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  1. Disclaimer: Some questions may not be answerable, for various reasons. The word of the thread is: Automagically. THIS IS NOT A CHAT THREAD. Mods- How often are you called upon to examine the post of a Curious George, only to have it be a spambot? Can you show us an example of what their messages look like? Are the majority of the users on the forum humans? About how many unique users are active on the forum per month? What do you do with a spambot? About how many people join the forums per day? Everyone else- Have you ever wondered about this, or is it just me?
  2. Yes, sorry about that. One of our moderators tried to move it, and the Forums decided it didn't like him, leaving this reminder everywhere. Fear not, though, it'll be gone in about a day or less.
  3. Hi, @justanotherdude, and welcome aboard! I've moved your post to the Gameplay Questions and Tutorials subforum. You should be able to get help there.
  4. From IRC: <sal_vager> Thank you for being my friends : ) * sal_vager has quit (Quit: Leaving)
  5. Speaking of dogs.... Here's mine. You might notice he looks similar to my avatar. That's intentional, though they're not the same dog. He's 9 years old this month, and it's hard to believe. I remember the night we got him, my brother said, "All my dreams have come true!" Becuase I am nice, here's a second one. He's older now, but sometimes he'll still act like a puppy and go sprinting around whoever is walking him.
  6. Yes, I can see it having a slight negative effect. Sometimes, when an OP starts a thread, they think they have total control over it. This is not true. They have some control, but to a point. My feeling- and let me be clear, I'm speaking for myself and not the Moderation team- is that this will encourage something like this, acting as a "badge" of authority. Darn it, Red ninja'd me.
  7. Nah, it's ok. Thanks for the offer, though.
  8. I do want to point out that the OP is listed at the top of each page in the thread.
  9. There is not, or RIC would not have even half as much rep.
  10. On the other hand, you could add this.
  11. You should be.
  12. Hi, @Mr. Sandman, and welcome aboard! It seems like you tried to upload a picture, but we can't see it. To get it to appear on the forums, upload it to an image hosting site, such as Imgur, and link the direct picture here- it should end in .jpg, .png, or something similar.
  13. No time is wasted when you learned something! When you're done crying, come back. We'd love to see you again here soon!
  14. totm

    I see no reason why limeade would be inconsistent with forum rules.
  15. Hi, @apholis, and welcome aboard! I'm sorry to hear that KSP is giving you problems. I've taken the liberty to put your error log in a spoiler for convienience. In the future, please upload logs to a third-party site, such as Dropbox, and link to them. The forum can't handle massive amounts of text, like you'd find in a log. Best of luck!
  16. totm

    When life gives you limes...
  17. Don't worry, I took care of it.
  18. I've got good news and bad news for you, @Ncog Nito. The good news is that you don't have to aim for the sun. The bad news is that you might need a very big ship. In Kerbal Space Program, there is no way to escape the Sun's influence, short of being in a different SOI. As such, to get into a lower solar orbit from Kerbin, you just need to burn prograde on the early-morning side of the planet (the side facing forward with respect to Kerbin's orbit) until you reach escape velocity and leave Kerbin. The bad news is that depending on the altitude the contract wants you to fly at, you'll need a lot of Delta-V. It costs about 1k Delta-V to escape from LKO, but that just gets you a little lower than Kerbin. In order to get even lower, you'll need to pack more DV, and more stages, into the ship.
  19. What if I told you that it's locked? Thread locked.
  20. No you don't! Welcome aboard, mistakes are normal!
  21. Since you guys obviously can't stay on-topic, I'm forced to lock this thread.
  22. Well, I've cooled to a point. I'm also on a different forum that still uses VB. I've noticed that there seems to be less repping going on there, and more comments in the thread. I'm wondering if we might be getting nostalgic for something that only existed in our collective memory.
  23. Zip it, you. Also, thread re-un-unlocked.