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  1. I'm having a problem where icons from one career save are showing up in another one.
  2. Dear god that's beautiful.
  3. Oops. Didn't see the picture was fixed.
  4. Could you make a lower powered 1.25m or 0.625m version for more compact probes?
  5. I meant I would like Eve's clouds to look a bit more like this: But have the wisps and bands that are shown in some Mariner images, like this one: Sorry that I did a poor job at explaining what I meant. I have difficulty with that.
  6. Wait. Geysers on Eeloo? This will work so well with OPM and a cloud config for it. (Also, could you put thicker cloud cover on Eve, but keep the atmospheric "bands" that are there in the current build?)
  7. Will contract packs made for the current version work in the 1.2 release without any changes?
  8. I'll give it a shot, but someone else probably would do better things with it.
  9. I'll test FieldExperience and SensibleScreenshot in 1.2 sometime this week. SensibleScreenshot should work, but I'm not sure about FieldExperience.
  10. Thanks for keeping us updated.
  11. Will this mod be developed to 1.2? There's a stock mapping feature, but this mod's map visuals look much better.
  12. SigmaBinary has changed how it makes a binary system, FYI.
  13. What does ClouddShine do? I can't find any links to a forum post.

  14. A helipad would be a neat addition, but I don't see how you could fit one in without moving some stuff around.