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  1. The topic seems to be game related. Moved from Science & Spaceflight.
  2. This seems gameplay related. Moved from KSP Discussion
  3. Locked as requested. (We don't delete threads that have replies that aren't from the OP)
  4. In my opinion it's extremely: unlikely that there's not alien life out there. likely that it's too far away to have ever visited earth or even be detected from earth.
  5. Could you close my first topic please?

  6. @Mike106, I moved your post to a more recent topic, than the dusty old 2015 one, you had found.
  7. @Egdod. It seems a bit pointless to ask to get back on topic, 3 years after the last post. @RandomGuy1824, please use the Report post button instead of Necromoaning.
  8. Please don't necromoan. That just makes it worse. Use the Report post button, write a reason and move on. Guidelines
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  11. It's very well hidden. Click about, then dev blogs, and then the link is in the version for 1.0.6.
  12. That was my bad. I'd split the question from this thread by mistake.
  13. Merged 2 threads and removed a post referring to this thread.
  14. Didn't belong in Gameplay Questions forum.
  15. I use this one: