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  1. If the time is a short-range loop, you can deposit your money under small annual interest and gain enormous profit just skipping a hundred of loops. If the time is a long-range loop, you can watch same TV series many times, once per loop, and still find it interesting. Anyway, you win. P.S. Time is P.P.S. Time is a loop, and its diameter decreases with age.
  2. Banned because boosters use the physics, while true phisics is used by boostaz.
  3. This file was not corrupted. It was DRM protected. Vendor's cookie.
  4. Skyfall
  5. car washing
  6. You see! That's what he has done with the nice, peaceful hill!
  7. Do you split your car velocity into roughly estimated x,y,z components? Or just take it as an integrated accurate more or less value? Or when you walk along the street and a little to right hand, and then continue walking this street and a little to left hand, do you invert the sign of you cross speed, or just rotate speed vector several degrees to the left? So, the uncertainty appears when you split the integrated "momensition" into x,y,z,t components. (In fact, the 1st year of theoretical mechanics course implements "action" , then you study Hamilton's principle, and the world will never be the same). P.S. Just must clear: there is no such thing as "momensition" in physics, it's a joke.
  8. True advanced intergalactic races don't understand this humanish "vositions" and "pelocities". They operate with a "momensition" value which is a product of momentum and position, and they grock the things in futurepast time.
  9. Banned for underestimating his selfsacrificial intentions.
  10. MeltPageUp
  11. A Master Herbalist covers the flower with a cloak, possesses the hill and grows many such flowers. His/Her (not clear under cloak) hill.
  12. It was a mockup of cookie. Real cookie is in a protected cookiestorage.
  13. Knuth's theory
  14. Because you are WinkAllKerb, and this is KerbNet. Why Kerbals don't want to restore the Island Runway? It's used almost as often as main one.
  15. Karkanoid. Kerbals play this game with their blocky head and KSC buildings when something goes wrong with a rocket launch.