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  1. Locked at OP request.
  2. I like it! I think the clipart aesthetic works well here. Nice stuff!
  3. Came for the Munbug, stayed because @Vanamonde wouldn't let me leave.
  4. Personally, I remember when I first joined the forums. I went out of my way to acknowledge the help that @Mulbin had given me, and I was happy to see a favorable response in reply. I'm sorry that @JacksonGrayling isn't receiving the same kind of welcome I got. Welcome aboard, Jackson! I hope that the rest of your time here is nicer.
  5. @Just Jim, you hear about this?
  6. @Vanamonde, wanna weigh in?
  7. I've been liking Squad (the game, not the company, though I like the company too) since November or so. It's 50% off now. I'm also thinking about Stellaris as well. Unfortunately, Cold Waters isn't on sale.
  8. This doesn't happen to me, and I'm on Firefox. I don't have the forums on multiple devices, tho.
  9. There are already two threads about this. This one is to talk about KSP and Take-Two: And this one is to talk about Take-Two and GTA modding: I'm locking this thread to keep the discussion in one place.
  10. You'll need to pay.
  11. Well, if at first you don't succeed, try try again! It can be done. A quick forum search will get you some answers on how other have done it, but I'd suggest not looking at that until you've totally given up. It'll ruin your creativity. Also, nice goose.
  12. In my defense, all the other pictures in the beginning of an engineer were Bill, so I assumed the lyrics were referring to him.
  13. 1. Lisa becoming the first Kerbal to stand on another planet. 2. Bill repairing the tires on the rover. 3. Releasing the Billmobile to rescue Tedus and Bob. 4. Bill saving Nimzo from a Kraken 5. Transferring Science!TM via the crew transfer from the stranded ships on Eve. 6. Launch of the Intrepid 7. Hummlebee encountering a bug in wing lift 8. Tedus the Triumphant 9. Planting the flag on Duna 10. Planting the flag on Eve, before leaving. 11. Planting the flag on the Mun, with Lisa throwing up. 12. Planting the first of many flags on Pol 13. Landing the Intrepid on Minmus for refueling. 14. As stated in the picture, it's the first Kerbals to land on Tylo. 15. Planting the flag on Val 16. Planting the flag on Laythe, shortly before taking off via a dive. How'd I do?