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  1. Each of those countries has >50% more population that Germany, so I'd say that is pretty unlikely.
  2. EVA Transfer. All the fun of resource transfer with pipes without all the craft merging. Been using this one forever, would make a great addition to stock IMO (as would many of DMagic's mods).
  3. What happened in this thread? The video looks legit to me, there's no evidence of tank clipping or infinite fueling that I can see. Please drop the cheating talk, now please wait a moment while I clean all the bickering out of this thread. Edit: There, all cleaned up. Please play nice, people.
  4. Welcome aboard! I removed your stack trace, it is better to upload that and your log somewhere like pastebin. If you are using KSP 1.3 you're going to have trouble running mods until they are updated to work on it.
  5. Mods, generally speaking, are not updated for 1.3 yet. Roll back to 1.2 or wait for your mods to update.
  6. It should not, thank you.
  7. Glad you figured it out, @Sigma88.
  8. Right, so you could make an airbrake similarly and have it work, as the airstream is way less hostile than jet exhaust. There's no technical reason it couldn't, it's a practical concern on aircraft for them to fail off.
  9. If holes are necessary in that orientation then how do things like this work?
  10. Moved over to Add On discussions.
  11. Airbrakes on planes are just about always in the same orientation as the F-15's, fail off is the preferred behavior.
  12. To my eye this arrangement of airbrakes is a sound one if the craft is to be used for ascent too. IRL, the airbrakes would fail open on descent and fail closed during ascent due to aerodynamic forces, which is a desirable outcome both from a reliability perspective and for requiring a weaker, lighter actuator. Airbrakes can certainly work in this configuration:
  13. Welcome aboard! What exactly are you trying to do, and what is the difficulty you're having? Also, moved this to the Gameplay Questions forum.
  14. People wanting to discuss the new tutorial shared can check out the thread here: Closing this one.