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  1. Sail train. Not for Kerbin due to lack of the wind. Close view. Lite version
  2. We call "flat" anything with curvature equal to our own curvature and oriented in the same direction. So, is Kerbin flat for you depends on you, and only on you.
  3. Granted. You make an order on eBay and they send it. But your customs office stops it and tries to understand what's that for several years. While they are doing this, Po decays and at last you receive a handful of lead dust. I wish the Kerbal in your signature were yellow not because he is too close to the Sun.
  4. Yes, first K is always good, Fizzy Stewed Ant.
  5. If the burst was long ago, while clots of barion matter are grievously orbiting a close star?
  6. Are the passengers notified?
  7. If a neutron star were hit and teared apart, what would be its smaller remnants? (As bigger ones would probably collapse into a black hole.) Can't this be pulsar scraps?
  8. In fact, Kerbin isn't that flat, it's bumpy. I get my rovers overturned here and there.
  9. Gas ends. Birds fall. Parachute hill.
  10. Banned both for searching a way to expand signatures beyond the screen margins.
  11. You are absolutely right, Lazy Souse Who Hypes the Reddit..
  12. Nice way, I prefer it, too. Alas, HR and others have a bad habit here to call, not to e-mail.
  13. You are saved by a rescue team. Rescue te... Wait... Nobody knows who has meanwhile stolen the cookie.
  14. Granted. It has stopped crashing on it. It's crashing in. I wish there were a one more K letter in the alphabet for K(erbal)-words.
  15. This was an old uranium mine. Wolves mutate, bite their way through the rock and... Mutant wolves' hill.