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  1. How well would this work with space planes?
  2. I am refering to the fact that the tensions with North Korea and a war with North Korea may only be a powder keg. besides that, World War III will more than likely involve Thermonuclear weapons which would kill more people in the long term as well as cause potentially deadly mutations due to the fall out radiation from the mass use of nuclear weapons. either way, the population of Earth MAY suffer.
  3. I hate to get political, but, the way things are looking, the population will drop sharply when WWIII breaks out, which may not be too far off, the way North Korea has been behaving...
  4. try right clicking on the cockpit section and there is a spot that allows you to switch liveries
  5. It's alright. misunderstandings do occur.
  6. relax, DECQ, I was just asking to confirm I was using the correct components.
  7. So, does anyone know what the parts to attach the SRBs to the tank are called? Are they the ones with the company: Thiokol marked on them?
  8. Hey @YANFRET! I am impressed by how much this mod has grown. Keep up the good work! I love using this mod on occasion as it is so well thought out.
  9. alright, will try again, but first, found another problem. The shuttle worked fine, save for the SRB issue, the other day. The next time I opened the program, the shuttle parts had this issue: 2017-03-01 05.38.46.png?dl=0 To help solve the issue, here is my mod list: 2017-03-01 21.18.54.png?dl=0 Please, any help you can give me would be great. I am very confused as to what to do...
  10. So...what is the secret for puting the nose cones on the rocket boosters? I am presently unable to mount the boosters on the shuttle AND put the nose cone on them at the same!
  11. hey, I need some help attaching the SRBs to the shuttle...
  12. hey @Avera9eJoe. Great to see this mod still being worked on. it is an amazing asset for KSP and I am going to add it to my permanent mod list.