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  1. Should be reflected if you reload the page. The rep counter in the user info block doesn't update dynamically like some of the other page elements.
  2. A lot depends on how accurate this statement turns out to be.
  3. Rep:Postcount became a less useful metric when repping posts in areas where the posts don't add to postcount was implemented. A dank KSP meme in forum games might yield ten or more rep points but adds nothing to postcount.
  4. Welcome to the 10k club, Vanamonde!
  5. This thread is literally full of people disagreeing with that decision. If a post was removed it's likely because it didn't follow the community guidelines in some way, none of which require Squad support in the post. If you wish to discuss a specific post with a moderator, send a PM to one of your choosing and we can talk about it. In public is not the place for that.
  6. But trim is already a thing in KSP.
  7. @purpleivan @Skystorm Should be OK now.
  8. Link the post (here or in PM) and I'll see if I can fix it.
  9. Oh that one. Yeah it's known and already reported to invision.
  10. Appears to be working as intended, marking this report Not A Bug.
  11. @Azimech Should be good now.
  12. PA does much more than just horizon-relative SAS, and anyone saying it's not an autopilot is kidding themselves. I agree it's a great mod, sort of distilled out the plane-centric modes of MechJeb's SmartASS.
  13. Yes. We had some complaints that excessively long locations were adversely affecting the readability of the forum, so a 150 character limit on them has been implemented.
  14. On mobile at the moment, I'll take a look when I'm back at my pc.
  15. I see that you pasted in the whole link rather than the 5 character album code.