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  1. Do I install this With GEA or just this?
  2. Is Kolyphemus in a different star system or in orbit of Kerbol? Because I might do a Graphic novel with interstellar travel and MKS Colonization
  3. For download is it recommended to install the Volumetric Dick WIP? And i just realized that this isn't compatible with 1.3 so I might wait for this.
  4. It does bundle scatter as an "Extra" Option. It looks good so I chose it. Ill try the new version and hope it is compatible with Daydream.
  5. Having a problem when i use scatterer with Astonmers Daydream. Wondering if anyone else is experiencing this
  6. Was playing with all the extras including Scatterer and found this: THE LAND IS MISSING, IT MUST BE INCEPTION OR SOMETHIN!!!!
  7. My game is asking me to "Update Far Future Technology" yet, I never downloaded this. I just have Near Future Tech installed.
  8. Oh. Was seeing people complaining about Kerbnet and Research Bodies and such.
  9. It says Beta 3 now
  10. Im not even going to question this because it may upset the mods. -Edit: Didnt see the thing in the corner. -_________-
  11. I had a feeling that was inspired by the concept for the Engeria II AKA "Uragan". The concept was to have an unmanned space shuttle with its cockpit replaced with payload storage and 4 reusable flyback boosters with fold out wings. Now I wanna build this in KSP because IN SOVIET RUSSIA, ROCKET FLY YOU!!!! *Soviet March Intensifies*
  12. Lived little aliens called Kerbals in an almost Insignificant part of the galaxy