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  1. Just wanted to say thank you @Warezcrawler for the great plugin, I'm developing custom converter and harvester plugin that introduces variable operation speed linked to an animation (demo below). Was really struggling with writing multiconverter code (not much coding experience) so your plugin solved one of the issues I had with stock converter Once again cheers man
  2. some progress on the plugin front (still lots of things to implement though):
  3. I want to link module animation speed with converter efficiency (basically it's speed) modifying (overwriting) parts of stock code to keep it simple. However it seems that part animations and converter code are kept in separate modules (ModuleResourceConverter and ModuleAnimationGroup). I really can't understand how they are linked together and how can I vary operating animation speed by converter efficiency. edit: was able to solve this using relevant bits (looked up from other ksp threads): public Animation partAnimation; public string animationName; public AnimationState aState; and in the relevant method: partAnimation = part.FindModelAnimator("operate"); aState = partAnimation["operate"]; aState.speed = operatingSpeedValue so far don't know how to change "operate" into any clip name that is written into ModuleAnimationGroup
  4. once again thanks man, in this case I'll have to finish it myself, nevertheless I'll hit you up when I need help in the future
  5. thx man, I unwrapped everything long time ago so it's good, i'll hold on with detailing since it's a very time consuming stuff. For now I'm focusing on learning code and will get back to texturing while functionality is done. Also many thanks for help offer although I really need to finish this myself so I can finally learn how to do it;)
  6. Hi, Basically I want to add dust particles to one of drill animations. When I import animations to unity from blender I cannot edit them (to add smoke to running drill animation), imported animations are displayed as read-only. Please help Cheers, rio
  7. just an update, first pass of colors and AO texturing is done, so models are more or less ready for initial release. sneak-peak: now I need to learn how to implement smoke and then hopefully tweak animation code so there are some more options when fine-tuning equipment operation.
  8. well yah, I've managed to increase ram speed to 2666 (probably max with my old 4 x 2 rank sticks), anyway testing with 4+0 (which uses only one CCX) yielded similar results so I don't think it has a big impact on fps. Having said that cpu with higher ram speed feels more snappy and loading times (including ksp) feel shorter. It also gave additional 30 points in cinebench (going from 2133 cl15 to 2666 cl16).
  9. ok did some more throughout benchmarking in KSP and I think Ryzen is on par with haswell so that's good here's link to my post in cpu benchmark thread.
  10. ok, did more throughout test of ryzen using proper methodology with fraps, 1000/frametime, averaging 5 of those to create chart: looks similar to intel haswell cpus at similar clocks
  11. hey guys, did some preliminary gameplay on ryzen and it seems that it is slower than haswell I've got before (i7 3.8GHz single/all core turbo) asus c6h, newest bios 1002, 1700 @ 4 GHz, windows 7, crappy memory 2133 CL15 first of all stock overclocking via ryzen master utility and all else on auto = 16 fps with test craft (haswell had about 27). then after disabling some power saving options and overclocking via bios provided better fps (23-24) but it's still slower than haswell @ 3.8. Same with cores disabled (4+0 etc). I guess that windows 7 or slow memory might be the problem here, however won't have an occasion to test it soon. I believe that faster memory might fill the gap (since in some games it gives + 15% fps, that would mean that physics in unity is memory sensitive in regard to ryzen). Hopefully someone else with faster memory could confirm that.
  12. yah, I just observed fraps FPS counter, ASUS C6H latest bios, will try to do graph similar to my previous rig. Also my ksp version is different so dunno if that changes something. edut: Also old windows might have to do something with this (as ryzen is not officially supported for that platform). Hopefully someone else will confirm / deny those results quickly edit2: as added in previous post, managed to get to 24-25 fps by disabling some power saving options but it's still lower than 27 achieved with 4790 equivalent cpu. I have strong feeling that oc memory would help with fps but unfortunately i'm stuck for now with really cheap ram that cannot be overclocked
  13. hey guys, I've tested quickly old test rocket on ksp 1.2.2 in win7 using overclocked ryzen, results are quite bad, initial fps is hovering around 16 then dropping to 13 and then back to 16, and that is with overclocked ryzen 1700 to 4.0 GHz the limiting factor might be poor memory (2133 CAS 15) here, but for now it seems that physx is not optimized for new AMD platform and fps even with lower number part vehicles goes below 60 quite quickly edit: managed to got fps to around 24-25 so it's still a bit lower than 4790 equivalent but not so much. had to disable some power saving options since auto downclocks cores aggresively and it also seemed to transfer thread to various cores :///
  14. new parts on a frame, couple of different length and type of tanks, then isru stuff, at the right end are different types of surface miners. still a lot of work with texturing all that stuff. probably will go easy route and use plain colors :P. unity shot: what is lacking -> energy modules (solar dishes, batteries, generators) and (extendable) ore containers.
  15. I'll assemble Ryzen 1700 PC next month and will do some oc vs stock tests for KSP.