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  1. Disclaimer: Some questions may not be answerable, for various reasons. The word of the thread is: Automagically. THIS IS NOT A CHAT THREAD. Mods- How often are you called upon to examine the post of a Curious George, only to have it be a spambot? Can you show us an example of what their messages look like? Are the majority of the users on the forum humans? About how many unique users are active on the forum per month? What do you do with a spambot? About how many people join the forums per day? Everyone else- Have you ever wondered about this, or is it just me?
  2. Ditto. I heard from another source they were hired to work on HL3.
  3. No, there is no ASL subforum. I included it as a joke, because most of the other moderators speak a second language other than English, and I felt left out. Seeing as it's caused a bit of confusion, I'll change my title.
  4. Personally, I think it's fine how it is. I like that it's limited, because you have to choose what's most important to you.
  5. No, it happens when there's a bunch of posts in a short period of time. Two will not be enough to trip the "Hot!" tag.
  6. We are all a prisoner of our own beliefs. Change your thinking, change your future.
  7. Ah-ha! Yeah, that's probably why you're having this issue. If you're really dead-set on knowing when you bought it, though, feel free to contact Squad support.
  8. Ah, I see. Did you transfer it to Steam (not buy it there)?
  9. Well, you should be able to see on your account when you bought it. It's a bit complicated, but I recommend trying to find it before asking for help. If you need it, though, feel free to ping me here.
  10. Have you tried increasing the throttle? That's the first thing that comes to my mind, looking at your (very helpful!) picture. Also, welcome aboard!
  11. Go away, I told you it's locked.
  12. It's not unlocked. Thread locked.
  13. Mod can into clean up thread! Please keep the posts on topic.
  14. No. Will @monstah join me?
  15. I'm saying that, given the chance, each of us would be like the Kerbulans. We're a product of the society you're brought up in- to an extent- which might be why none of us can imagine being like that. But I'm sure that if society broke down, we'd end up like the Kerbulans- fighting for our own personal gain, but subjugated to the will of others. In fact, that's almost how we are now. The only thing that would change would be the methods.
  16. Congrats on the new job, Kuzzter! Anyway, Kuzter mentioned a bit ago that the point of good Sci-Fi was to examine our own condition through the lens of fantasy. I'm afraid I'll have to come down on the side that we're inherently bad. Consider this: we have to teach children how to share, but not how to take from others. Obviously, sharing when you can is the right thing to do, no? So why do we find it hard to do the right thing? Why do we have have laws defining what is not OK to do? This is not to say that the world is bad. Society has evolved to teach children the norms of behavior that allow it to continue. We can improve on our default states, sure, but without reminders we will return to them, a la Lord of the Flies. What does this mean for the comic? Well, Kerbals don't seem to have the same default state as us, though they may have had it earlier (IIRC, there was a trade war or something like that). The Kerbulans, on the other hand, seem to be more like, well... us. This scares me, since we're well known to destroy and shape our environments to our liking despite the presence of other people.
  17. G'day, mate! You haven't killed any Kerbals? Tsk tsk, rookie mistake. Welcome aboard!
  18. Moved to Add-on Discussions. Sure, you're normal. I sometimes mod out my games till they crash, and sometimes I run a full-stock install.
  19. Moderators are selected by group decision. Honestly, I've never participated in selecting new Mods, so I'm not entirely clear on it. Here's the list of user groups currently in use: Curse Representative Forum Administrators Global Moderator KSC Staff KSP-TV Broadcaster Media Group Members Moderator SQUAD Staff SQUAD Staff / Moderator Emeritus Wiki operators A Global Moderator is in charge of the entire forums. In addition to having all the controls that moderators have, they also have administrative access that normal moderators do not have. There are three right now: Red Iron Crown, Supernovy, and Vanamonde. A regular moderator can edit or hide posts, move threads or posts, merge posts, split posts, issue warnings, flag spammers, and some other stuff.
  20. Two answers It catches words that aren't supposed to be on the forums and replaces them with ones that are allowed. Testing the filter is discouraged. If you find a word that you think shouldn't be on the forums (or anything that deserves our attention), report it. Pretty good. It's late for me, so I'm a bit tired. I've got some projects I need to finish tonight, though, so I have to keep working.
  21. Don't make me threaten you. Thread locked.
  22. Additionally, the forum software automatically merges posts from the same user in the same thread within a certain time period (I don't know what that is, though). If it's been enough time that the posts don't merge, you're generally fine.
  23. Guys, this is the second time that the mods have had to step in. There's a whole thread for the Dres debate. Keep it there.
  24. It's bug, and fairly easy to reproduce. Just double click very quickly on the Rep button, and you'll get the message. Just ignore it, it doesn't do anything.
  25. Only one solution- kill them back! As for your other points- that's why I'm looking forward to this expansion. More to talk about here, more challenges to do, more parts, more development of KSP!