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  1. Still no news update for 1.3, look like abandoned mod.
  2. Game crashed to desktop error message while loading screen on 1.3, I deleted this mod no crash because this mod outdated. Can't play without real fuel mod.
  3. This mod bugged always off screen. I click Astrogator icon not show up, I use Protractor mod much better never off screen but no time wrap.
  4. I been reset scan then scan biome again still same wrong biome, hard to fix it.
  5. I found Gullis planet's biome map is wrong there no crater & wrong level.
  6. Wow that hard lol, small Kannae Drive cost 2,200 science & large Kannae Drive cost 4,000 science & Virtugenic cost 10,000 science on end lots hard than before was cheated bit early or middle games.
  7. Save games was broken on 1.2.2 no building land just space & planets, can't click upgrade building because I haven't played KSP about 4 months been busy other games. I tried started new games still bug no building. I deleted New Horizons then installed new mod 'Outer Planets Mod' worked great old saved games & new games no issued. Shame New Horizons too old mod & broken games. Old save games bug (NH) New games same bug (NH)
  8. Heat radiators not worked can't cooled down, reactor always overheated then shut down.
  9. This mod awesome good idea heat shield in Inventory then put on when to home lol.
  10. Shame this mod Cacteye not worked on custom planets like New Horizons, got error on top left corner camera screen can't get science from custom planets, disappointed mods, only worked on stock planets. I have other mod from Tarsier Space Technology with Galaxies is worked great on custom planets.
  11. Lave & Eli planets is missed between Sonnah & Jool
  12. Shame not worked on 1.1.3, still normal planets.
  13. I still play with most mods all fine but few mods not yet update, can't going other stock planets & mod planets far away without Protractor mod easily wasted fuel, still can go Duna & Eve & Mun & Minmus. Haven't update Protractor
  14. This Procedural Fairings is bit lagging just 20fps, then decoupler fairings went up 52-54fps weird I think lots of parts inside fairings, My PC i7 4770, 16Gb RAM, GTX 770.
  15. Oh confused atomic thrust stock same from Atomic age mod, I didn't installed Atomic Age, I thought this mod.