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  1. If you really want to land on Jool, your best bet is finding a modder to help you or simply modding the planet yourself. I don't imagine it would ever be a part of the official game.
  2. Hm, the last game I played other than KSP was Divinity 2: Director's Cut, which is a game where you sometimes play in a low-budget-skyrim-style action RPG, and the rest of the time as a Dragon. So... Kerbal Divinity Program? Kerbal Dragon Program? Not sure Dragons can make orbit or accelerate in space, though... (Perhaps the breathing fire thing counts as an extremely low-ISP thruster?)
  3. I would like to see them succeed at peaceful, scientific satellite launches. According to "[...]Hyon Kwang Il, director of NADA's scientific research department, said they planned to launch more satellites before 2020, including a geostationary satellite. He also said that he hoped they would 'plant the flag of the DPRK on the moon' within 10 years" (link). Assuming these are their intentions, then I truly wish them the best of luck with their scientific progress and future (peaceful!) launches. Unfortunately, ICBMs look an awful lot like civilian launches, and the typical path a North Korean launch would take would unfortunately have to go over Japanese territory (unless they're attempting a polar orbit with a southern-heading launch... in which case they go over South Korea instead) which, naturally, makes Japan nervous. Just a bad case of geography there as far as that goes. The US is lucky to have the entire Atlantic to launch and drop spent stages over, instead of another nearby country! Regardless, assuming a peaceful and scientific focus, I wish them luck.
  4. I would have to say I identify as a player who eschews labels. Personally I don't think everything needs to be divided and categorized into neat little boxes
  5. I believe there are a number of recent underwater-themed games. A few that spring to mind are SubNautica, Far Sky, and Depth. Perhaps the OP could point to parts or features of those games that they would like KSP to emulate as far as the water physics goes? I have not played any of them, so I can't really offer much of an opinion myself.
  6. I've long been a fan of the Battlefield series, I find it gives a good mix of infantry and vehicle combat.
  7. Well, I mean, it wasn't long ago (a year and a half ago or so) that this happened in the Atacama Desert: So I'm not too surprised about it. Article:
  8. No. I think Jeb and Val are collections of pixels, and you're putting way too much thought into this. In general, this whole "shipping" thing is ludicrous.
  9. Is that the size of the 'Kerbal 2' or is that the maximum allowed size?
  10. The rest of the numerous issues aside, assuming they were able to put it into a geostationary orbit instead, would that help with atmospheric drag? Or is it still just as susceptible to orbital decay?
  11. Apparently, after a bit of searching, it's this one: Although the ambiguous title doesn't help. As for the topic: why in the heck would I spend $20 for DLC when I can find thousands of perfectly good mods that do the same thing?
  12. I can only imagine hundreds of years ago, when they said things like "the ocean is big! There's plenty of room to dump stuff! What's the worst that could happen?" I wholeheartedly agree with these statements.
  13. Once I figured out how to rendezvous, I felt like I "got it." Although I had already landed on the Mun before then...
  14. Just don't call Slappy a dummy. (I read a lot of Goosebumps as a kid )
  15. Never really played Science mode, but I certainly use it for my Modded Careers.