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  1. If the contract is asking for autonomous command, then that's the problem. You can actually see the definitions in the following file: StateFundingContinued/GameData/StateFunding/data/modulealiases.settings
  2. It's been released in the Tokamak mod
  3. They aren't needed, when I remove them I get more dV from both weight reduction and drag reduction. But they are there for looks, not for usage.
  4. I do agree, except that I don't know how to fix it in Blender/unity, etc. Code I understand, graphics programs I don't. So unless someone can help me, I may just have to write a little plugin for this
  5. No problem, please post the solution if you find it.
  6. (deleted) This problem has been fixed. Just refresh CKAN and the correct version of the toolbar will be downloaded. LGG
  7. Lppk at the older thread
  8. This mod does very specific checks for versions, since it references some internal values in KSP which change every compile. Spacedock has all the old version, find the last one for your version.
  9. Well, it's 4 engines here, and then at least one in KWRocketry which I noticed this morning (maybe more). It could be a useful little mod to help adapt old parts
  10. Probably not, i'd have to look at the code. But it makes sense in a weird sort of way
  11. Sunday evening, hopefully starting at 8PM
  12. can you remove a transform from an object and then add it to another object?
  13. Hmmm. Could I add a transform in code to the same location as the bad one? If so, then maybe I can do that and have it pointing in the correct direction
  14. Do you think it can be done in Blender? importing and then exporting?
  15. I don't know, I'll have to look at it in Blender :-( Is it possible in code to change the orientation of a transform?