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  1. I mean this respectfully, but it is not a huge deal for a player with a bit of experience to get a satellite to Jool. People have gone there and back in a single stage.
  2. The recent forum update has fixed this. Just paste in a link to the album (e.g. ) and it will automagically embed the album like it does with individual images.
  3. From the OP: Thanks for the tip about what TWR is and how to read KER, though.
  4. Thread is not about launch vehicles, near as I can tell.
  5. You should skip step 2. There are really only four strategies to increase delta-V: Add more propellant mass. Reduce dry mass. Use higher Isp engines. Use staging to shed dry mass that is no longer needed.
  6. They do.
  7. Somewhat. The price was much lower and I had already played and been hooked by the free versions.
  8. I guess it depends on if they are committed to further dlc content after this one. I'd be hesitant at any rate to buy something unseen, without even knowing how many dlc packages it would entitle me to.
  9. Where do you live that $30 today is worth more than $20 tomorrow plus another $20 in a month? That's a terrible explanation of time value of money.
  10. It's a nod to the version checkers that mods use, it confuses them when the prerelease and release has the same version number.
  11. Most likely not. The narrow version of the forum (there is no separate mobile version) distills as much of the actual content from the other info typically shown on a forum page, in the interest of better readability. At any rate, it's not something we control directly as it's a feature of the software itself.
  12. You are of course welcome to vote with your wallet and not buy it. Can't grab what you don't give.
  13. I don't mind that there's some economy of scale in using the larger part. I do agree that an inline version would be quite handy.
  14. I don't think we need this uncivility here, the question asked by the OP is a legitimate one even if we forum mods aren't able to help directly. To be quite frank, I'm not familiar enough with the Steam forums to even know the proper channel for such a request. Perhaps one of our community managers can chime in. @uomocapra @badie