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  1. Combining dark, blood thirsty horror and humor isn't an easy thing to do, I guess. And it fits, the horror and the laughter - keeps us, the readers, in balance. And that is something that is done very well in "Shadows" and "Whispers". Whatever bad may happen, you can be sure that there will be a good joke, some wordplay or funny reference to pop culture in the next paragraph. Especially in "Whispers" you can sometimes sense the growing confidence the author gains in his writing and storytelling - and I think it's very high profile. Maybe not Shakespeare but definitely high profile.
  2. As the lights come up, the people in the movie theatre head for the exit. A few minutes later the big room is empty except for one guy still sitting in his seat, amazed at the fine movie that he just saw. "If there will be a sequel, I'll have to see it", lodger Kerman thinks to himself ... P.S.: Thank you very much, CatastrophicFailure!
  3. Maybe I can help - did you mean this one: Snacks in Space ?
  4. Derpy ... Derpy ... ah, of course! Oh, I'd be delighted to meet that fellow again: "spackerb uh, ah ... going into spaaaaaace!"
  5. Mk 1-2 command pod. The very heart of many designs I come up with (except the spaceplanes I build)
  6. Howdy, this is ASES (Aeronautics, Space Exploration and Sciences). Mun or bust!!!

  7. I'm not a writer (I wish I was blessed with that talent) and I haven't read all of the mission reports and fan fiction that is available on this forum. But I want to thank every single one of you guys for all the mission reports, (short) stories and graphic novels that you folks are hammering out on this sub-forum: Thank you!
  8. Um, you know: everytime someone posts a new message here, I get an email. Every time CatastrophicFailure posts here and I get an email, I feel like a kid on boxing day. You guys are making me kind of nervous. Stop it until we CatastrophicFailure knows what troubles poor Val is going to face next time ... pleeeeeease! P.S: Moar!!!!
  9. Well, sometimes silence is the better choice. But either way: I'm pretty sure that people will continue to get inspired by things. Be it video games, movies, songs, literature or art - like KSK wrote: it's in our nature. The day we lose our enthusiasm and imagination will be the sadest day of all times.
  10. Will the names of the characters change with a different language? Will "Jeb" become "Hans" and "Val" become "Rosamunde" in the german localization? Honestly, I got into KSP when there was only english available as a language and I will continue to play it in english. I don't think that the distinct humor and irony that is part of KSP and that I have come to enjoy over the past few years can easily be translated into another language. And especially german translations of video game content do more often hurt than entertain the player (I fondly remeber "Inca 2", back in 1993 - all voice overdubs were done by one single guy with a south-german accent. It was hillarious for the first two minutes, but annoying throughout the rest of the game). I do see the need for localization when KSP being used as an educational tool, since it is probably easier for a young or younger audience to read and follow instructions and explanations in their native language.
  11. Testing SXT Continued and Sum Dum Heavy Industries Service Module System - guess I like 'em.
  12. KOS 1, recently de-orbited
  13. MOS 1 and visiting Spaceplane
  14. @AlamoVampire - I know how you feel, dude! I played many, many hours of KSP with our former cat Shiva overseeing mission progress and watching my every move. Then, one day, she had to leave ...
  15. That's pretty much what i did with that rover. The motor controller was already assembled and ready to run so I just needed to get two level shifters and some wires to connect it all. Well, I did some experimenting using a breadboard, so I could check out how WiringPi and softPWM work, but despite that all I had to do was add pull-down resistors to the level shifters (otherwise the wheels would start spinning once the Raspberry Pi is powered on).