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  1. You're cruising for a bruising, buddy. Watch it, or it's a 3.3 permaban. Thread locked.
  2. Banned for 3.3. Also, thread locked.
  3. That might be part of it. Try logging in on a PC or Mac. Signatures are turned off by default for guests. I'm happy to help! Besides, it's on-topic. I once asked what time of day the most users were online.
  4. Are you on mobile?
  5. No, they don't (though they do need to follow the forum rules). Have you checked your settings? If you go to the slider at the top should be green and have a checkmark.
  6. Thread locked.
  7. I'm glad to hear you're alive and well, Kuzzter. I was starting to get concerned about you. Also, in case anyone is wondering- Kuzzter recreated an entire save, from almost scratch, just for a bunch of online strangers (and maybe his kids). That's dedication.
  8. Hmm, what do you mean? It looks fine to me.
  9. It looks horrible. In other words, you nailed it! Nice work, man!
  10. Yes, sorry about that. One of our moderators tried to move it, and the Forums decided it didn't like him, leaving this reminder everywhere. Fear not, though, it'll be gone in about a day or less.
  11. Hi, @justanotherdude, and welcome aboard! I've moved your post to the Gameplay Questions and Tutorials subforum. You should be able to get help there.
  12. From IRC: <sal_vager> Thank you for being my friends : ) * sal_vager has quit (Quit: Leaving)
  13. Speaking of dogs.... Here's mine. You might notice he looks similar to my avatar. That's intentional, though they're not the same dog. He's 9 years old this month, and it's hard to believe. I remember the night we got him, my brother said, "All my dreams have come true!" Becuase I am nice, here's a second one. He's older now, but sometimes he'll still act like a puppy and go sprinting around whoever is walking him.
  14. Yes, I can see it having a slight negative effect. Sometimes, when an OP starts a thread, they think they have total control over it. This is not true. They have some control, but to a point. My feeling- and let me be clear, I'm speaking for myself and not the Moderation team- is that this will encourage something like this, acting as a "badge" of authority. Darn it, Red ninja'd me.