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  1. Take your chocolate bar out of your plate and eat your soup. Otherwise you won't have any candy this week. Waiter! Is here a table where the children don't play with food all around?
  2. Sad, but the player didn't give you enough fuel to land. You are a native Kerbal and don't need air, water and food. Also you are not afraid of the radiation and vacuum. What could go wrong?
  3. None of these condintions are mentioned in the IAU definition of planet. So, scientifically, it's just a massive hot planet with its own energy source. Yes, its orbit barycenter is placed outside of the reference body, but this mostly calls into question its companion status. Btw. Sensation! Planets can fuse!
  4. Debug your ship for space peach
  5. At least one pair of my grannies would not meet, so my own appearance would be also questionable. You hijack the time machine inventor and send him to dinosaurs with one-way ticket. What could go wrong?
  6. Because there are too many parts in your soup. Waiter! There are too many parts in my soup!
  7. planet
  8. Clipper way doesn't need to carry the LES engines back to the Earth, making the capsule grow. Yes, solids are less efficient, but rather than, they still work to deliver the craft to orbit, not just are a ballast. This sentence can be paraphrased. "... who is overweighted for its payload mass". If it has a gap, this means that it doesn't work for 100%.
  9. And was serious or joking the government person. A government has no voice, it can only write.
  10. When the fusion part will be "current", any other part will be "invented and pictured by Da Vinci". So, a Steampunk ship with the engine from KSPI-E. 50 000 t of fuel, i.e., say 20 000 t of 3He. Current technologists only dream about mining 3He on the Moon, 1 g of 3He / 100 t of regolith. So, afaik, they were going to fuel this craft, mining He in the Jupiter upper atmosphere. Don't know, what shocks me more: digging and frying 2 trln t of regolith or gathering several million tons of the Jup air. No retro engines. It will fly forever until crashes into something. Good if into a star. Worse if into your planet. I've checked the nukemap site to watch results of 500 t / 0.1 c collision with the Earth, but there's a 100 Mt limit. P.S. It's not a necro posting. Remember, it's about an interstellar flight. They last for eons. It would be a necroposting >50 years later. Until then, it's just a lightspeed delay.
  11. As it was in the late Clipper project. If the launch were successful, the LES was to add last several hundred m/s to reach the orbit. It was a ring of 8(?) powder rockets right between the last stage and the craft.
  12. This thing orbits round a normal, full-featured 1.13 MSun star. It has a shape of hydrostatic equilibrium. I believe, it has cleared neighbourhood. Is it now a planet?
  13. That's on high orbits. Earth pulls the blanket to herself. Low orbits are unstable due to mascons mass concentrates — masses or more dense rock material under the largest lunar seas and craters (there are several tens of them). The craters (including seas) are result of hits of exttralunar bodies, and every hit compressed the rock beneath making it become more dense minerals. These concentrates disturb the low orbit a lot, making it 2d-potato-shaped.
  14. They forgot to water the beans. Nobody in astronaut complex. You run KSP. What could go wrong?
  15. Forced patch crashes the game. On Friday next KSP release doesn't include it. (Why Friday, when Tuesday? Just as usual: Monday: Hype, Hype. Hype. Tuesday: Release. Total happiness, joy, celebrations. Wednesday. SHOCK... What the snack it was? Thursday. Urgent update. Minor version incremented. Most annoying bugs get hidden. Friday. Patch on patch, release gets more or less playable. Saturday, Sunday. Total serenity. Modders get out from reanimation, begin doing something. Other players ask in every mod thread: is it already compatible?)