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  1. parts

    You should try docking to a spaceship Spinning at 68 rpm with no magnets and Rotation lock on while its entering the atmosphere. COME ON TARS!!! But Seriously, You got to love the organ music. Makes the scene that much more intense. And don't even get me started about 2001 with the spinning space station docking scene.
  2. I just wondered if the "Habitat" feature would work with DSEV or Pathfinder
  3. So I am building an Interstellar ship that has a micrometeoroid shield (Technically a heatsheild but I can pretend) on the front because it has the Orion drive from USI witch in real life could get up to 3-5% the speed of light where the smallest particles could destroy the spacecraft with it. The Ship i'm building is massive and might require a 20-40m heatsheild/micrometeoroid to cover the entire ship. Does anyone know of a 1.2 or 1.2.2 compatable mod that adds something like this?
  4. #bringbackthebarn
  5. Does this mod have a 20-40m heat-sheild? Because i'm building an interstellar spacecraft and i need a micrometeoroid shield that can protect my spacecraft.
  6. I think the images on the first page are pretty out of date.... Anyone want to post an Example craft with some Pics?\ Another Thing: Is this compatible with MKS?
  7. Quick Question: Do I install SVE normally through download link, and then drag the textures from the SVE textures folder into the SVE folder? (Im on a mac so i don't have the "Merge" Option.)
  8. Its broken now
  9. Any word on the fixing of le space missiles? Really want to have Space Battles in Kerbal SPACE Program.
  10. The window error was a joke. It was a joke about how whenever i use windows, it gives me 15 million different errors. Also, Craft that didn't use windowshine parts worked fine and got me like 22-30 fps so I'm assuming it has something to do with the Windowshine mod. And Heres the Mods list. It may be the fact I'm on vacation to Belize and have terrible internet, But i don't think its that. Last Pic is of SVE so ignore that.
  11. 2 Problems i noticed: 1. It seems that the VAB Gives me a ton of lag, getting 7fps only when looking at the Windowshine parts. 2. the lights button doesn't work for me, it just goes from "Lights on" to "Lights off" And vise versa but no change in the windows. As well as this, windows seems to be getting annoyed at all the mods I have running