as you will see if you read up a little, the need for it is gone.