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  1. It was uploaded to Spacedock, that's why I asked. Umm, CTT is not yet updated
  2. Can someone take a look at kwrocketryredux? I updated it more than an hour ago, it doesn't seem to have need updated in ckan
  3. Blame the modmaker, who updated the mod & told CKAN it was ok
  4. New Release, 3.1.3: Replaced missing sound file for optional patch to reduce launch clamp sounds Wrote patch to reduce the launch clamp sounds, replacing old file which overwrote the stock squad file Updated for 1.3
  5. Thanks, and fixed. Same release, I uppated the files
  6. Nope. It's there. What other mods do you have installed? See this:
  7. Nope, it's working in EEX. Some other mod, maybe?:
  8. New release Updated for 1.3
  9. Maybe it's a timing thing. I just remembered that I replaced the depreciated onLevelWasLoaded with what Unity recommended, maybe that's the difference. Anyway, no need for a flag, I already fixed it with a coroutine.
  10. Try locking also to a single core. Also, if you are using an Intel gpu (I know you aren't, but others do) disable hyperthreading in the bios
  11. Sounds like someone made a typo in the .version file. 1.3.9??? Only place that would be set would be there. Can't blame CKAN for that.
  12. Can you add this to my thread:
  13. Mod folder works
  14. Really? Strange, what about stock parts and manufacturers?