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  1. Another small update; through various hacks of stock system I've got depletion mechanics to work. I'll still need to tweak algorithm to create more or less uniform node sizes somehow overcoming limitation of nodes created by latitude and longitude, however core depletion mechanics works. Haven't tested efficiency, so now I'm think I'll go with very small nodes - every latitudinal and longitutinal minute - in case of stock mun it is roughly 35 x 35m (or maybe double-triple that to 100x100m)
  2. hey man,

    still fighting to fix unfinished stock depletion mechanics. Meanwhile I was wondering which mods use Regolith resource? In CRP it is written in section 1 curated by RD but then I see it also mentioned in the context of your mod. The reason I ask is that I'm going to go with one universal resource for my surface mining mod (ideally Regolith) that can be reproduced into various stuff depending where you mine it. In order to do that I would need to prepare detailed planetary configs for its distribution as well as modify its value (to avoid people mining for cash at KSC or something).


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    2. riocrokite


      hmmm, it seems that regolith is included (that is registered) in the current CRP: version

      sans resource config.

    3. FreeThinker


      Lol it appears you are right, and I'm in control, great

      Alright, I created a new pull request to remove the cost as you suggested

    4. riocrokite
  3. just a quick update, still working on code, polished a bit animation and particles stuff, then 2 quite difficult things remain for me: - fix stock resource system to enable depletion - introduce different types of regolith via converters to avoid resource clutter (regolith instead of rich_regolith, standard_regolith, depleted_regolith etc.) all in all i'm digging through stock stuff trying to understand this complicated system.
  4. Cool beans, and yah sorry for pinging the wrong man. If no one give it a go, I'll probably try to do it (probably in a few months time) when I finish my current mods pipeline and learn a bit more about coding (so surface and deep core mining mods).
  5. @cgoodnow G4560 isn't a bad thing if your budget is tight at the moment, you have the ability to switch to more potent unlocked i5/i7later on which will guarantee you optimal performance for KSP. With all Ryzens sadly you hit the wall at 4 GHz. And I'm writing this as a Ryzen owner. Even with your low end PSU and Mobo I bet you could find a nice 6600k/6700k/7600k/7700k in a year when new HEDT platforms hit the market and many intel users will sell their old cpu's. I would personally go then for used, highly binned cpu that could achieve 4.5-4.8 at low voltages like 1.1-1.2 V so it won't stress your VRMs and PSU. In this perspective it might be wise to shell out a bit more cash for cheap z- mobo which allows unlocked cpus to hit their potential.
  6. hey @DMagic awesome mod and it has a lot of potential Just throwing here an idea (probably for far future): what about giving an identifier for an inventory, so a player can have different inventories of parts, i.e. 1st inventory = KSC, 2nd inventory = island center etc. As for why - I was thinking of giving planes a purpose to transport certain (larger?) parts to KSC first (i.e. from island runway) so they can be assembled into final rocket. This would probably need a separate mod to function. For example it could be cheaper / faster / only possible to produce larger parts on island center and then have them moved by a plane to KSC than to do everything in KSC. obligatory photo:
  7. some progress with harvester code higher ground hardness = lower total regolith yield total mining yield = regolith + rocky regolith higher regolith concentration = more regolith and less rocky regolith in total yield basically regolith = sand fine particles, rocky regolith = small rock chunks and particles that need to be crushed into regolith or throwed away before further processing.
  8. managed to get particles going (thx @SuicidalInsanity), rocks particles are a bit buggy (especially with moving vehicle), however I like it nevertheless so might leave it:
  9. still fighting with code, the biggest hurdle seems to be introducing harvester smoke similar to stock one, in the meantime short animation:
  10. Just wanted to say thank you @Warezcrawler for the great plugin, I'm developing custom converter and harvester plugin that introduces variable operation speed linked to an animation (demo below). Was really struggling with writing multiconverter code (not much coding experience) so your plugin solved one of the issues I had with stock converter Once again cheers man
  11. some progress on the plugin front (still lots of things to implement though):
  12. I want to link module animation speed with converter efficiency (basically it's speed) modifying (overwriting) parts of stock code to keep it simple. However it seems that part animations and converter code are kept in separate modules (ModuleResourceConverter and ModuleAnimationGroup). I really can't understand how they are linked together and how can I vary operating animation speed by converter efficiency. edit: was able to solve this using relevant bits (looked up from other ksp threads): public Animation partAnimation; public string animationName; public AnimationState aState; and in the relevant method: partAnimation = part.FindModelAnimator("operate"); aState = partAnimation["operate"]; aState.speed = operatingSpeedValue so far don't know how to change "operate" into any clip name that is written into ModuleAnimationGroup
  13. once again thanks man, in this case I'll have to finish it myself, nevertheless I'll hit you up when I need help in the future
  14. thx man, I unwrapped everything long time ago so it's good, i'll hold on with detailing since it's a very time consuming stuff. For now I'm focusing on learning code and will get back to texturing while functionality is done. Also many thanks for help offer although I really need to finish this myself so I can finally learn how to do it;)