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  1. The two NoNameShips servers reliably have people playing most of the time. There's a stock one and a a heavily modded one with near-future parts, weapons and robotics.
  2. Почти все англоязычные ютюберы произносят Gilly как [gɪɫɪ], то есть, "Гилли" или "Гиллий". Кроме того, "дж" фонема не очень русская.
  3. In my humble opinion based on experience, this suggestion (which has been called the "warp drive" approach to multiplayer) has some merit because it avoids making several desynched universes. On the other hand, it might wreck Delta-V requirements - something DMP-style subspaces never do. Edit: Let's say I'm orbiting Jool prograde at Laythe's altitude, directly opposite Laythe. I want to get to Laythe where another player has a station. With the suggested system, could I simply go to medium timewarp until I catch up with that moon, without doing any maneuvers? Under DMP, I would make my maneuvers while warping freely, and after I entered Laythe orbit, the other player would click a button to synch up with me and make the station tangible to my craft.
  4. It looks like the glitch showcased in this video, so it's at least present in stock KSP. Did restarting the game fix it?
  5. As the saying goes, check yo staging! Before heading to the launch pad, make sure your staging groups (right side of screen) are correct and in order. They will trigger with each successive spacebar press from the bottom up.
  6. You can even launch a craft already full of ore, refine it all into monopropellant, recover it and still profit. Has anyone made a systematic comparison of Funds to Earth currencies? I foresee game balance causing some weird values, like a chunk of pure steel costing more than a similarly sized computer or sensor full of electronics.
  7. @Abastro and anyone intending to build an efficient propeller plane: First off, you can have smooth blade pitch control by setting your propeller blades to Deployed and using the authority slider in flight. Second off, though, my experiments tell me that 45 degrees is the ideal blade angle. Regardless of craft, altitude, or velocity, changing the blade pitch to anything other than 45 degrees just slows the plane down. Anyone else getting the same result? I'm having a hard time believing this, but it might just fit KSP aerodynamics.
  8. #4: Remember that "SSTO", "rocket" and "spaceplane" can occur in any of seven combinations. Need to save mass? Cut off those wings and land vertically.
  9. 1502: The wall is covered in pictures of a moon being mined out. Some parts vaguely remind you of something.
  10. 1486: you walk through a busy marketplace in Renaissance Italy without noticing the shimmering grid of lines on the horizon.
  11. I excuse this in my game by saying that smaller tanks have stronger walls in proportion, so their internal supports take up less volume. Not saying the Oscar isn't a bit overboard, tho.
  12. I presume your accent is non-rhotic (deletes /r/ before a consonant)? In either case, we have a new variant: [vɑːrl] or [vɑːl]. The latter of which might be spelled 'wahl' in a German-like orthography.
  13. Finally, someone who uses IPA! I had almost lost all hope! Really, guys, we should all admit that English, with its plethora of accents and alternate spellings, is a horrible platform for showing unambiguous pronunciation in text. For the record, Laythe: ['leɪθ] when speaking English, ['lɛiθ] when not. Vall: ['væɔɫ] when speaking English, ['vɑl] when not. Pol: ['pʰɔɫ] when speaking English, ['pol] when not.
  14. While angling engines outwards is never really beneficial in reality or in current KSP, there once was a use for the method. In the times when jets used to flame out much more unpredictably, you could have two or more engines next to one another, each one still applying thrust exactly on the CoM. You lost some of the thrust, but gained a ship that wouldn't spin wildly after an asymmetric flameout. @MeticulousMitch in particular made some interesting vessels using this technique and called it "StaboJet".
  15. Interesting. I stand corrected. The fact that you only ever hear of gravity turns made on Kerbin, Eve and Duna should have been a clue.