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  1. This is only the second strangest thread I've seen here... *click*
  2. The fact that in the GIF that Red Iron Crown posted in his comment that closed this for a whole year... The weapon the T-1000 terminator is carrying is about to click against the jail cell's bars. hehe... DON'T CLICK!!! 2: The Alternate Cut... or "So, a man walks into a bar"
  3. There ya go! Stay or leave, either way ya flip, yer welcome! Given what a few people saw on that user's history... Definite troll, but sadly, I know there are more than a few people who are genuinely like that. If you asked me, I'll tell you flat out that I'm absolutely religious, but I don't let that become a point to fight over with others, and I CERTAINLY don't fall for that weird flat Earther, Moon hoaxer nonsense. There are ways science and religion can reconcile. Anyway, It's a non-issue. I'm not gonna go into religion here, other than to say that ignorance is sad, and faith doesn't need to breed ignorance. We're here for launching little green dudes (and dudettes) into orbit! So, the one thing I want to complain about right now... The fact that that thread is closed, so I can't point out in the GIF that Red Iron Crown posted in the final comment... That the weapon the T-1000 terminator is carrying is about to click against the jail cell's bars. DON'T CLICK!!! Terminator 2: The Alternate Cut... or "So, a man walks into a bar"
  4. I have something to complain about, but also to be happy about... Thursday night, I went partially deaf. No loud music or noises... Just mildly disoriented, and then I eventually realized an hour later when I was in my car, I couldn't hear the bass from my left ear. Scared me like Bill seeing grass in his rocket's window... The thought of never hearing bass notes from my left ear again, the thought of it possibly being caused by something far worse was really freaky. Not getting sleep cause I was at the ER till a half hour passed midnight, when I was already ready to nod off. Knowing that the next morning was gonna be the toughest day at work all week, due to the stuff we do getting all pushed back to Friday cause the US Independence Day holiday. Being prescribed something that flat out warns "may cause sleeplessness"... Ugh... The disorientation was the result of my aural spacial location being skewed... Sounds did not "feel" like they were coming from the right locations, since my ears were no longer capable of hearing the same sounds anymore. Because I'm a "freakin' nerd™", I tested my own hearing using a function generator, before going to the hospital... Hehe... My equipment was better than theirs! I determined that at 340 Hz and lower, sounds became diminished (they felt about half as loud as my right ear, which was normal), plateauing till they got down to a frequency of 160 Hz, where they rapidly dropped off. At 130 Hz and lower, I was entirely deaf. No detection of any sound at all below that frequency! So, besides deafness, there was also the tinnitus... Holy sheet, that is... WOW... I lost my LOW range... This was no high pitched ring like most people think of... I'd describe it as "the feeling like I was surrounded by 'random wind' and/or 'mechanical rumbling' noises, ALL THE TIME" It's maddening, and if that's not bad enough, when I actually WAS near wind or machinery, Like my air conditioner, since my brain now heard those low frequencies form "both sides" now, thanks to the tinnitus, it made EVERYTHING MECHANICAL sound TWICE AS LOUD!!! It was an aural hallucination, triggered by the tinnitus! It was HORRIBLE! And MUSIC... Imagine the worst, cheapest, most Made in China, AM BAND ONLY pocket transistor radio ever, and music sounded WORSE. It was tinny. It did't even HAVE the low notes, like they just forgot to add them to the song. I just couldn't hear them. It was as fascinating an effect as it was heartbreaking! They told me, the symptoms presented as a viral ear infection, and that I had a 2/3 chance of my hearing returning. That's still a 1/3 chance of it NOT returning. That's frightening! They also told me that if the hearing didn't return, they wanted to do an MRI and check for "growths"... We know that translates too... Even worse... So I went to bed pretty freaked out, and laid there forever worrying about it. That's pretty annoying, I guess. The GOOD news, is by the morning, the anti-viral and the anti-inflammatory had already begun to work their magic, and my hearing was already showing signs of improvement. he plateau had shifted down to starting at 310 Hz, and had expanded so the drop off happened at 120 Hz, and the NEAR cutoff occurred at 90 Hz. 70-90 Hz was detectable, but could not be differentiated. By the end of Friday, I could hear down to 50 Hz, and the plateau was rising. This morning, I was detecting 30 Hz, and the plateau was nearly gone. I'm relieved! So happy that it's healing! I'm the type of person that collects vinyl records and has a 7.1 Bose surround sound system... I think if I'd really have gone partially deaf, it would have really hurt me to lose that part of my enjoyment of life. It really was frightening, and I'm grateful that it's healing! Let it also be a lesson, I had NO CONTROL over this. I wasn't subjecting myself to loud music or noise... It was just an infection. Don't waste your hearing by turning music up too loud. That you do have control over! Appreciate music for the rest of your life, not just a portion!
  5. I hate when someone posts a non Kerbal specific topic (but one that still has direct relation to the behavior of the company that owns KSP) to "The Lounge", where topics not directly related to KSP itself are supposed to go, but it eventually gets closed for "not being on topic". Darn it... That's what The Lounge is for, and the topic was entirely relevant, regarding the company that now (unfortunately) owns KSP... That company's behavior today reflects on how they handle KSP tomorrow... Oh well... Topic closed... I hate that. Hate it with a passion. It's just sucking up to the new owners, censoring dissent. Hate it... That's what I wanna complain about today. Well, at least I have plenty of days off from work this weekend and next to work on my KSP Instrument panel... Or sleep in. Whichever happens.
  6. Horrifying and heartbreaking to hear, tater... But preach it... People need to watch those too young to watch themselves, and not let them near danger.
  7. The fact that people are already scalping the new SNES Classic... Even though it's still three months away... Seriously, stores NEED to enforce a one per person limit this time around, given how impossible it was to find the NES Classic last year. Nintendo already claims they will manufacture more units... Personally, I hope they take advantage of the "cash cow" and make enough units to leave scalpers who buy several at a time high and dry, with no way to profit on them, save for reselling at or only just over retail... So freakin' sick of Nintendo scalpers... I swear if I ever actually see one... See someone carrying 5 of the things out of a store... I'm gonna nut punt 'em and watch the boxes fly everywhere!
  8. Well, we could always ask for a dog of some kind to be thrown on Plock as an easter egg...
  9. In essence, IVA for EVA.
  10. Me: Gets out of bed... Me: Crawls back under the covers...
  11. Love the Telemachus integration! It looks GREAT! The gauges are really nice too! I Like!
  12. You've never seen one of my more advanced craft then! I have sometimes used 3 Action Groups on solar panels alone, just to do staged deployment (and not break the panels). I often have Action Groups arranged to deploy and reset my reusable science instruments, and to deploy individual consumable science instruments. That can be anywhere between 3 to 6 or more action groups alone, depending on how many AG keys I have left. Some of my rover and vessel designs have featured things like VTOL capability, toggle able thrust vectors, etc. Winches and tow lines, backup batteries, data transmission... Adding mods and complexity to a vessel makes this demand for action groups even greater. Simply adding additional keybinding options for more action groups can't be that hard, coding wise. I mean, a mod did it to the point of excess... 20 or 40 Action Groups in stock would be phenomenal! The default keybindings wouldn't even be an inconvenience... Tossing the second set of 10 AG keys default binding to the number pad, and doubling that total of 20 using the modifier key. The concept is super simple. As for editing in flight... That'd be awesome. I certainly hope that it becomes a reality... (INB4 Take-Two makes additional Action Groups a paid DLC and C&Ds Action Groups Extended... Or more to their style... ModuleManager...)
  13. Oh, he just has the beer cause he just learned Take-Two bought KSP. I'd drink too... Yeah... KSP has felt like it's been in bad hands for well over a year now. I just feel like it's at the mercy of whatever blow will strike it next... I LOVE KSP, and love the original creators, but I have NO confidence in regards to it's long term future. A year ago, I looked forward to someday seeing what a version 2.0 might possibly bring to the table... Today, I fear 2.0.
  14. I think we're all missing the point... This dude knows you don't aim straight for a planet and burn straight. You find your transfer window, burn prograde, and take advantage of the Oberth effect to raise your orbit to do a nice, efficient Hohmann transfer! amirite! Wait... We're talking orbits, right?
  15. I'm still hoping wheels will get fixed... Auto-strutting the wheels to the rest of the vehicle might be a bandaid that fixes some bugs, but it should ultimately be a temporary fix. Currently, auto-strutting the wheels utterly breaks some old pre-autostrut vessel designs. It might not be seen as much of a high priority, but the fact that it kills some creative designs, really makes it a stinker of a bug, in my eyes. Anything that reduces creativity in KSP is something that needs fixing. I just hope to see wheels properly fixed someday. Glad to see some improvements on elements related to explodium brand struts and fairings! Control From Here being made into an action group item... PRAISE BE!!! I'd like to offer a suggestion... More Action Groups... They can be unbound by default if you want, but just the option of HAVING additional action group keys would be amazing! You could easily have 2 basic groups... You could have the 1-9,0 keys above the alpha keys be one set of 10 AG keys, and if a keyboard has a numberpad, 0-9 on the number pad could be a completely separate set of AG keys! One could rebind those keys, if desired... Another option I'd like to see would be to double that again, for up to 40 action Groups, by pressing one of those keys, with a modifier. Trust me... Some vessels might very well use up a couple dozen action groups for normal operations! I've seen some of the stuff done using the Action Groups Extended mod (or whatever it's called). Spaceships have lots of controls! Say we embrace ALL the buttons!