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  1. Not to bug you but does this work in 1.3?
  2. Is it compatible with Kerbal Cities pack?
  3. too bad this mod isn't compatible with other stockalike mods, looks really weird with most of them. Ah well.
  4. Ill try rebuilding my Gamedata with only updated mods and see if it works.
  5. I am having the same problem, heres my mod list: Note that I updated as many mods as I could.
  6. *Eye watering Intensifies*
  7. I always thought it saying "And if your good enough, edit the Cfg" means it can literally edit the .Cfg Files. That would be epic dou.
  8. Cool! Might use this in my Modded Jool 5 because i do need a shuttle that can carry 5 crew... ;D
  9. Does it have a cargo Bay?
  10. It says "Modular Fuel tanks is incompatible with ksp 1.3.0" I think this mod needs an update
  11. This mod + Kargantua mod = Kerbal Interstellar Movie NOW IN THEATERS NOWHERE NEAR YOU!!!!