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  1. Disclaimer: Some questions may not be answerable, for various reasons. The word of the thread is: Automagically. THIS IS NOT A CHAT THREAD. Mods- How often are you called upon to examine the post of a Curious George, only to have it be a spambot? Can you show us an example of what their messages look like? Are the majority of the users on the forum humans? About how many unique users are active on the forum per month? What do you do with a spambot? About how many people join the forums per day? Everyone else- Have you ever wondered about this, or is it just me?
  2. "D is for developer, that's good enough for me!"
  3. Hello, @Anuter, and welcome aboard! Come for the challenges, stay for the community, that's what I always say. I too tried a demo (back when the game was .22, and the demo was .18), and then came here. I think you'll fit right in.
  4. I think he means like in this video. Also, I want to say how impressed I am that the writers of the DevNotes put so much into this one. Even if you take away the (great!) poem, it's still very substantial. It checks just about all of my boxes for a good update: overall progress report, discussion and update on confirmed features, console update that isn't a passing mention, new developer introduction, and individual progress reports. Nice job, anonymous writer!
  5. If you want stuff that grows when neglected, try mint. We have a raised box in my backyard that's overrun by the stuff.
  6. Wait, really? I didn't even think of any connection before! I'm kicking myself now, because the ACW is one of my favorite subjects. Doh!
  7. Hi, @ultrasquid, and welcome back! I think I remember you from the forums before. Now, I'm not the best on computer hardware, so I'll leave that question to someone else. As for the rest: There have been changes. Since 1.1, there's been small aerodynamics changes. Also, there are new parts, and some bugs have been fixed. You won't have to relearn how to fly, like in .90. I don't use mods, but there is an expansion pack coming out SoonTM. Seeing as you joined the forums in 2011, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say you'll get it for free as Squad promised.
  8. Hi Mods, For the past hour-hour and a half I was unable to access the forums. Was this due to my computer, or something else? When I look at the recent activity page, it shows nothing from 2 hours ago till 7 minutes ago.
  9. Oh no............. As a former GM for the previous iteration of this game, there are a few comments I want to make. First: One of the many reasons that the game was closed was because people were taking the game waaaay too seriously. Really. It's just a game, and it's not worth starting another forum fight over it. Second: If you are going to run this game again, I will have no part in it. At all. I enjoyed it originally, but at the end it felt like herding cats. Angry, vicious cats. Third: You'll want to make absolutely certain that you can manage it. Make sure you have the rules on the OP, so you can update them as you wish. Fourth: Have fun. Please.
  10. Wow, this thread is still going! I have to admit, I was wondering how long you'd keep at it. The quality of both your builds has gotten better since the start, it's very visible. The F-5 is the best replica I've seen in a long time. Keep it up!
  11. One more than the number of crew spots on her spacecraft.
  12. totm

    @Servo I can do better. The Forty Second Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, also known as the the 13th Pennsylvania Reserve Regiment, 1st Pennsylvania Rifles, Kane's Rifles, or simply the "Bucktails," was a volunteer infantry regiment that served in the Union Army during the American Civil War. It was a part of the famed Pennsylvania Reserve division in the Army of the Potomac for much of the early and middle parts of the war, and served in the Eastern Theater in a number of important battles, including Antietam, Fredericksburg, and Gettysburg. The regiment first formed in April 1861, when Thomas L. Kane sought permission to raise a company of riflemen from among the hardy woodsmen of McKean County. Each man who came to the regiment's rendezvous point wore civilian clothes and a buck's tail in his hat-a symbol of his marksmanship. Indeed, the marksman test for joining the unit was unique at this early stage of the war. Most volunteers who joined the Union army did not have much proficiency with a weapon, let alone the newfangled rifled-muskets first introduced in the 1850s. The "Rifles" designation was a holdover from the days when soldiers who carried rifled weapons were a special outfit, and the Bucktails carried breech-loading Model 1859 Sharps Rifles, normally only issued to sharpshooters.
  13. What about the P-47 or the P-38? Or the Wright Flyer? Or the Sopwith Camel or Fokker Triplane (Kerbpaint not included :P)
  14. I know that some people on the Mod team are in England, and I've contacted a few via PMs. Is everyone on the Mod team OK?
  15. Clearly, this requires some serious study. Wernher and his team should commence study just as soon as they're not being attacked by cruise missiles.
  16. l.l

    Pretty good, how about you?
  17. Could they be detected by an absence of gravilois? If adding a positive to a negative with the same absolute value equals zero, then wouldn't it be notable that there's a place in space with nor graviolis whatsoever? I assume that all solid bodies have gravioli fields, but then again, you know that they say about assumptions.
  18. Well, that explains it. Any chance we could get a warning on the forums in the future? I personally don't use Twitter, and I'm sure that many people here are in the same boat with me. @Badie? @UomoCapra?
  19. Can bloaked ships detect bloaked ships? I don't think so, but they can communicate with each other. What does this mean for future missions? Well, for a start, some particles or waves interact with the bloaking system. This means that eventually, a technology could be designed to detect them. And, it stands to reason, since the Kerbulans have had bloaking for a while, they have developed a way to counter its effects- maybe like how you can use water spray to see laser beams.
  20. Oh, this seems like a good example of breaking and entering. Kerbfleet is legally defended with castle doctrine.
  21. And, as you can clearly see in the comic, there just happens to be one lying on the mantle, placed there in the first act.