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  1. @DoctorDavinci Changed it. @djungelorm Thanks for spotting the typo, correcting it right now.
  2. No it's not cheating: do what you want in your own game. You don't have to use it either, I've been launching my rockets manually for 5 years and I'm fine. Now get to cover before people start fighting on this thread.
  3. If you still have access to your KSP Store account, you can view the date there, in "My Account" (Store > Login > My Account).
  4. They are quad-reactor double deck airliners. That's pretty much all they have in common. All airliners look more or less the same from the outside, but they are very different when you take a look at their manufacturing or characteristics.
  5. Edit: they literally link the forum announcement as their source...
  6. I did.
  7. Theory does not mean hypothesis, scientifically. A theory is pretty much a fact.
  8. Aliens don't exist until proven otherwise. That's how science works. Edit: I personally think it is possible they exist, but opinion != fact
  9. You can only see your own. Mods give you one or several when you break the rules. Have enough and you'll get banned or some things like that.
  10. "Oh hey, look at this really cool feature that we're going to spend ages developing and tweaking so that it's perfect! BTW you can't use it, how's that?"
  11. BIG BIG UPDATE !!! @CarnageINC casually showed up with over 300 new mods that were just added to the main list! There are a lot of new mods and, as he suggested, I submitted the update before reviewing it completely so that you'd have it earlier. I'll be reviewing the entire list to search for any errors or things, but there might be a few that we didn't spot yet. If you see some, report them so that we are aware and they will be fixed soon!
  12. How about making [random planet name], an interesting object? [random planet name] is an only body that can be explored,orbited and visited in stock KSP. Though we can't explore it so much. There is a lot of missions that are aimed to study and watch [random planet name] in real life. Why can't we have different periods or zones of [random planet name] that can be explored,so we could get some science points? Perhaps we can have a moments in Kerbal year when [random planet name] is very active/not very active for it to affect the work of the relay. For example: once a year at a certain time a powerful magnetosphere storm strikes, relay stops working and many probes lose connection. Ain't that would be cool, at least exciting? Fixed it for you. All planets are boring in KSP, not only the Sun.
  13. This isnt important they should work on other stuff. Moving along.
  14. We already have backups so that's not a problem. It's a good suggestion, however I'd like to wait a bit before doing this. Right now we are still "building" the list: most of what we do is add new mods and move them all around the place, I fear that with a public list this would become a big mess really quickly. It would be a good thing to wait for the list to reach a "finite" state where we will only add individual additions rather than buckets of 90 mods at a time. On the other hand, when 1.3 will pop out, checking all the mods for updates will be a lot of work, so it is possible that we'll make the list public then. We'll definitely think about it. Thanks! Adding it right now!
  15. Added CarnageINC's first additions with over 90 new mods!