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  1. Yes theres a bug that took down the site twice.
  2. We had some downtime today. I found a Bug in the sites code. Its now running again.
  3. Yes youre right. You cant change your email address atm. Unless i find a bunch of python devs im unable to change that. sorry. Im simply to busy to add features to the site. Moving Servers is a permanent thing. Theres always change in the infrastructure. E.g. The G20 summit is where one rack is located and i cant get to it until thats over (see todays images below), so i had to move stuff off there untill i can gurantee that i can fix stuff it it breaks. Then theres stuff that breaks and adjustments in resources dependiong on that months donations. SpaceDock is a busy site so i need to work on it all the time. Life would be great if i wasnt the only one maintaining it. (apart from Thomas coding on future versions) Update: i hope they dont burn down the servers there are thick smoke clouds i can see from here over the area. Update My Servers still exist But there was some massive destruction on the streets arround the Building (burning cars, destroyed shops and the like). Its all cleaned up now and i will check on the systems tomorrow.
  4. they came because i fixed it long version: theyre replacing the aircondition in one of the serverrooms where SD is located and i had to shut down those servers til next week. so i migrated stuff away from them beforehand and forgot something.
  5. ok thx for the heads up. ill look into it.
  6. yes i found the problem and fixed it
  7. Youve to hit "publish mod" or no one will be able to see it on SpaceDock Thank you for your contribution. Heat managment is exactly what i need right now. I hope it comes with an airconditionier included
  8. You can also do one time Pledges. But i would prefer to approach me if youre planing to donate larger one time amounts. So i can give you the bank account details. Getting Money out of Patreon is a hassel and wastes money so doing direct bank transfers is a good idea for those. (Patreon, banks and taxes suck away nearly 50% of the donation sum and ive to fill out forms with the USA and German tax institutions) I dont use Paypal so i cant offer that. But i can offer Bitcoin. SpaceDock uses a fixed monthly amount of money so from a planing standpoint its better to have a predicteable stream each month. But because of the above i think larger one time payments are better. P.S: Im open for suggestions to replace patreon. It needs to be something that is idealy european or better still german (so i dont have to fill out that many forms), doesnt take that many fees (Patreon even takes fees for redonating money within patreon...thats next level greedy) and is cheap for US based people to transfer small amoutns of money to.
  9. Tank you
  10. 500? updating the server
  11. Take any group of random people and they wont be all happy. Seeing how mainstream Games are these day (yearly itterations, paied DLCs, if multiplaer than on company hosts,...) im just cautious. Im not raging (disclaimer: i worked in the the game industry (including EA) for some years and and i left because they stopped sharing my basic ethics.)
  12. I wouldnt call it "exciting" times more like "cautious". Are there any planned Changes to the PR staff? Will Take two set up their own forums or will they send staff here? Andmost important to me: What will happen to the curse contract? I was responsible for the integration of IT infrastructures after mergers in the past and i know how hard and confusing it is when things change from the usual ways to how the new owner does things. What i want to say is: I know how it feels beeing in such a transition. All i wish is for who ever is in charge to supoort the community (especialy the the part supplying mods) and to understand that KSP wont exist like it does without it.
  13. Yes it helps to keep it above the limit given that every one stays to their promise So thank you (and all the other Donators) ...In fact everyone who usesSpaceDock or CKAN should send you and them a cake for paying for the servers that they use.
  14. Just to inform you: Donations have fallen below the 120$ mark that is required to sustain the current infrastructure. As result im forced to turn off servers next month to make it financialy sustainable again.
  15. Hi, is there any existing thread or place in the forums to search and offer help for translating mods? This thread can be it if such a place does not exist.