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  1. Well now MY three-way symmetry cruiser just looks lumpy and ugly ...I need to get back into KSP and actually fly this thing. It took over a week to design and test and balance out the asymmetries, I should actually do something with it... It was going to go somewhere with a spaceplane, iirc, just got to remember where that was
  2. What frequency are you running your memory at (and what's it designed to run at)? I don't own a Ryzen, but I'm looking into it, and it seems they're very sensitive to memory speeds. Unfortunately, they've also had real issues running memory at any decent speed (e.g. above 2400mhz, while Intel systems will handle up to 4000). There are some beta bios updates starting to appear for a few enthusiast boards and people are reporting being able to take it up as high as 3700, which may provide a significant increase in performance. Hopefully these updates will start to appear for more boards as time passes That aside, KSP 1.2 was a significant performance boost for just about everyone. On smaller vessels it is almost eerily smooth, although upwards of 200 parts does still exact a penalty. It would be worth making the effort to find up-to-date versions of mods and seeing whether you can live without the vessels that get deleted after an upgrade, as this is certainly cheaper than super-fast memory
  3. My long green ears are burning I didn't realise you would have a PSD version As it happens, I made some layered files with the lens flares separate to the rest of the skybox, so I can easily reconstruct the JJ Abrams version if someone else can do a better job of cleaning up the telescope lines and grittiness from the underlying photos ^^ (I haven't given up on KSP, I was just finding that my old i5 2500k is starting to show its age with all the mods I like to pack in and I'm having a hard time enjoying the game at max quality with the size of ships I want to build - and I don't want to play it looking ugly or with simpler vessels, because there is only one first-time visit to a new place! Currently waiting for AMD to release a Ryzen bios fix that will let their cpus run proper high speed memory, then I'll see where the new benchmarks end up before making a choice on what to buy.) ((Though at this rate I'll have forgotten my last career and started afresh. Which is ok, because I think I'll rescale the tech tree so that later nodes get increasingly more expensive, e.g. 2x for tier 5, 3x for tier 6, 4x for tier 7, etc. Will introduce much bigger gaps between "decent" and "epic" engines, thus adding impetus to make a new ship for every mission.))
  4. Ouch, the gravedirt. Anyway, I'd make Eve a jungle world. Or at least an algae world. Same gravity and thick atmo, rings, and a larger moon or two. It tends to be a one-stop thing that you never go back to, but I'd like it to be more inviting to exploration with varied terrain. Dres needs either an atmosphere, or to be Eve's larger moon.
  5. It appeals to my inner child, before the world crushed him down and explained he would never be an astronaut. And also my inner engineer and vehicle designer, as I get to try out mad scientist ideas and discover that many of them work in a small scale solar system. Turns out that the science fiction of the 50s is only kept away from us by gravity That and I'm bored to death of games with guns and violence. KSP is one of my staple few along with Minecraft, Subnautica and Cities Skylines - little refuges that don't involve a team of idiots with guns yelling "bang bang" and chasing another team of idiots with guns around the virtual playground.
  6. Darn thing landed safely on first attempt, despite forgetting to add airbrakes. Turns out the Uncertain Future has really good handling in a glide, and a dry stall speed somewhere below 90m/s... Not a single F9 was used throughout the flight. Spun it out on the runway, blaming the tailfins for that. Should be more stable if swapped for some small delta wings with proper control surfaces.
  7. Fooled around with an ugly bird... Proved annoyingly capable, can carry small satellites in it's bomb-bay, reaches LKO with several hundred m/s left.
  8. You have to remember aerodynamics and atmospheric drag is a thing in KSP. If it's blunt at the front, it's going to be hard as hell to get to orbit. You need a pointy front and a smooth body if you want it to SSTO on an atmospheric world. You've also got a ton of un-used attachment nodes on those 6-way connectors. KSP adds an artificial drag penalty to these, so I'll honestly be amazed if you can even break atmosphere on Eve. Which is fine, KSP is very much a learning curve You're never wrong to try things out, but this is the reason that this ship won't work (or at least, will be very cumbersome and hard to fly). Bear in mind that most of us do SSTO's as spaceplanes. Sleek, pointy, and making use of wings to help avoid gravity losses during ascent. VTOL rocket SSTOs are another class entirely, and VTOL rocket Eve SSTOs are... not unheard of, but certainly not achievable with the excess baggage this one is carrying. You have 4 heavy jet engines that you can't use on Eve, and far too much weight of passenger cabins. Take it down to 1 crew pod and those tanks and engines might just get 1-3 kerbals off the surface I highly recommend a browse of these forums to previous solutions to Eve ascent, it will save you a lot of time and pain! The jets, btw, are why you're reading such a high delta-v. Take them away, and I suspect you'll have more like 2km/s. For reference, here's an example of an Eve SSTO. Check how much fuel and engine mass there is vs crew pods! (Sorry, I'm not looking to be overly critical or unkind. It's just that you're wasting your time on this one and you can spare yourself a lot of pain by knowing about it!)
  9. Ok, so I took a long break and did some things I'm not proud of (like played Cities Skylines, Subnautica and Minecraft), but hey, look, I stripped my KSP install back to minimum, then stripped it some more and nuked the whole frikking thing and started again and eventually got rid of the mysterious GPP+scatterer memory leak! Tellumo's rings seem kind of pale, but at least they're there Turns out that with just GPP + visual mods, the game "only" uses about 5.6gb of memory to get this far. But I've been slamming extra volts into my ram and I'm hoping it'll get past the 10gb crash limit too ...I have no idea what weird combination of versions it is that causes memory leakage, but it does seem that the latest of everything plus the special Kopernicus dll linked in the install instructions works - but may need a total wipe of all folders involved. Clearly some hangers on were involved from something.
  10. If anyone has any ideas of why the latest GPP + Scatterer causes me a massive memory leak, I'd be happy to hear them... Removing Scatterer solves it, but I don't really want to...
  11. I don't really want to accept that contract, tbh. Would have to get insane delta-v on BOTH ships, let alone the heat issue In other news, Scatterer is causing me a massive memory leak in the region of 1gb/s when in flight... On the up side, I get really good FPS without it, so swings and roundabouts.
  12. Watch task manager while you play to see your cpu usage 1 core maxed out? CPU is bottlenecking you. No cores ever maxed out? GPU is the bottleneck ^^ You can also try something like MSI Afterburner to monitor the GPU usage and confirm your findings.
  13. I think what the OP is asking is whether they can have different mod setups and choose at game launch. Without CKAN, the answer is to copy your KSP folder for each setup and install the right mods in each one. With CKAN I'm not sure, sorry, never used it.
  14. I used it - but Rald is a special snowflake. It's own config sets it to index to 199, but somehow no matter what I do, the things on and around it ended up buried in burning hydrogen. I could have loaded the game on old GPP, hyperedited them around Tellumo, put in new GPP and hyperedited them back, but it wasn't worth the effort for an old relay and rover that I'll probably never use again